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Average useful load of a Mooney


M20 Useful load  

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  1. 1. What is your M20 Useful Load?

    • 600 or less
    • 650
    • 700
    • 750
    • 800
    • 850
    • 900
    • 950
    • 1000
    • 1050
    • 1100
    • 1150
    • 1200 or more

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My '68C model left the factory with 1005 lb useful load (appears to have been weighed at the factory per docs - a small number of planes). The C models with bare bones factory avionics had 1050.  It now has a calculated useful load of 894lb, merely 565lb with 54.8 gallon bladders full.  

I plan to reweigh at some point - I think it should have more useful load.  It lost 30lb to the bladders and I think the Top Prop weighs a bit more.   It was also never reweighed after swap to a more spartan interior and strip/repaint.  It also has a clean install of modern avionics now,  though calculated gain only gave back 6 lbs after the new panel. 

At some point, I also hope to recover some useful load by replacing components as they fail with lighter ones: e.g. Skytec starter, PCU5000 governor, vac system removal and install of electronic backup AI, maybe step removal for reweigh purposes

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On 2/21/2019 at 3:28 PM, Niko182 said:

1999 20S. 100 Gallon tanks with 75 Gal Tabs. 1140Lbs useful. 700 Lbs useful load with 75 gallons. I use 5.8lbs per gallon. Range about 1300NM flying conservatively. 800NM range with 75 gallons.

Well I use 5lbs/gallon, so I have 900lbs with full fuel :P.  I’m just messing with you, but why do you use 5.8?

For the record, I have a ‘68F and 1035 UL.  650 lbs left with 64 gallons.  Gotta get rid of my 3 blade and save a little more weight.

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