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  1. It’s a lot of fun an very capable machine to say the least
  2. You are correct, that picture was taken the same week the Storms leveled our hangers, belongs to the insurance company now. I was kinda fawn of the ol gals whore-house curtains
  3. You just say when. I can meet you there about anytime for some photos. I don’t know if Sharp Co Regional (CVK) Could handle that much Firepower on the Ramp at once. Missile + Rocket= Firepower!!!!
  4. That is a Beautiful Overpowered Mooney!!! The Paint is a spitting image of my Rocket.
  5. It is impossible to chase out every drop of #6 using #5. however you can get the biggest portion of #6 out now that it’s an oil. You also wanna follow the 115N Manual guidance on how to grease the propeller. you can fill the hub with grease if not performed properly
  6. I may have a bias Opinion when it comes to this Topic. An that Comes from my experiences, weather flying behind certain props, or all the Dynamic balances I have performed. The 3 Blade Hartzell is just rougher than a 2 blade or a C424 McCauley 3 way prop. Why? Hell I don’t know. Could be airframe related, or just the fact that a 4 Cylinder Non-Counterweight Engine doesn’t like them. But with that being said I can balance one to where is a smooth at a Turbo-Prop on the ground, But when it’s in the air is when I sometimes get some Lack Luster Pireps. I spent many hours flying a 67F for my previous employer with a 2 way Hartzell. It was smooth as you could ever ask for. Then one day he sold the prop off the plane, an I had to build a 3 blade from Serviceable parts we had. Once it was on the plane it was balanced just like the 2 way was. It just wasn’t as happy in the air, an it was a tad slower. But it made up for that in the climb. Talking about that same Propeller, I Ferried a J Model with that Propeller an it was Turbine Smooth. Long Story Short, It’s happier on some planes than others.
  7. Gatts in Kansas is a solid organization.
  8. I agree. Those working conditions have got to be total Hell Heat wise.
  9. Okay, so when it’s giving you a radial To Or From the station an distance, that’s all GPS based. The Actual VOR isn’t doing the communication to the box? So if a VOR is turned off for whatever reason, the 530 will still track it because it’s just a Fix?
  10. Curious. Under the VLOC Frequency window on the 530W there is a third window that can have Traffic or the VOR info your tracking. In that window, the Distance To said VOR, is that DME distance or GPS Distance? Thanks in advance.
  11. He doesn’t Have a MT Prop on his Rocket!!.......YET!!
  12. I really have no idea what all the C53 is legal on. I have seen several on C Models. Could look at the TC Data Sheet for your plane.
  13. Any chance your new prop has the Low Pitch Blade angle for a 310hp Engine?