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Found 3 results

  1. We have a wonderful furry passenger (65 lbs) that was rescued from certain death in a kill shelter. He now has a loving home and adoptive home in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin. Trouble is, this K9 currently resides in Atlanta, GA and needs a ride up North. Looking for a Mooney pilot willing to give this wonderful, furry guy a ride up North to COLUMBUS, OHIO from Atlanta. We have a volunteer that will take him from Ohio up to Wisconsin. The weather looks fantastic this Thursday/Friday. This rescue is being adopted into a home with a special needs person that must have a calming companion. We are trying our best to do some great work. We will provide you a crate, pads, whatever. If you are flying anyway, why not help save a life? Thank you for the consideration. N23MD - 706-974-8316 The better Half - Two Tailz ResQ "Carolyn" 404-909-2000
  2. This is getting frustrating. Scrubbed a flight last weekend because the aircraft failed a mag check. Managed to use lots of power and lean mixture to chase that out Tuesday night. Getting ready for a nice trip for the fourth of July weekend and I find a flat tire (right main). Can't just inflate it, its leaking badly out the valve stem. So its just a flat. I should be able to get the field mechanic to put on a new tire, right? Field mechanic says he hasn't the correct jack pads for a Mooney. So far I'm on my own. Now I get to ask questions. What the devil is he talking about? I see this at Aircraft Spruce, is that what he's on about? Can't raise him on the phone (another issue) soI get to ask you guys. If so it doesn't seem like a huge deal. Last time I had to jack up an airplane the mechanic had jacks and we just did it, so I'm a little in the dark on this one. Of course, I'd rather just buy jack stands and do this myself but the things are bloody expensive!
  3. With any luck (and decent weather) I'm picking up a Mooney M20C in the environs of Atlanta this weekend. I've got a CFI who'll help me fly it back him to the land of the Buckeyes, Columbus Ohio. What I don't have is someone here who can continue my complex training. I need some dual time to make my insurer happy, and I'd rather not do it all down there. Anyone know a CFI in my area who knows Mooneys? I sure don't.