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Found 8 results

  1. The original Brittain PC (back before PC meant "politically correct") was installed as a no-nonsense, basic autopilot. Years later, it's still going. When it does stop working, the fix is usually simple and cheap and Cecilia at Britain is very generous with her support. My PC had begun needing more and more right wing down correction, so I figured there was a leak.....usually due to a leak around the rubber boot. I re-taped the boot, but it didn't correct the problem. Finally, I removed the entire servo (you don't have to have monkey arms, but it helps if you do) and discovered the servo was leaking but from the center, not the boot. I asked Cecilia she advised: "The sealant used is commonly known as “Perm-e-Tex” but its proper name is “aviation form-a-gasket”. You can generally find it at one or more of the national retail auto part stores." Now that is a cheap fix! Try fixing your King, or S-tec autopilot with Permatex.
  2. Brittain PC & AP Documents View File These were provided to me by Brittain in 2017. Submitter moontownMooney Submitted 09/12/2018 Category Avionics  
  3. Hello everyone, Cecilia Henderson again. First let me say thank you for the outpouring of condolences we have received from all of you. We miss Jerry very much and your kind words soothe our otherwise miserable souls. Now for an update. There is a lot of interest in purchasing our intellectual properties which leaves me very optimistic that Brittain will live on in some form or fashion long after the "Walters" have left the building. Doing all I can from here to insure a quality buy and ongoing support for the Brittain product line. We have put together a prospectus and are entertaining all offers over $40,000.00 for the next few weeks then we will make a determination of which deal is the best fit for all involved. If you are interested in purchasing a small autopilot company give me a call or drop me an email. We are also selling our machine/metal shop separately from the IP. Meanwhile we are in full liquidation mode as our property is leased and we must vacate the building by April 1st. We have about 60 seals for the Mooney aileron and rudder servo assemblies which we are liquidating as "seal kits". Many of you remember a time when all Brittain offered was a seal kit that allowed you to repair your own servos. Although the FAA frowns on this approach our situation has obviously changed so get them while they are available. Each "kit" comes with a seal, safety strap, O-ring and new compression nut. Each will also come with a four page specification on how to re-assembly the unit. We are asking $100.00 each for these kits, credit card or Paypal only. Please do not try to change out your seals while the servo is still installed in the airframe. Proper removal of the servo followed by re-build and re-installation is recommended for best results. We also have a few "button valves" (on/off yoke valves) and pilot valves in repaired state which we are discounting and selling "as removed" (with no maintenance release) and if you already have an Accu-Trak system (i.e. if you already have a servo control valve P/N 20464-200) and are interested in adding heading command (B-12 Accu-Flite) we have one remaining system, less the DG, in new production (DG Adaptor, Accu-Flite on/off switch and cable, installation manuals, flight manuals and STC included. G502A directional gyro not included). Sorry fellas but we sold out of the step servo seal so they are not currently available. All hope is not lost though as the tooling has been secured and new ownership can bring this repair line back up within a matter of weeks upon close of a deal, so once again, please be patient with us. Thanks again for all the kind words and the endless support the Mooney community provides us. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us during this transition, if we can assist you we will be happy to do so. Very Sincerely, Cecilia Henderson
  4. The PC doesn't work. We've checked the vacuum which is ok. Has anyone replaced the bellows? How difficult is the job? Do the interior side panels need to come off? Thanks...
  5. I have had the parts/pieces for adding an Accutrac to my PC for a long time. Every time I get the urge to install it and get it working, I stumble on a very basic part of the installation: Where does the brain-box fit into, or under the panel? For those of you pre-J guys who are lucky enough to have an Accutrac installed, can you tell me (pictures would be great!) where you found to put the "box"?
  6. There are several iterations of the Basic Brittain wing leveler, or PC. The one in my '74 C model is very different from others I have seen, though it seems to work pretty much the same. My question pertains to PC's of my PC's vintage. I would like to switch out the basic pneumatic control valve which is mounted on the interior side of the firewall with the BI-805 electric control valve . Has anyone here on Mooneyspace made this switch? Was it a worthwhile modification? Do you have any pictures of the installation? Where did you locate the BI-805? Where did you put the "disconnect" switch? Any other advice?
  7. Just finished my annual inspection and my mechanic noticed one of the rubber baffles which runs the PC system was torn. Since I am so used to flying without it I decided to remove the entire system all together. Anyone interested?
  8. When I got my M20F 50 hours ago, the Positive Control (PC) system worked great. Love it. But it seems to be developing an increasing tendency to turn left. I can zero this out with the roll trim knob in the panel, but now the roll trim knob is cranked over to the right quite a ways. It's not rigging because when I press the button to defeat the system, the plane tracks straight and level hands off. The turn coordinator appears to be functioning normally. The Brittain user manual says the roll trim knob might need to be turned as much as 90 degrees off center to straighten the plane and they still consider it normal operation, so maybe this is "normal", but I think I'm getting past the 90 degree point. Anyone else have this happen to them or have any ideas?