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  1. I don’t think Cycling the Propeller is going to do much for you. Its Most likely the Aeroshell #6 behind the blade Orings. When it breaks down to oil, it streaks past the Orings. Might you chasing the #6 out with #5. It’s a much better an thicker grease
  2. Yes Sir!! 3M sells it. It’s EC-776 an it is a must for all Mooney owners. Its a Bit pricey, but worth it
  3. Talked to Don today. we gonna make a deal on the Hub next week.
  4. Hi Cody,

         I responded to your offer on my Hartzell Hub. Please contact me 816-204-4094.

    Don Lewellen

  5. Here is a Constant Speed, Full Feathering, Counterweighted McCauley 500 Series bolted to the front of a Single engine Piston Pounder. It Fails to Feather in the event of an Oil pressure issues. This Propeller uses Oil pressure to push the prop off the start lock (Latch) towards Low pitch(Fine). There is no High pitch(Course) stop in this Propeller. It finds its own High pitch between +14.5 degrees an +87.5 degrees. Another Fun Fact(Or not so Fun Fact) about this Propeller, It will not Fixed Pitch in a High power decent when you reach Vne, like a Straight Constant-Speed Propeller will, because it has so large of a pitch range at its disposal it will just keep gathering pitch to prevent an Overspeed. A Feathering Propeller always stands out in the crowd with its very Tall Cylinder. It has to be really tall to facilitate such a large Pitch range. Most CS props move 15-30 degrees. Feathering Props move 70-80 Degrees. Requires much more Travel. Also Coyote, Not all Feathering Twin Props have Counterweights on the blades. Twin Comanche an Aztec are two that come to mind that don’t. But most do.
  6. Can someone please share pics of the Back seat USB installations. My wife would be grateful. Thanks.
  7. I’m drawing a blank. Prop only does what it’s told to do. Sounds like something up stream in the oil system has some variation.
  8. Well, I guess I come from a different time/type of Customer service. 120Hrs SMOH an I’m sure that O/H was in the $40/50K Range. Why are we pulling this engine off? It’s not because you want too! Why is it your financial responsibility? In my option, It’s not. FAA Form 8120-11 being brought up in the next conversation may help you out. I would bet if someone were to send the cotter pins out of your screen to a metallurgy along with the cotter pin that the O/H manual calls for, there would be a difference in the two. An that’s where SUPS come from!!! Lets be honest, calendar time(out of warranty) is not what caused that. The 120hrs on the engine didn’t cause that. That issue was put in place long before you ever had your engine reinstalled. It’s from trying to save money during the O/H process. Clearly none of this should be out of your pocket with Con recommendation of don’t start it. They need to seen a couple guys to your place, remove the engine, fix it an reinstall with a giant thank you to you for your understanding an sorry for the inconvenience. I have had to do it in the Propeller world if one springs a leak or something of that nature. It’s called customer service.
  9. Love my AOA!!! Some of my Pilot friends call it a crutch, but I’m Okay with most things that tell a very important story with just a glance.
  10. The F7497 blade is still a fairly new Design, not a lot on the serviceable market yet. However, there are offering with the F7666A-2 blades available out there. Just need a prop? Spinner?
  11. What is the Serial Number of this Propeller?
  12. His speed going up is faster than a 172 gets across the
  13. The K Model with a 520 stuffed under the Hood!!! I could be a little Bias though. Im actually a Fan of any of the K’s to be honest.