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How many devices can connect to GTX-345 simultaneously?

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I've been looking at getting the Garmin GTX-345 for ADS-B. I see that it connects via Bluetooth - does that mean it can only pair with one tablet at a time? 

One benefit of my Stratus2S is that it's Wifi - and talks to multiple devices simultaneously. I'm not sure if that can be done with the GTX345 since it's Bluetooth.

For those in the know, does the GTX work over classic Bluetooth where you pair outside the app? Or does it work over Bluetooth LE (4.0) protocol that can be connected through the app automatically with no extra steps?


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In Garmin pilot, you can toggle a "Compatibility Mode" setting on the GTX345R (assume it's the same with the 345?).  Toggling the setting takes effect after the 345 is power cycled.  When enabled, you are limited to 2 paired devices.  I'm not sure what the limit is while disabled, but my devices seem to work the same either way.  That said, I still have pairing issues depending on how the baggage compartment is loaded and whether or not the back seats are occupied, even with my O2 door removed.

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