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Texas Wing Roundup for Mooney Caravan to OSH

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All you flyin Texas  wranglers for the airborne trail drive to Oshkosh sound off.  Texas Wing leaving San Antone grazing area for Granbury then across injun country to pickup a few more strays and flyin monkeys. Possible chuck wagon stop and water the herd along the Missussip before turnin north to Madison for the night. Checkin with trailboss Bucko.

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RocketMan aka (RocketAviator here on MS) departing Thursday @ Granbury

Note to clairy there is also a Rocketman alias here on MS, my call sign is RocketMan in the Mooney Caravan.

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On 6/22/2018 at 9:48 PM, Bryan said:

Let me know the path, I might do a meetup along the way. I am in central AR.

Bryan, we will be working out the final details soon, post or PM me your details if you liked to join us.  There are some things that would need to be worked out in advance.


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Last Call for the Texas Wing Roundup and Trek to KMSN - Mooney Caravan to Oshkosh, departing San Marcus Wednesday, July 18th,  Granbury Thursday morning July 19th, KSTJ mid-morning, arriving KMSN Thursday afternoon! 

So that we can coordinate a safe and effective plan we need to know who is in!  There are currently 6 aircraft confirmed with 2 more as a possible.

The current Trail is scheduled to begin in KHYI (San Marcos) to KGDJ (Granbury) Wednesday, July 18th, departure time undetermined. 

Overnight and Social at RocketAviator aka RocketMan Lake Shack Dock (or other location TBD) Wednesday night.

Depart KGDJ Granbury Thursday, July 19th morning for KSTJ pick up a couple more planes, fuel and on to KMSN.

There will be a "Mandatory briefing attendance prior to all departure points", there will be NO inflight join ups!

The Texas Wing will cruise at whatever speed necessary to maintain the Wing.... We never leave anyone behind.... Just ask gsxrpilot aka "Rocket" lol...

Transportation from and to Granbury airport by RocketAviator aka RocketMan.  You will need to make your own overnight arrangements at Granbury as the RM Lake Shack has filled up!

It is always a good time and a great safer way to make the Trek to KMSN!

Let me know ASAP!!

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