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  1. Your propeller was assembled like this one,Dry. This is a C435 McCauley propeller going together I’m my shop as I Type this. It’s an Oil-Filled Propeller that fits a Cessna 210.
  2. Well I hate to say it, but my propeller looked the same on the inside after 15yrs. It’s not really neglect that your seeing on the part of the pilot, it’s neglect from the guy that built that propeller. The C505 propeller is a grease lubricated propeller vs the Red Dye oil filled variant, so it uses a very limited about of grease on the blade thrust bearings. Thats really the only place inside the hub you put grease other that some on the feathering spring. That leaves all the other steel components nice an clean for the technician to assembly the propeller without a rag to wipe his hands off, but it leaves the propeller Parts vulnerable to corrosion. You can use this method of assembly with an oil filled propeller cause when it’s built it will be filled with SAE 30 Weigh Red Oil. But it never works with a greased propeller. In my shop my guys get greasy, an we use a lot of towels. We use acid brushes to paint a film of grease all over the inside of the hub, an it’s steel parts. Then the bearings are packed an the propeller is assembled. Yes it’s time consuming, Yes it’s nasty work, But it has to be done. Without that step the outcome is all to predictable. The 500 Series propeller is a breathing propeller. Meaning outsIde air(very slight amount) enters the hub when the propeller actuates. It’s not sealed like the oil-filled version. Once moisture lays on the steel components, it’s rusts. A film of grease painted on said parts will ensure this doesn’t happen.
  3. Give me a shout sometime. Shop# 870-208-8882 Cell# 870-208-5198
  4. I would be willing to venture a guess that your propeller was lubed with AeroShell #6. The way it looks in the spinner just screams broken down grease. Does your Logbook entry state why type of grease was used in the propeller?
  5. Wait a Second, people who own Mooneys fly Other planes? Its Mooney For me, Anything else is just uncivilized!!!!
  6. Negative. Need to pay close attention to the Prop Gov in this situation. Putting grease in the propeller doesn’t have anything to do with it not maintaining RPM. The Grease just Lubricates the Thrust Bearings. Bout 18/19in is where my F model gov would go off line. At that point the prop will be pushing the engine. If you push the power to 20/22in( somewhere in that area) you should get a very noticeable rpm reduction an be able to hear the Gov load the propeller with pitch. I would be very curious to know if you have a Hartzell H-1 Gov. This same thing happened to me. Propeller control full out would only pull it down to 2550 Rpms. Turns out the Gov was internally bypassing the oil that was needed at the prop. Keep a close eye on this issue. “Down shifting” to Granny Low isn’t a good idea at 140Knts
  7. Need More information. Depends what is being done to the propeller, an what this said tolerance issue is on the blade.
  8. I’m to the west of ya about 30 miles at DRP. Have a K Model you could eyeball if ya wanted too.
  9. I had the same issue few months ago at Fayetteville Drake Field(FYV). Was assigned the Razorback 1 Departure by the Tower while taxi out. As you did I was digging through the G device looking for it with no luck. Was just a turn from 160(Rwy heading) to 180 an climb to 4K. BTW!! That departure is the only way The Razorbacks can be Mistaken for #1
  10. Not a lot, but I have been know you dabble a bit.
  11. I would have been suffering from instant RedAss syndrome!!!!
  12. I think the 252 was certified to FL270. Its only Certified to 240 now with the conversion.
  13. Was in the Logbooks of my bird when I got it.
  14. Yes it’s what’s referred to as a HotSpot so I’m told. Little black box from Verizon with a digital screen to show status an password. I understand your concerns for testing, but it has had a lot of actual real world testing an has worked flawlessly. Reason I go this route is: There are a few hanger neighbors that link up to this thing got various reason, an I also use it for monitoring the well-being of my assets. We have some airport commissioners that have demanded they have spare keys to all hangers, an they have been witnessed going in hangers at night to “check on peoples planes”. Not anymore!!