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KLX135A screen

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I've got a klx135A that needs a screen.  I can't find anyone that can or will work on it.  I need a screen.  is there a way to get a screen?  Does anyone have a parts radio?  The units themselves are worthless but I already own it and the radio and the GPS work great. 

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Do some searching on the internet.  Let the hangar fairies look inside the radio and tell you what the part number is on the display.  I was able to find the display for my NARCO radio several year ago and the had it installed in the radio.  The displays are usually just plugged into the board.

King radios the displays are a little harder to find. 

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Greetings.   I have a king kln35a  and it works great and has the same screen.  Im about to rip it out and put in a avidyne 540. (April time) as i need the ifr capability.  
Missed this. What are you asking for it???

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On 10/11/2020 at 3:51 PM, Hyett6420 said:

@Dream to fly are you still after that kln35a.  I have finally pulled mine out and am selling it. Worked fine on removal. 


I'm not I went a different direction but I have a few guys that fly home builds that might be interested.

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On 10/14/2020 at 3:13 PM, Hyett6420 said:

No problem at all. If you could ask your friends that would be wonderful. 

Ill put a list ip soon of all the stuff I took out which includes mav/comms with GS and sigtronics intercoms. 

Hi, you have yours listed on eBay?


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