Inadvertent Spin- wheels up or down?

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I wish we had a Guard or Reserve option to fly fighters in Canada, but our fighter force is way too small and remote. When I got out of the reg force I had to fly helicopters just to keep a foot in the reserves. (Oh the shame!) 

I completely agree that the POH recovery procedure is paramount. It was written by test pilots who have actually spun a Mooney. Any ramblings from me should certainly not be considered to carry more authority than the manufacturer's guidance and are intended to be for discussion purposes only. Consider them like tweets from a politician at 4AM. ;)

I still suspect however, that a fully developed spin in a Mooney with any kind of aft CG and that small tail would take a LOT of forward stick to break the stall. But please, nobody go out and try to prove me wrong!


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On ‎12‎/‎10‎/‎2017 at 2:07 PM, takair said:

Well, I was wrong.  20 years flying this thing and I never noticed the natural pitch up.  So, today, I trimmed the airplane level at 120mph, let go of the yoke and put the gear down....the airplane pitched up and climbed at about 500fpm initially.  I guess I have always been holding the yoke and subconsciously keeping the nose down.  Will have to think about the “why”.

I'm guessing when the nose gear doors first open, they push out into the slipstream and cause extra lift under the nose.  Once they are fully open and hanging vertically, they no longer cause additional lift.  If my theory is correct, you should only see this when the gear first start transitioning, which seems to fit.  The effect should also be less noticeable with Mooney's with manual landing gear, with less effect if done more quickly, which I can't attest to...

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