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Found 9 results

  1. Greetings, I'm new to Mooney Space and hoping to be flying my own Mooney soon. I'm looking for an A&P that may be available in the Savannah Georgia area for a prebuy inspection. My preference would be to have someone travel to where the aircraft is based. Thanks for you suggestions.
  2. Hello fellow Mooniacs, If you're looking for a knowledgeable Mooney IA/Mechanic in the SoCal area, DM me for further information. This gentleman has over 15 years of Mooney specific experience and has worked at 2 MSC's. He holds several certifications from Mooney (Kerville, TX) on various systems and procedures. He has in depth knowledge on all model Mooney aircraft and troubleshooting skills that are to die for! My experience over the past 5 years has been nothing short of exceptional. He is very meticulous, detail oriented, super flexible, and reasonably priced. I know it
  3. Dear Fellow Aviators and Mooney Fans, Hope you are all having a great day! I have been dreaming about owning a Mooney / Vans type of fast GA aircraft since I first saw them at an airshow when I was a CAP cadet back in the 90s. I just moved back to the states from an overseas assignment, I am working on my PPL, have about 55 hours in C152's. I also have a jet maintenance background from the USAF and a large defence contractor. I currently work as a Tech Rep for a military jet and am looking to get my A&P this year. I am currently in middle/south Georgia. I am originally f
  4. New guy to mooneyspace and prospective new owner of a Bravo TLS. I'm located on the west coast and this AC is located in Jacksonville. I need to find a Mooney TLS savvy A&P to do an unbiased inspection of this beauty before I go out to confirm/close the deal. Any feedback on worthy A&P's in the 100 mile range of JAX is appreciated. In addition, anyone with knowledge of N9119X is certainly welcome to chime in with any comments, suggestions, recommendations. She's a 1990 with a gear up in 07 but logs look complete and repair seems to be well documented. Pic's represent a clean,
  5. Folks, I'm pushing this out as a last option and could use some serious help. I'm looking at possibly buying a 65 M20E and will be getting on a plane from Las Vegas NV to Charlotte NC in an hour for the pre-buy inspection, transition training, and ideally the long flight back. PROBLEM: The A&P that is currently scheduled to do the work is sick and unsure if they can make the trip. He was bringing standard tools to pull panels, compression tester, boroscope, etc... SO NOW I'M POSSIBLY IN A PINCH (if he can't make it) What would really use your help with: 1. A Charlotte NC are
  6. Does this site have a sticky for Mooney mechanic recommendations?
  7. Hi, My airplane is located a KBTP (Butler County Airport); however, I will reposition it when and if applicable. I am trying to stay within 1 hour driving time from the center of Pittsburgh, PA --- so this include certain neighboring areas such as Ohio and West Virginia, which are part of the tri-state area of Pittsburgh. I am looking for a mechanic (A&P) that meets the following: Honest Reasonable Knowledgeable of Mooney M20J model If you know anyone that fits send me a message. Thanks.
  8. My home field KPNE's only maintenance operation for small aircraft was Hortman Aviation. Longtime owner Herb Hortman unfortunately died suddenly in May. Today I learn his flight school, rental, and maintenance appear to have shut down completely as a result. I'm left with no options on the field for quick minor stuff, or anything that might come up that makes me uneasy to move the plane without getting it checked out. Any local Philly A&P suggestions? Dev
  9. I'm looking for an A&P or an IA in the Kansas City area who can help me obtain a special flight/ferry permit for my 1966 M20C. I understand that it's a matter of filling out the form for a ferry permit, and looking at the plane to confirm that the plane is safe for this one-time flight. The form is then forwarded/FAXed to the controlling FAA FSDO where the FAA signs off and FAXes it back. The plane was flown to its current location, Signature TechnicAir (KMKC) on 03 June 2013, had a recent history of flying, and was in annual until March 2013. TechnicAir obtained the flight permit for th
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