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Found 10 results

  1. jazztheglass


    HELP- I am doing a mini upgrade to my Cessna 340: having professionals add engine monitors, an aspen, a G5 on the FO side, and fixing the autopilot. While they are doing that, the wife and I have been keeping ourselves busy with the upgrades we can do: new carpet (kit from SCS) new fuel cap paint, O-rings new placards and circuit breaker panel lettering new leather like interior (we actually did this ourselves) all new seats (we skinned the 30 year leather off the old ones and had an upholstery shop do these) new paint (and some new pieces) of the plastic trim window covers and now we are replacing all the external screws around the windows (under mechanic supervision) because they are rusty (this is actually kind of a pain to do) What suggestions do you guys have that an owner with limited mechanical skills but good energy and enthusiasm can do while his plane is being upgraded. I probably have a few more weeks of working time. FREE STUFF (and some that will be posted on Ebay) I have the old (one year old) carpet. I bought the "lightweight" kit from SCS last year because it sounded like a good idea. It was too light weight for me. If anyone wants it, it is free for the taking- just come get it. It is actually a fine product- just not robust enough for my application. Plastic window covers. I have four of these- not sure which windows they cover. I know know how to fix these but when I first bought the plane I went to Osh Kosh and bought new ones during a buying spree. They do need repaired but it can be done easily. Free- come get them. And they I will list on Ebay the myriad analog instruments I removed. Tach generators, what I call Mercedes type twin cessna instrumentation, airspeed indicator, altimeter, turn co-ordinator, etc. If anyone knows of something they want just email or call me. They are all located at KLOU. I'm going to post on the twin cessna and POA as well.
  2. As you will see, my plane has been somewhat neglected over the years and is in need of some repairs and upgrades. Below is a list of the things I think need to be done and why, along with a cost estimate. I'd like the group to help me prioritize these items so as I have the money, I can begin knocking them off the list. Also, if you see something else that needs taken care of, let me know what, why, how much and where you would rank it. Obviously, this is a money constrained exercise or I would just do them all right now, so please, no suggestions that I need to replace my entire panel with glass gauges or other high-end options. I'm looking for utility and function, not pretty and flashy. New tire #1, this one has pretty well reached it's end of life, so I have already purchased the replacement. No threads are showing, but it looks like this most of the way around. $160 retread tire and airstop tube (parts only). New tire #2, still showing tread all the way around. $160 retread tire and airstop tube (parts only). Landing gear shock discs. A&P says these are at or just slightly better than minimum spec to replace. Managed to zoom in on date code... 3/77. Yeah, I think their due. $1,199 for all 11 (parts only). Good quality headset. Here are the current headsets I have to choose from. The ASA sounds the best, DC is a single plug military with adapter, can't recall the other brand, but the cord has metal showing in places. $380 Quiet Technologies Halo Repaint. Probably a pipe dream at this point. I was quoted $14 AMU for a complete strip and paint from a shop with a great reputation. Would be cheaper for partial repaint, but would never match. Door seal, coming off in spots, cracked in spots. May be the source of minor CO (50 ppm or less, 0 in cruise) entering the plane (yes, I have a Sensorcon thanks to DanM20C) $40 for MD gasket, adhesive, & solvent Interior, as you probably saw in some of the other pictures, the interior plastics are warped, cracked, and have scrapes in the paint. As for cost, no idea on this one, from $15 for a can of spray paint up to astronomical for a pro interior rehab. Panel remove and paint, the paint is peeling off the panel in a few places. I could try to mask it off and paint it, but I'm afraid the surface prep would be insufficient and I'd be right back where I am now. Materials would be inexpensive, but I think the labor involved would make this a long project. ADSB install. I think the FBO had a Stratus put in their rental plane for around $3,000 and were quoted $500 more for in capability. FYI, the Apollo GPS back light is dead, no idea on cost to fix. Engine monitor, probably an Insight G2, $1900 (parts only) right below the CDI. Well, that's what I have on the list. Thoughts?
  3. Good morning. I'm going to price some upgrades to my avionics and wanted to get your opinions on what I'm thinking of doing. I'm currently leaning towards a GTN650(sell the 430w) ps8000b audio, GTX345 adsb, upgrading the JPI700 to a 730(don't want to spend the $ on primary yet), gonna price GPSS for the Century 2b too. I will mostly use the iPad connected to the 650 for flight planning input and traffic. What do you guys think for replacing the separate NAV and Comm radios? Should I just ride them out as they function just fine? I'm holding out on autopilot upgrades and things like the G5 for now too because I don't want to get over 18amus on this round. Any thoughts or opinions on this plan?
  4. I purchased a console headliner at Osh Kosh from plane plastics, the link can be seen here: It is the wrong part number and it is just now that I realized it. It is for some of the pre-J Mooney's just not my 1970 M20C I paid 256 dollars for it but will take 100 or any reasonable offer. It may be a little expensive to ship so if anyone picks it up at KLOU I will buy you lunch (Or I will ship it and add shipping costs to our negotiated price). It is brand new and has not been used. Regards, Jeff Allen
  5. The Avionics Specialists

    What upgrades are you looking for?

    We are expanding our Avionics Department and capabilities at Lasar, Inc. We are looking to share the new expansion to the entire Mooney Community. What are you looking for? What are you interested in doing in the near future? Please give us an opportunity to earn your work and make a good difference not only with your aircraft, but throughout the community as well. We are a full service Mooney Service Center and can accommodate your needs from an annual to a full avionics stack upgrade. We are running several different specials and are booking installations for the upcoming ADS-B mandate that is right around the corner in 2020. Give us a shot, you will NOT be disappointed!!! Shoot me an email, text or call me if you have any questions and to schedule your visit. Greg Baker 480-295-2801

    Yoke upgrade

    I have a M20F 67 with a jbar and an stec 60 A/p. I was thinking of upgrading my yoke as the Ptt is closer than electric trim on the left YOKE. Any recommendations? Prefer the newer yokes. With a change in electric trim placement, a/p disconnect, and ptt I assume it's a 337? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks MICKEY IMG951130.3gp
  7. Not sure if anyone has seen this, but I recently worked with these folks (based at KBFI - Boeing Fiend, Seattle - one of my old stomping grounds) on my PMA450 - to-450A trade-up. Worked with Chase there, and had a wonderful transaction...exactly as specified, and will be getting the 450A plugged in this weekend. My shop in NY actually recommended them, as they knew I was looking to do this, and the 450A wasn't available when we did the cockpit upgrade last year. Sharing for visibility. Steve
  8. So, finally kicked off the big upgrade this past Monday. A few pics from end of week 1...after my nerves calmed a bit. Seriously, these guys are the best. Very happy with the first week's progress. Antennas from left...GA37 (GTN750 and GDL69), GA36 (future GTN650), and NGT-9000 Lynx WAAS antenna. Also added the Skywatch antenna to use the "+" feature of the Lynx's TAS/TCAS feature. More after end of week 2 next Friday.
  9. Hi all, Looking for some Midwest avionics shop recommendations. Looking to upgrade my GNS430, transponder and audio panel in my J. The big shops around southern Mi have big overhead and in the past I haven't had a flawless delivery yet from them. Bill
  10. ntschmandt

    Upgrading to a Mooney?

    Dear Mooney enthusiasts, I am currently a pilot with about 175 hours and close to finishing his instrument rating (already have high perf and complex). I currently own a 1974 180HP piper warrior, that I love and has served me wonderfully, but I am ready to start thinking about something that can do better cross country time and fuel efficiency. After much thought, I think a Mooney M20J/K is probably the plane that would suit me best. If the group wouldn't mind, I have a few questions that I would like some advice on; 1) Times: I am getting bored with the warrior and feel ready to upgrade, but am I moving too quickly going to an M20J with the number of hours and ratings that I have? 2) Price: Currently, the value of my plane is about $45K. I can put in another $15K cash when I upgrade, but I will need to wait to be able to save up more than that. Can I afford a decent M20J at that value? 3) Do people agree the M20J is the right plane, and how much better is it than the earlier models? Most of the reviews I read seemed to think there was a solid difference, which is why I settled on the J version as the oldest. 3) Can people tell me how accurate the VREF values are for Mooneys? I have seen quite a few Mooneys for sale that are below VREF but still are not getting offers. Is it something with their planes or are the vref values too high? Thank you very much for your time!