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  1. finding miss

    An IR handheld thermometer.
  2. Dome light for a 64C model ?

    Plane plastics has the cover so you don't have to sand and finish it.
  3. IO-360 Fuel Servo

    The impact tubes since the airflow into the engine ( like the pitot tube) and adjust the fuel pressure inside the servo. The tubes lead to one side of a diaphragm and that has no outlet. I would not think very much of the debris would get there since the air is static or almost. I would not use anything stronger than avgas to clean it if I were doing it.
  4. N201XG

    The high compression helicopter engines have a 1200 hr. TBO. They also have a manifold pressure limitation on max power settings. These engines are hard on cylinders and I have seen lots of head separation problems.
  5. What to do with panel seams

    M.E.K. is the best solvent for making ABS glue.
  6. Plane Plastics Prices Drop Significantly

    A Plane Plastics p/n K130097 can be used to trim out the upper windshield on a 201 window conversion.
  7. Oil Leak? Ideas

    The weep hole on your tach cable should be turned to the bottom. It's there to let the oil out of your tach cable if the seal starts to leak. It will fill your tach with oil if its turned up and make your tach inaccurate.
  8. flap and elevator indicator trim panel

    Tell April you need a Plane Plastics p/n "UK740020-503"
  9. Plastic Interior Question and Pirep

    On most shop vacs the vacuum air is circulated thru the motor after passing thru the filter, the motor has a set of brushes that are producing a spark. This means you are mixing flamable fumes with an ignition spark, Your vacuum might explode !!!
  10. Broken Baffle

    If you repair it with 6061 T6 it will last longer on a baffling repair.
  11. Where to Find a Mooney for Sale

    Found mine on eBay.
  12. RIGGING!

    +1 for the old dogs.
  13. Lost trim wheel chain cover

    Chain cover is 21$. There was a price reduction
  14. Lost trim wheel chain cover

    Call Plane Plastics. They have a PMA approved replacement.
  15. Plane Plastics have the vents