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  1. Cody Stallings

    How do you use your Speed Brakes?

    I use them for all of the same above stated reasons. However I also use them in one more situation that is really nice. On a hot bumpy day coming into your destination trying to stay as high as you can for as long as you can for ride quality. They sure help when it comes time to nose down through the rough an puffys to minimize time to come down, while keeping power(an temps) up.
  2. Cody Stallings

    Propeller Vortelator

    I have seen the on CS props as well.
  3. Cody Stallings

    Propeller Vortelator

    I have seen them. They usually have some pretty outrageous corrosion under them when we pull them off to service Propeller. I have no idea performance wise if they do anything for the performance of the Propellers. Sorry, I’m no help on this one.
  4. The resistor was grounded to the panel that it was screwed to. Took the acre out an cleaned the mating surfaces with scotch bright an put it back together. works great now
  5. Cody Stallings

    Low Oil Temp

    I do the same thing. after I let it sit an “stem off” when I check the oil before the next flight I don’t see any condensation on the bottom of the oil cap. But if I don’t open it after a flight, there is always droplets on the bottom side of the cap.
  6. Cody Stallings


  7. Had the same issue with my 252. Don Maxwell fixed it over the phone. Just above the co-pilot left knee up under the panel is a step down resistor that’s used for the low/fuel pump, fortunately mine just had a bad ground so it was a easy fix. If the high side of the pump is still working, I would bet your problem is in that area.
  8. Cody Stallings

    Stolen Garmin GPS-400W and G5

    Can’t really say about the fuel deal an the boot. But the prop removel is a Felony in the Eye’s of the Feds. Lawyer didn’t say much about me getting paid for the work I had done. He was more into telling me how I was fixing to go to jail if I set my plan in motion.
  9. Cody Stallings

    Flying in the rain...

    Rain will kick the paint off the leading edges of a prop if the blue knob is forward When I get into some rain I have had good luck keeping my paint if I twist it down to around 2300 RPMs
  10. Cody Stallings

    Stolen Garmin GPS-400W and G5

    I really wasn’t planning to go get a guys Propeller to be dishonest. I work on Propellers for a living an the bill was not paid on the prop. Be more like Repo a Propeller.
  11. Cody Stallings

    Stolen Garmin GPS-400W and G5

    You are absolutely Right. Years ago I had a Propeller that was delivered by mistake to a customer who is well know for not paying his bills in my area. The type of guy you have to almost beat a check out of. Anyway, said Propeller was gone for almost 4 months an I found the plane in Iowa (AirTractor 602) that had gone north at the end of the Arkansas spray season, to spray fungicide on Corn. My plan was to have one of my guys roll the flatbed truck up to Iowa through the night , then I would jump in my backward tail cream puff an meet the driver at the airport(2Y4)where the plane was spotted, remove the prop an 30min later be on my way back to Arkansas. Well, little lady I live with(my wife) asked me to run that by the Attorney. so I did. He guaranteed me that there would be a Federal Minimum sentence, Man I got excited when he said that. He said the beautiful thing about it was wouldn’t even have to track the guy down, he knows exactly where to find him. Thought that was a little strange, then he said I would be the one going to jail cause knowingly disabling any aircraft in any way is a Federal Crime. No two ways about it. So I was stuck with putting a fairly large labor lean on the N# of which I finally got paid for last year.
  12. Cody Stallings


    I would be more concerned about the crankshaft in that engine. I was considering this airplane very seriously when it was in south Tx before it went to Arizona. Looking through the Prop log revealed a prop hub serial number change. Being in the Prop biz I know what causes that. When the prop is trashed. However, I seen no entries about engine tear down inspection or anything of that nature. That engine being $60-70K to O/H you would need to consider that into the price. BUT, I do think that Aircraft is gorgeous, it’s a real head turner
  13. Cody Stallings

    Rocket Turbo Questions

    Talked to Rocket Engineering today, an it appears the Turbo is the exact same Turbo that what came on the C340/414. No Mods at all in that department.
  14. Cody Stallings

    Rocket Turbo Questions

    ⬆️⬆️ Smart Guy above!!!
  15. Cody Stallings

    What makes the latest models so fast?

    Someone say Rocket?