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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I noticed on my last flight that the standby attitude indicator precesses excessively and cannot be relied on. I understand that I could replace it with a GI-275 as its cost is very close to a an electric AI gyro. Called PCA and got a quote for the GI-275: 20 hours labor (3 days) and $6050. the soonest they can schedule it is April 2023. The airplane is a 2004 Ovation 2GX. Did any of you have to replace the standby AI? Any recommendations for other good shops (I am based in KPAE in WA)? Thank you, Yariv
  2. After loss of pitot input the IAS "red-x'd" on my dual GI 275 installation. I had the opportunity to test various failure considerations I had been thinking about to evaluate how the AHRS (attitude indicator) would perform. Would it "red-x", tumble or drift? The failures were equivalent of having lost alternator and battery and therefore shutting down the panel as well as causing the pitot tube to freeze in IMC. Would the GI 275 AI survive? Chris
  3. Dynon d2 like new in box. No blemishes, perfect. These are a great backup that can clip onto your panel and help you get out of trouble. Also has a G meter. Has WiFi, so it will send ahars and gps data to your tablet for synthetic vision or other. Sold
  4. I am looking for a zero degree tilt vacuum attitude indicator with a warning flag to replace the SigmaTek Model 500B-20 (PN 23-501-06-9) in my plane. Internal or bezel lighting would be nice, 14V. I thought someone might be going all electric or glass panel. Clear Skies, Gomer
  5. Hello Gang! I have a Sigma-Tek 5000B-37 attitude indicator and a new 1" vacuum gauge that I want to replace the original AI with. Any helpful hints would be grateful. Some say I need a tilted unit and some say I do not. I also have a EDM 800 JPI that I would like to install where the clock is between the altimeter and the T&Bank. Don't know if it will fit. Thank-you for the help in advance! Ron
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