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Found 4 results

  1. Good morning Folks, The electric fuel pump in my bird has developed an auto shut off feature. I have reached to shut it off several times in the last month only to find it already off. I thought I was going crazy but it turns out it's been gas lighting me. I actually saw and heard it pop off climbing through 2500agl a few days ago. The breaker was clearly popped and needed about 3 mins before it could be reset. Is this the typical failure mode for a Klixon or should we be digging deeper?
  2. So N6201Y is still in "break in", and ran in to a problem this week - both directions, different days so don't feel like it's a "fluke". Wanted to share here in hopes there might be others experience to add before I start the troubleshooting journey... In the clouds both directions had the circuit breaker "pop" on my G430W (com1/nav1). The KFC 200 was tracking heading/altitude and never missed a beat. No other electrical problems noticed, no other circuit breaker pops, alternator charging normally throughout, no electrical fire "smell" (thank God). Switched to Com2, iPad in the lap really not a major event, though I did divert and land on the "outbound" leg. busted altitude on divert, but maintained com with ATC (did not declare emergency) & shot an ILS off of Nav2 - good training (silver lining) and ended no issue. Weather on the flight was generally "VFR ON TOP" with some buildups in the 20k+, I was cruising at 8k, a couple minor diverts around buildups but not much, went through a few patches of clouds - not towering/cumulonumbus. was rain (I was above except on divert to KDAB) and there were thunderstorms present all more than 50 miles away - Florida in the afternoon. First thought was static electricity since buildups/thunderstorms, even though not in close proximity. Away from home - hopeful for VFR conditions on the way back so no getting involved with troubleshooting immediately (besides had meetings to attend) Flew in VFR conditions for about an hour - no issues, so launched back toward home. About 3/4 of the way back inbound "home" and have same issue - in the clouds,(again - flying through top of a layer that extended from 8-9 to 10, occasionally 12 - I was at 11) this time no rain, no thunderstorms anywhere - circuit breaker pops. smell, wait, reset out of the clouds - good - enter clouds - pops again. Finished out trip with Com/Nav2 & iPad no problems So this weekend will be spent starting the troubleshooting journey... any leads/anecdotes to share are greatly appreciated. to the good the M20J flew at 11k, full throttle x 24k rpm leaned 25 ROP - 9.5 gph 462 NM in 3.0 tach time from tie down to hangar. Still "new to me" and breaking in - the glass panel/avionics upgrade quote is starting to look less "expensive" through this experience (as per prior post - I bought straight airframe/factory new engine + hartzel top prop + aged avionics and negotiated accordingly with plan to upgrade) - the engine and airframe are what I bought and so far so good there. again - thanks for any feedback/insight.
  3. I've acquired a number of good used Klixon circuit breakers of the 7274 (MS26574) style. I have many different amperages. PM me to see if I have the ones you need. $7.50 each plus shipping.
  4. Dear Friends: On Tuesday, I flew my 1966 M20C Mark 21 from Fort Leonard Wood, MO to Louisville, KY (actually Jeffersonville, IN because I couldn't get into Louisville VFR despite extraordinary assistance from the Louisville Approach controller, but that's another story...). Anyway, I used both radios (King KX 170B and KX 175B TSO) on the way out and most of the way back, but after the final handoff for continued flight following to my home airport, I couldn't contact Center on either radio, but I continued to receive just fine on both radios. Perhaps unrelated, after sunset, I turned on the twin cabin ceiling red lens spotlights which illuminate the instrument panel, and when I rotated the on/off rheostat knob to the full stop brightest setting, both spotlights flashed off simultaneously. Subsequently, the single white light cabin ceiling light failed to illuminate when I tried turning it on. It worked fine the last time I used it a few weeks ago. None of the circuit breakers popped. The filament in the single, panel-mounted fuse appears fine. I found three (there may be more) wire-in-line fuses under the instrument panel. Each appears to have a spare fuse taped to a wire adjacent to the fuse in use that it is apparently intended to replace. I need to return my daughter to Jeffersonville, IN (her car is parked there because of my diversion from Louisville to Jeffersonville) on Tuesday, and really would like to have a least one operational radio for such a long VFR flight. The cabin lights are less critical and time sensitive. What's the most likely reason for both radios to stop transmitting simultaneously, yet continue receiving just fine? Are the cabin ceiling spotlights and the cabin ceiling dome light on a shared electrical circuit with a fuse located under the instrument panel? Thank you, Bobby (573) 337-3447 Sent from my iPad