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  1. If this was done to your plane, the SB explains the 500 hour inspection and later inspections.
  2. You have eagle eyes Count Caruso (and in the daylight no less).
  3. Yeah, as I mentioned earlier, all of this glass stuff is way more than I could ever ask for. And certainly a lot more than the steam gauges I flew with for the majority of the years I have flown. If Aspen does go under, it will be a shame since it just strengthens Garmin's hold on the market. Competition is a good thing. Aspen does have other eggs in their basket, so hopefully they remain financially viable. And I do think that if STEC, L-3, Avidyne and Aspen were all owned by the same people, Garmin would have some solid competition. By being separate companies they are all ripe for individual competition losses against the market juggernaut.
  4. I believe this is an attempt to eliminate Aspen & potential future Dynon competition. I have been to avionics shops lately (I know, I am a junkie) and every TXi I saw being installed was going into high end planes (Bonanzas, Aerostars, Lances) and for owners with deep pockets (all of the Bos were getting G600s installed as well). I didn't see one Piper or Cessna getting a TXi, instead, I saw G5s and the occasional Aspen. The G3X is clearly aimed at Aspen. And I think the G5 is an expendable or niche product (backups or for the really cheap owners). Where I think Garmin's Achilles Heel in their approach is limiting the G3X to digital products. Maybe that is the bone they are throwing Aspen or something they don't think there is enough business to get the certification for. When you throw in an autopilot, things change. Without the GAD 43e being an option, is their intent for owners to rip out their working BK, Century and STEC autopilots to toss in a G500? Also without the GAD 43e, there isn't any legacy support for the other analog Nav/Coms. The Aspens will display a King 155's output. but from what I read the G3X won't. So what are your options? Go with the TXi (maybe that is their carrot) or upgrade your analog stuff to their new offerings (GTN 375) and other digital products (GNC 255). I am betting on the latter.
  5. It should, it comes down to what this 20 amp standy-by alternator will handle and how much will depend on the extra power coming from the battery. I just don't know how much juice the landing gear pulls during extension. It is protected by a 20 amp breaker, so it will probably be in the 10 amp range.
  6. How are you getting tension on the nosewheel?
  7. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  8. Sure looks like they are putting the stick in the sand. Our autopilot or else...
  9. The way I look at this situation, unless there is a compelling reason to yank the Aspens (i.e. them going out of business), moving over to a TXi for a few additional integration capabilities just doesn't make sense for me with an STEC 60-2 in the panel. The upgrade to the STEC 3100 is supposed to be a significant upgrade from the STEC's rate based approach. I am talking with 310 Pilot on YouTube about his 3100 installation. He is due to get it back next week and promised a full PIREP on it. I think once the STEC 3100 is integrated into the Aspens, there will be a lot of uptick potential for Aspen as there are a ton of STEC equipped planes that could make the jump to an integrated 3100/Aspen solution. Pulling the STEC 60-2 to install a GFC 500 that won't talk to my Aspen doesn't make any sense. When you get to the basics, how much is enough in these planes? I was perfectly happy flying steam for years because I didn't know any better. When the first portable GPS came out in 1991, I was in Shangri La. If none of this glass stuff was available today for our class airplane and only iPad apps were, I would still be in Nirvana.
  10. Good luck on the search. Hopefully there will be something out there that works out. When you do find a candidate, let us know where it is located. We may already know the plane.
  11. So Jerry, it sounds like you & I need to talk about this power/RPM curve. I have been seriously thinking about the B&C for my naked vacuum pad spot. I started putting together a power consumption spreadsheet. What wasn't answered was things like pitot heat, gear and flaps. I think a 20 amp standby can power my avionics comfortably but what about these short duration power drains?
  12. To answer your topic header: No, I was too stupid to be nervous. I would just be really thorough on the understanding of what you are buying. Don't get too enamored with paint, pretty interior or avionics. Just make sure the plane has been maintained and no big surprises come out of the woodwork.
  13. With your budget, you could find a really nice equipped pre-J or a J that may need some TLC. The challenge will be finding a plane that has what you want in it (avionics) and in a healthy condition. If you are already planning for the next plane, I would make a list of the "needs", "wants" and "nice to have" in this plane and begin the search. If you think you will be moving up within a short period of time, it might make more sense to hold off on purchasing until you can buy the longer term plane. The issue with any plane purchase is that the acquisition cost is the easy part, it is the $3k here or the $1k there that add up. You could easily add $10k in the first year of ownership to address items. I'm a 28 year owner of the same F model. After 21 years of flying behind an all steam gauge plane, I came to a decision point when the last of my routine destinations dropped their VOR approach. I had to make the decision to upgrade the avionics to finally move to GPS or sell and find a plane that was better equipped and in good shape. I started to look and what I found was a lot of needy planes and this included later model Js and early Ovations. To gain roughly 20 knots of TAS, I was going to fork out a lot more money to get someone else's plane up to my standards and along the way also still do upgrades to meet my wants (I wanted to move to a glass panel). In my opinion, the break point for me to move up would be a significant speed increase and possibly altitude. Jumping from 152 KTAS F to move to a 160 KTAS J model doesn't make a lot of sense. Once you get up to the 175+ KTAS range, then speed starts to become a factor. To put this in perspective, my F can do a 422 nm flight (no winds) in 2+51. Compare that to: 160 KTAS = 2+44 (J Model) 180 KTAS = 2+29 (Ovation) 200 KTAS = 2+17 (Bravo) That equates to a 34 minute difference. The fuel burn then also becomes a factor. Where the turbos have an advantage is getting up high to take advantage of favorable tailwinds and of course to cross higher terrain. Some wiseguy JetProp guy I know says "speed costs money". That said here is the track log of a buddy's J. Flying 795 miles in 3+41 with a nice tailwind at 17,000
  14. Guido Warnecke does cross Atlantic ferry trips. He flew an Ovation over a couple years ago. Maybe another option. This is one of the legs on his trans Atlantic flight in the Mooney Ovation.
  15. I have given up on all other boards except this one because of the drama. Life is too short to be arguing about Little Timmys and my appendage is longer than your appendage. Yeah, we ain't perfect but what family is?
  16. So, to jetdriven's point, why is the certified version 3X more expensive than the experimental? If they had to certify over 500 models through flight testing and all the associated paperwork (like they did to certify the G500 AP in aircraft), I could get the extra cost. Unless there was a major certification process, why are the certified version that much more expensive?
  17. Must be midnight, Count Caruso is with us again.
  18. You're a poster child of why introducing the G3X might not be such a great idea. If the hook was already in your mouth for the TXi, how much did Garmin leave on the table getting you to switch to the G3X? What they are banking on is a whole bunch of owners sitting on the sidelines stepping up to the G3X over an Aspen, their own G5 or those waiting for the Dynon. I don't think they expected Byran of MooneySpace to switch!!
  19. Let's not forget about PTK. Personally I still think m20kmooney is PTK. But m20kmooney Garmin doesn't sound as good as Peter Garmin.
  20. If you speak with them again, which I’m sure you will, you might want to mention the glare concern. I will find one of the screen covers folks have mentioned here, but I think it should come this way. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  21. Think of the $10 per hour reduction as way to offset their normal rental rate while you fly the X number of hours required to satisfy their insurance requirement. It’s X number of hours plus an instructor to get their insurance to accept you as a risk. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  22. I spoke to them last year when I had the last of my vacuum system removed. It would require a field approval. There is also a fair amount of work needed on the buss to separate out hardware that will run off of the standby alternator. I have it on my list of adds for the next upgrade. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  23. Anyone care to join me? I heard it goes well with melted butter. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  24. Pieces of them anyways. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  25. Not from what I can tell. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro