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Found 12 results

  1. I purchased a SideWinder in July 2018 and over the past couple of weeks I've notice oil on the drill motor. Has anyone else had this issue and if so what did you do about it? Thanks in advance for your feedback Sidewinder oil.HEIC
  2. Powertow EZ40 - Vero Beach Fl area I have a used Powertow EZ40 set up for my Mooney for sale. The unit in in good condition generally and works very well. The only issue is the tire losing pressure after a few days - probably needs reseating or maybe the valve. Reply directly or via email at Thanks, Bob
  3. What techniques/rigs does everyone use to try and prevent hangar rash? I spray painted some lines from where my MLG was sitting in the hangar out the door. They weren't that straight so entry when putting the AC up might eventually cause some damage down the road. Anyone have chalks permanently in place in their hangar or a rope down? Maybe tennis balls hanging from the ceiling or mirrors at the sidewalls ?
  4. Greetings gentlemen, Those of you who have fabricated a hitch for a mowing tractor to interface with a tow-bar, if you wouldn't mind posting pic of how you fabricated/braced the hitch mount to the tractor it might give me some creative ideas. I was planning on mounting a hitch to the font frame of this 22HP Craftsman lawn tractor which I got running for $250 (w/o a deck):
  5. Moving hangers and no longer have a steep incline to deal with. As a result, I am selling my 8.0 HP AeroTow tug that I use on a near weekly basis. The tug is gas powered and runs on 100LL. It will run on mogas, but the manufacturer recommends 100LL to keep ethanol from gumming up the system, so I always use 100LL The tug features an electric start, and hydro-static drive. It is rated for aircraft up to 6000lbs. In speaking with the manufacturer some time ago, I believe these were selling new for ~$2200. Asking $750 for a quick sale. I am located in Southern PA. Pictures attached. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  6. I have a Robotow tug which I am not using so I am offering it for sale. It is in excellent condition and used very little. These sell new for $1456.00. I am asking $1100.00 plus shipping. I naturally comes with the battery and charger. The battery holds a full charge. I can post some pictures in a few days once I get to the hangar. You can call me at (617) 877-0025 or e-mail me at Thanks, John Breda
  7. I was looking at the remote control tugs at Does anyone have one of these and if so how do you like it?
  8. My Supertow 1 has always worked perfectly since I got it in 2008. I know the electric start works fine but the battery is always flat, so I've only ever used the pull start and if not the first pull, it's away on the second. I recently went to start it up and it felt like the pull start cord had jammed, so I fiddled around a bit, yanked it a lot harder and it seemed to free up. Now it refuses to start. I've used a jumper supply to the electric start and turns over freely and puffing a little bit of blue smoke out the exhaust but it won't run. I've replaced the spark plug, checked the carburettor, cleaned the bowl and metering needle but it still refuses. The engine has now been removed and is in a repair shop, and I suspect somehow the timing is the issue, but they'll tell me soon enough. My questions to anyone with a Supertow 1, (1) has anyone had a similar problem and if so, what was the fix and, (2) what is the purpose of the cable and white connector (see image), and where does it belong? There's no mating part that I can see. There's a related cable that's connected to the insulated mounting plate. I think it's always been loose as in the image.
  9. Electric power tow for sale. Have owned for about 12 years and it has never failed me. Gave up hanger and no longer need it. Price=$425. Because it is so bulky, pickup only. Located just north of Atlanta, Ga. Power Tow pic 6.pdf Power Tow pic 5.pdf Power Tow pic 4.pdf Power Tow pic 3.pdf Power Tow pic 2.pdf Power Tow pic 1.pdf
  10. I am going to list my gently used 4.0 HP Power Tow 40EZ for sale in a few days...if there is a Mooney pilot that would like first dibs, let me know. Runs great, no problems. Asking $800. Set up for a Bonanza at present, but I do have the Mooney extension arms available. I received a lovely gift of a 5.0 HP Power Tow 40EZ so I am selling mine. I do know that it fits in the back of a C model because that is how I got the new one! Send me a PM or
  11. This looks like it's custom made for the Mooney.... Or this:!sm-3-0-33000/c7e