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Found 2 results

  1. For those of you with a Switchbox, was hoping one of you can give me some advice. I bought a Switchbox in 2013, had the original SIM card expire over the summer before I got to use it. I bought another SIM from Phillip, used that one up and let it expire. I then bought a card directly from T-Mobile in November 2014 (Phillip suggested I could get one directly from them). That card worked through the winter and I went to buy another one for this winter. T-Mobile told me that they now have a 1 year expiration on their SIMs and that I could just add money to the account, which I did. Unfortunately that card reactivation did not work in the Switchbox - although I could dial the number and get it to go to voicemail, something it didn't do when the card was expired. I contacted Phillip and he told me that my account was set up incorrectly and because the card was not bought from him, he couldn't help me. He told me that I needed to set up a T-Mobile account and he would check it. This is impossible to do because T-Mobile requires the online account be set up with a confirmation code sent via a text message. Unfortunately the Switchbox has no way to show a text message. I asked Phillip (multiple times) to tell me specifically what settings needed to be checked because T-Mobile has been great to work with over the phone and even when I went back to the store, they gave me another SIM card to swap out with my original one. He just keeps telling me that it is set up incorrectly but won't tell me what is set up incorrectly. I also asked him 3 times via email if a Verizon SIM would work. I have a personal account with them and it would be easier for me to manage the account. He finally answered on the last email that Verizon SIMs won't work. Has anyone tried a Verizon SIM? I'm about done with this situation. Has anyone encountered the "set up" problem and if so, what was done to correct it? On a related topic, my airport has WiFi that reaches out to our hangars. Any of you use an internet based switch?
  2. I just wanted to let you all know of my experience with Phillip, his product, and his competition. I moved from Atlanta, GA to Minneapolis, MN last spring and I quickly learned that engine pre-heat is a must have. I installed a Tanis system and built a ceramic heater to heat the cabin. I initially had it all tied into a programmable timer. But living 15 miles away from my hanger made it an inconvenient hassle to run out and program the timer costing me time and gas money. The decision was made to purchase a cellular activated switch. My mistake was not coming here, to Mooneyspace, for recommendations on products first. There really is only two products that I am aware of. SwitchBox and Cell switch. I saw an ad in Aero magazine for Cell Switch and liked the price. I ordered it and it was delivered in about a week. I opened the box. Inside was the unit itself and a CD. But no paper instructions. I inserted the CD into my MacBook Pro and nothing happened. I opened the file and it wouldn't read the software. It was only compatible with Windows. Ouch. So I called Aero and asked where the customer support number was. They didn't know but they called me back with the owner of Cell Switch's number. I called that number several times and never received any support. Back in the box it went and back to Aero for a full refund. So I ordered the SwitchBox from Phillip. It came in about 4 days. When it came I had a couple of small glitches and emailed Phillip. He responded immediately and offered to talk on the phone to help. This was on Christmas Eve! The SwitchBox works exactly as advertised. Even comes with a pre-paid $10 T-Mobile sim card. It has an iPhone app. It is Mac friendly I guess. I give the SwitchBox an A+. Phillip too. Happy New Year!