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Found 5 results

  1. This is departing Robertson's Ranch this morning, a private airstrip near San Quintin on the west coast of the Baja of Mexico. I go down here regularly with the Flying Samaritans. <> This is another Fly360 video which means it works best in the Youtube app on the iPad (and I assume Android). It does not display properly in the Safari browser. Chrome is OK, but the iPad app is far superior. Using the Youtube app you hold the iPad in front of you and can pan 360º.
  2. Mexico Trip

    Below are this weekend's videos with my Fly360 camera mounted on the glare shield. Viewing is best on an iPad running the Youtube app. Hold it in front of you and move up and down, etc. so you have the same views I had in the cockpit. I departed KAVQ (Tucson) and landed at MMSF (San Felipe, MX). Then flew to a Robertson's Ranch, private airstrip on the west coast of the Baja that we've named MRBR. Then back to KTUS (Tucson International) to clear customs. I forgot to turn the camera on before departing MRBR and didn't film the final leg from KTUS-KAVQ. Next is to fabricate an external mount to get a cleared picture not going through the Plexiglass. Departing KAVQ Landing San Felipe: Landing Robertson's Ranch: Landing Tucson:
  3. Landing El Rosario

    Landin g El Rosario.
  4. 360º

    This is just before the landing at El Rosario. We "buzz" the town on our way in to let them know we're arriving. Buzzing the town is just doing a 360º about 2,000 ft above the town
  5. San Felipe

    Same trip as the Landing El Rosario one. Same issues. Don't use Safari.