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  1. Cody Stallings

    Rocket Engine Stumble

    Mine does that in the decent an on final. i thought it was fuel related. If I keep the mixture lean(within reason) it pretty well goes away, but if you push the mixture all the way in it gets really rough. Im just learning to live with it.
  2. Cody Stallings

    A little Lesson In Propellers

    Blade Paddels are a device used on feathering Propellers when they miss the startlock during the engine shut down. They are used to manually turn the blades. When they are used on a blades with deice boots, the boots tend to get shorted out due to smashing the elements inside. Does it need the blade paddle stickers on all 3 blades?.....Yes Sir!!! Put the sticker on one blade, an in some people’s mind that means the other two can be moved with a blade paddle. Just not the one blade with a sticker on it. As far as the McCauley stickers go, whatever the O/H Parts Kit contains is what goes on the prop. Now, the Owner can elect to go with or without, totally his choice. Being in a Repairstation is completely different.
  3. Cody Stallings

    A little Lesson In Propellers

    I don’t have any pics or Vid yet. It’s still bolted to a steel table.
  4. Cody Stallings

    A little Lesson In Propellers

    No Sir. Just said it was O/H in 2001. No other work done after that date
  5. Cody Stallings

    A little Lesson In Propellers

    I’m going to venture a guess this Propeller had a grease leak at some point that went away. Owner was probably really happy it stopped leaking
  6. Cody Stallings

    A little Lesson In Propellers

    After a week of waiting on parts, We started the resurrection on Friday. Im happy to report, it went together very nice( New Parts usually do that for some reason), short of wiring up the Anti-Ice leads it’s ready to go Back to the Nose of N252A
  7. Cody Stallings

    A little Lesson In Propellers

    I Normally deal with these issues with customers Propellers, But this time it was mine. Recently Purchased my new To me Mistress N252A. Propeller was doing everything it was supposed to do. Running smooth, actuating well an no grease leaks. But it has been holding down the front of the plane for 18 years, with that being said me an my guys decided to open a spot for it in the shop. Just wanted to open it up an give it a good inspection an a fresh set of Orings an Gaskets. Went down hill pretty Fast after removing the cylinder. It was very clear why it didn’t leak grease!!!
  8. Yes Cody Has Found a Cracked Hub. Havent scrapped a Hub in a long time, only a couple during inspection. Mostly Corrosion an Pre-Load shelf damage puts the red tag on them.
  9. Cody Stallings


    McClung Aviation At HBZ. Very Mooney savey, Hell of a good wrench an priced right.
  10. Cody Stallings

    Demo flight & Your thoughts on a C?

    There is a C or E (can’t remember which) at Saline Co. I done some Propeller work an a Dynamic Balance on it not to long ago. PM me an I will give you the fellas Information, he may be willing to take you for a spin around the Patch.
  11. Cody Stallings

    Pre-buy Inspection Recommendation Arkansas

    What Model Mooney you looking at? is it in the Jonesboro area? I may know the plane
  12. Cody Stallings

    Pre-buy Inspection Recommendation Arkansas

    McClung Aviation at HBZ. Very Mooney Savey, very fair priced aswell.
  13. Cody Stallings

    Rocket CG?

    Well that’s a Asshole way to get nowhere in this Community!!!
  14. Cody Stallings

    Why do they let them sit unflown

    I to have seen that plane recently. I landed at Lockhart to do work on a King Air Meat Bomber at the Carter(T91) 10 miles south. Was very depressing to see it slowly withering away. Wast many folks around to share the detail. Just don’t understand it
  15. Cody Stallings

    RPM creeps up well over 2700 during climb

    Okay. If this is not an Indication(I hope it is). The Gov is not able to Counter the Overspeed. I would have the Governor pulled off an bench check to verify its operation. The 290D is a very good Governor. I had the same thing in my Former F Model an it was great. My personal opinion.