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**SOLD** 1975 Mooney M20F in PA

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7 hours ago, Steve Wisniewski said:

Any additional pics you can post? 



Welcome to MS, feel free to introduce yourself and add some information to your avatar.

Also to summon the original poster I would recommend using his screen name proceeded with the @ such as @bjoseph604  also sending him a personal message by clicking on his avatar and selecting message. 

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Wow, that's nice... some pics of the interior would be helpful.  Also, I don't know that I'd advertise a $12,000 annual, it begs the question "what was so wrong with it?"

I do have a friend who said he might be interested in a Mooney, I'll forward him a copy and see if he's interested...  @bjoseph604, do you have it listed on TAP or Controller?

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Hopefully he'll post some pics here. He sent me some in email and the interior looks really nice.

I was hoping it would work for us as it looks nice and has nice avionics, but the useful load is too low for Steve and I. We both travel with up to four people, so a high useful load is important to both of us.

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Super nice plane! Kind of surprised someone went through the expense of a one piece belly without a gear up, but looking at this F it sure looks as if no expense was spared! Any chance you'd be interested in a nice C and a pile of cash?

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