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SOLD: Factory fresh S-TEC ST-901 GPSS with Annunciator

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This is a factory fresh S-Tex ST-901 unit, p/n 03976, with an 8130. It was repaired by S-Tec and has not been used or installed since. My understanding is that they replaced both circuit boards in the unit. It comes with (appears to be new) panel mounted annunciator, p/n 03975, that switches between heading and GPSS mode. It also comes with the connectors. It is setup for the King KCS 55A. Will sell complete for $950 plus shipping
Call or text Brian at 319-560-4910 or email me at brianweber@ Foxtrot Mike Tango Charlie Sierra dot com with questions or for more info.

I know this is my first post on Mooneyspace which might make a prospective buyer nervous but I'm much more active on Beechtalk and Piperforum.  I have 100% positive feedback on eBay for hundreds of motorcycle and airplane parts. My tail numbers are N69PS and N201JR.






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Welcome aboard Brian,

Are you using the same screen name over on BT?

You might want to include your location with your avatar details.  Some people might want to stop in and see you regarding this hardware.

Just sharing how I feel about expensive cool stuff. :)

Best regards,


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I use the same username (poloengr) on Piperforum and my name, Brian M Weber, is my username on Beechtalk. 

Marioncyclesports is my username on eBay


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@Kale McManus Kale,

You may want to check the thread title, unfortunately, it has been updated with the word 'sold'.

You may want to use some caution when posting whole phone numbers.  Some people fear web bots that are looking for numbers...

Best regards,


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