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Interest in Mooney Partnership

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A good friend of mine wants to sell his 1965 M20E. I know the airplane well and have flown with him for the past three years.  It is in very good mechanical condition.  The airplane would be hangared at Montgomery County Airpark in Maryland.  Identifier is KGAI.  If I buy it I'm interested in getting a partner.

If someone is seriously interested in partnering in an airplane like this one please contact me by PM.  Thanks.



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I have flown in the specific E noted that Fernando is talking about.  It's a fantastic example of an E.

It's also a fast E and cruises at 150+ knots.  The current owner put in a Garmin 650.  Paint is in good condition.  

It's maintained by a Mooney Service Center, Freeway Aviation @ W00.

It flies a lot which is good for the airplane and engine.  The current owners flies multiple times per week and often under the hood with friends (Fernando, me, others) as safety pilots so he can stay much more than current).

Also, Fernando, the poster, is a great person.  He's exactly the type of person you would want to consider for a partnership.  I've known him for years and can vouch for him.

If I did not have my Missile, I'd be seriously interested in this partnership.

PM me for any personal details.





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21 hours ago, carusoam said:


Can you get the usual photos and logs?  Some to be shared here. The rest on an as needed basis...

Best regards,



Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm not comfortable sharing photos and logs of my friend's airplane unless someone is seriously interested in becoming partners in that type of airplane and that person is near me.  As Seth indicated, it is a very nice example of a vintage 1965 M20E, its IFR certified with a Garmin 650, bladders, and a very strong mid time engine.

In some ways, I'm selling myself as a partner instead of the airplane.  I'm IFR rated, with over 800 hours total time and no incidents or accidents. I have been a pilot for almost 25 years.  I have also previously owned a number of different airplanes including a Piper Warrior, a Grumman Cheetah, a Grumman Tiger, and an RV-6.  I have also had two prior successful airplane partnerships.

If anyone is interested, please send me a PM. Thanks again. 





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