SOLD: Sandel EHSI SN3308 For Sale

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As removed in working condition EHSI with tray and extra new factory sealed bulb. Install manual and pilots guide provided. $1350

Has the latest 2.11 update which works with WAAS GPS’s as designed. Not the “optional” 2.3 update that offers some extra functions. 



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There were some questions about version 2.11 software and 2.3 software so I wanted to include this additional information directly from Sandel. 2.3 might drive up the cost of a unit and is not necessarily required in most cases. 

I called Sandel and got it from the horses mouth. All of the functions of the 2.3 update for WAAS guidance can be achieved on the 3308 with 2.11 software if hooked up appropriately. We used my GNS480 as an example and he viewed the diagram for the Garmin GNS480 install manual. He said (Sandel Tect Support) if hooked up according to the diagram in the install manual then the 3308 2.11 would have all the same functions as the 2.3 upgrade except for some of the annunciators. The GPS would have the annunciators and if the radio where in the appropriate acceptable IFR field of view then the annunciators on the GPS are acceptable. I have attached the acceptable FOV for the GNS480 and a picture of the diagram. So a few more wires and pins are required if you install with 2.11 as opposed to 2.3. (2.3 software upgrade is $1700) So it looks like maybe 17 more wires @ 3 feet  = 51 feet of wire and 34 connectors  =  $20-$30 is much less than the update. This also makes a SN3308 with 2.11 a much better deal if your GPS is within the IFR FOV. Worst case with the 2.11 is an annunciator panel which I've seen for a few hundred dollars as removed but probably not necessary for most planes. . 

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