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FAA Medical Reform Announced

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8 hours ago, BKlott said:

Thomas Jefferson is considered to be the primary author of our Declaration of Independence. He was heavily influenced  by George Mason who authored a document entitled the Virginia Declaration of Rights. Mason referred to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" as inherent rights. In the Declaration of Independence, Jefferson wrote "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness"

In other words, Jefferson wrote "the pursuit of happiness" is a God given right and that document was signed by our Founding Fathers.

The point I am asserting is that a citizen engaged in a recreational past-time or hobby, like someone who flies airplanes for the love and passion of flight, that activity should fall under the protections of "...the pursuit of happiness". If it doesn't, then I have to ask the question "WHAT WOULD?"

In a larger sense, with regards to "the pursuit of happiness", what do those words mean and do those words still have any meaning today? I believe that they do. They better!

Who is the FAA or the DOT or any other government agency to question whether or not a citizen is healthy enough to engage in a recreational activity, a hobby or "the pursuit of happiness"? They can regulate commercial activities, "for hire or compensation", I don't have any problem with that. There are plenty of precedents in our society to support that. To set health standards for hobbies? Really? To only set health standards for citizens who fly airplanes for a hobby? Do you think that is right?That is NOT what the Declaration of Independence says and by inference, we can draw the conclusion that is NOT what the Founding Fathers intended.


The Declaration of Independence is not part of the legal framework of this country. 

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Actually, 18,000 IFR or VFR

I found the AC they issued. It does look like you can go to FL180 but no higher.

You can't legally fly VFR at 18,000. You would be restricted to 17,500.

4. Flights within the United States, at an indicated airspeed of 250 knots or less, and at an altitude at or below 18,000 feet mean sea level (MSL).

The entire AC: https://www.faa.gov/documentLibrary/media/Advisory_Circular/AC_68-1.pdf

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9 hours ago, BKlott said:

A very special day and a good first step for the vast majority of us but I can't help but be mindful of those who will not benefit from this. The new Student Pilot with youthful dreams of flight. The citizen who is hesitant to visit a healthcare professional. The citizen with a health problem, who the Department of Transportation has no problem with letting them operate an automobile, a truck, an SUV, a motorhome, a motorcycle, a jet ski, a power boat, a motor yacht, a light sport aircraft, a glider, a hot air balloon, etc.

The government establishing medical standards that apply only to citizens who fly aircraft or their aircraft as a hobby, for private use or personal pleasure purposes only...not for compensation or hire...but for fun, is an example of disparate treatment which no other citizens have to endure when it comes to their hobbies.

Disparate or different treatment is the very definition of discrimination and we should all ask ourselves why we are being treated differently than all other Americans. More importantly, why should we allow this to continue?

I remember when my Dad received his final denial letter from the FAA, ending his ability to legally fly as Pilot In Command. I know how much that hurt him. After he passed away I came across the actual letter he received and read it. It was perhaps the most cold, insensitive, unfeeling piece of correspondence that I have ever read in my nearly sixty years of life. 

I think of how many other Pilots like my Dad who received that same terrible letter and it hurts me to my very core as a human being that this has been allowed to occur for so very long. This law is unjust, unconscionable and must continue to be questioned, criticized and resisted until it goes away all together.

Most of us will never have to deal with this medical nonsense ever again but we owe it to every other American Citizen who shares our dreams and love of flight to fight for the day when we will be treated like all other American Citizens and no longer be subjected to medical evaluation or testing in order to go flying. We owe that very freedom to the next generation of recreational flyers. Let that be the legacy we leave to them.

Our Founding Fathers said, in writing, that our rights to "...life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness..." are "inherent" (George Mason) and "unalienable" (Thomas Jefferson). So I leave you with one final thought and question: If these are "god given" rights, who is the FAA or the DOT to take them away from any of us?!


Lovely piece of prose.

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I think the issue isn't hobby or not, it's whether you can play in government controlled areas. So, to the car example, you could drive on your own property with almost any vehicle / medical condition, but to use government property (roads) you need to abide by government control. In our case, the FAA owns control of all airspace in the US (at least above 400-500ft depending on source) While some drone shoot downs are testing what's property owners rights vs. FAA navigable airspace, for the kinds of aviation that we pursue, we're flying in FAA property and have to play by FAA rules.

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