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  1. I’m really Not sure to be honest, It will be cooler fall temps when I do though.
  2. Looks like a big ol Top Oiled Lycoming under the hood, an there is only one McCauley propeller TC’ed for that engine. That would be the C417. BF Goodrich Sells some small containers of Conductive Cement for Boot edge dressing that works well in that area.
  3. Missing paint, an if you could see all 10 blades you would notice 8 are leaking grease.
  4. Pair of Cheyanne LS400 MT 5 way props. Picked these propellers up to Disassemble for export. Feel free to zoom. 450Hr TT These props turn a Max of 1591 RPMs to.
  5. The Aeroshell #5 being the thicker of the two will get like Bondo sorta. Can cause the propeller to be hard to actuate potentially loosing the ability to maintain a Constant speed throughout the different phases of flight.
  6. I have had this same issue in my shop. With the Polane paint it requires a perfect mixture of V66 Catalyst to harden properly, otherwise it will dry, just won’t harden the way it’s intended to then it blows off in sheets. Humidity also plays a part in this aswell. Polane T is a Cabinet Paint an it does really well at that job, but it lacks luster when it comes to propellers in my opinion. I see propellers that come in for routine maintenance that have had automotive grade enamels applied that is nearly impossible to media blast off, its a far superior paint for the given ap
  7. That’s a strange one, prop works properly in flight, but nothing on the grd. I have always been told when replacing a component(prop or gov) the first start up afterwards to pull the propeller knob out about 1/4 travel an let the engine warm up normally. That will allow the Governor time to slowly push all of the air from the system as you wait on oil temp an CHT to come up. Then taxi to the run up area leaving propeller control in the same spot, if everything is working correctly the Governor should stop you from making 1900-2000 RPMs.
  8. No FSDO needed here, I did not communicate well with my response.
  9. I think I sent you guys mixed signals. The Ham Standard Governor was on every round engine in the country. It was later purchased by Hartzell in some Fashion an labeled H-1 Im sure there is some paperwork in your logs or there is a data plate riveted to the mounting flange of the Governor that says it’s current Make an Model. This is not uncommon with manufacturers. There are several 2 blade MT composite props on Super Decathlon’s that have a McCauley C214 hub like a J model has.
  10. The Hamilton Std Governors you see nowadays are pretty well all rebranded H-1’s as in Hartzell H-1. Your adjustment screw should be a 10/32 Filister Head, an normally 1/2 turn Yields 50 RPM
  11. #5 is the thicker of the two. It’s far superior to the new formulation of #6 that is currently being manufactured an distributed.
  12. Anthony is speaking the truth. you have a very large blade angle increase as you transition from climb to cruise. Did the issue start after the propeller came back from O/H? Little trouble shooting for ya. Pull propeller control all the way out(engine off) an have yourself an 2 of the beefier ramp rats you can find an manually move all 3 blade together to High pitch. While doing so be mindful of any catches or rough spots in the actuation. If the Blade Preload is to tight on 1 or 2 blades, then you will have a bit of a blade tracking issue for a couple seconds til
  13. The 720 showed up to a Market that wasn’t in any way prepared for it. Not enough Queen Airs came off the production line. To the Duke question: You could strap a 720 or a P&W 1340 to the B-60 wing an still have to spin it 2900 for takeoff. The Duke has a very small diameter props(74in like a vintage Mooney), where as the C421 has 90in propellers. Diameter is everything when it comes time to takeoff, lack of diameter with a more aggressive blade angle makes speed in cruise which is one reason the Duke will Wax a Golden Eagle Now strapping the 720 or one of the 600hp Trace V8
  14. Give me a shout tomorrow an we can get a game plan together. I have some propellers to deliver local in the am, but I should be back turning wrenches after lunch. 870-208-8882
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