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Found 2 results

  1. I'm doing a avionic upgrade and will sell my old avionic. See old panel below. Here a table with parts, P/N, S/N and mod's. (see detailed pictures on the linke below). I will update the list frequently. Parts were removed in working conditions and are in the country (MA). ALL IN RED IS ALREADY SOLD! P/N S/N Mod KCS55A Directional Gyro KG102A 060-0015-00 11973 HSI - Horizontal Situation Indicator KI525A 066-3046-00 17471 mod 1,2,3,4,5 Slaving Accessory KA 51A 071-1053-03 11820 Magnetic Azimuth Transmitter - Flux Detector KMT 112 071-1052-00 123673 mod 1 insight Strikefinder w cable SF2000 2000-021-009 3372 insight Strikefinder antenna SF2000 sensor 2000-022 3535 mod C Flight Command Indicator with FD KI 256 060-0017-00 3450 CDT TIT gauge CDT TIT 0227-005 22370 COM KY196B 064-01840101 5388 COM KX165A w GS 069-01033-0201 13160 mod 1,2,3,4 VOR indicator KI203 066-3034-00 11250 voltage converter w connector RB-125 718 voltage converter w connector RB-125 727 COM w tray KY196 064-1019-20 4859 mod 1,2,3,4,5 intercom TELEX PC4 70650-000 GPS Annunciation Control Unit for King KLN-90B MD41 MD41-328 5184 mount KG 102A 071-4025-00 audio panel PMA8000B 050-890-0202 Y05003 SW config HZBC GPS w tray w cartridge w antenna KLN90B 066-04031-1122 25696 GPS w tray w cartridge KLN90B 066-04031-1122 40566 mod 1,2 TRX TRIG TT31 00220-00-01 3765 mod 1,2,3,4,5,6 ADF indicator with heading sync KI227 066-3063-01 2818 Attitude Gyro, 14V RCA26AK-4 102.0064-02 870163 air temperature OAT 11A D1068 audio panel KMA24 066-1055-03 4064 clock VOR/LOC Converter w connector and mount KN72 066-4009-00 3489 mod 3 ZAON Portable Collition Avoidance System XRX ONYX 40734 VSI VSI 7000C.31 37384 Course Deviation Indicator MD40-66L 2010056-66l B99689 201 fuel flow transducer Turn cordinator ANS-SOM C007284 Encoded Altimeter Aerosonic Corp 101627-01904 C120821 Altimeter w connector Altimeter T3889 5934PAM-JA.87 isntrument cluster Mooney M20K 231 6247-00066 640281-513 264 GPS antenna King Bendix KA 92 071-01553-0200 17893 Com antenna VHF COM anntena CI 196 KMT 112 mount 047-4111-02 tray KT74A tray KT74A rotating beacon HR-DF 14 R14-13416 tray KX 165A tray KX 165A Images: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1WMLM9JvzjlmISPjj4JORrswCw7jYVJa8?usp=sharing If you have any interest or questions please send me a PM. Hendrik
  2. This is a factory fresh S-Tex ST-901 unit, p/n 03976, with an 8130. It was repaired by S-Tec and has not been used or installed since. My understanding is that they replaced both circuit boards in the unit. It comes with (appears to be new) panel mounted annunciator, p/n 03975, that switches between heading and GPSS mode. It also comes with the connectors. It is setup for the King KCS 55A. Will sell complete for $950 plus shippingCall or text Brian at 319-560-4910 or email me at brianweber@ Foxtrot Mike Tango Charlie Sierra dot com with questions or for more info. I know this is my first post on Mooneyspace which might make a prospective buyer nervous but I'm much more active on Beechtalk and Piperforum. I have 100% positive feedback on eBay for hundreds of motorcycle and airplane parts. My tail numbers are N69PS and N201JR.
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