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  1. Gonna go ahead an get the King Size Popcorn warming up. The S*** is about to get deep.
  2. Check to see if your blades are Snug(not tight). If they feel good or like other Props on your ramp you should be fine. I would say it’s probably not going to be your propeller. A propeller that out of balance will shake at all RPMs with a change in Frequency, an the amplitude will fall slightly with RPM. Calendar TBO should not apply to Part: 91 in my opinion. 5/6 Year TBO on a propeller with a 2000hr TBO. Most fly in the 100hr a Year range. So 600hrs an it time to O/H?... Head Scratcher!!! If you just wanna do something to your propeller. Re-Seal it. The Orings are what will go bad first, while the propeller is apart the Repairstation will be looking for any Safety of Flight issues. You will get more of your propeller back that way. My 2 cents
  3. Frank, I know where there is a 400 series McCauley for sale. It will need to be Overhauled pretty soon, but it’s a 1200hr TT propeller. It will be complete as the fella went the Hartzell route. Give me a shout an I will get you the guys contact info
  4. Believe 177’s an 210’s have a Fresh New inspection that has to be done on the Carry Thru spar. May wanna make sure all is well in that area on any potential prospects
  5. I guess my view of a 3 blade MT or any 3 blade of a 4 cylinder is kinda dim. Don’t have any real world experience with that combination though.
  6. I personally would just Purchase the Hartzell STC option. Finding a Serviceable C200 Series for a J May no be tough, but you can almost be certain of Last Run. So next time it went to the shop, you would be back where you are now. My Opinion of Course
  7. Slipped to Rocket Into Gaston’s this weekend. Getting in Consisted of a RNAV 22 at FLP to get below the Clouds. After that it was no Issue at all. Getting Out was a little more of an eye opener though. I am use to a F Model going into an out of Gaston’s, which done great on the way out. Advancing the power in the Turbo Plane much slower put me further down the pasture before it really woke up(32+MP). Once the engine woke up an the wing got happy, it was no issue at all. Will definitely do it agin. Any added information on the October Fly-in?
  8. I have Been to Gaston’s several times in My 67 F Model. Taken the family up there in the morning in the Rocket. Will see how it goes. They keep the grass mowed short an it’s rolled frequently. One of the best Grass fields I have been on.
  9. It’s a lot of fun an very capable machine to say the least
  10. You are correct, that picture was taken the same week the Storms leveled our hangers, belongs to the insurance company now. I was kinda fawn of the ol gals whore-house curtains
  11. You just say when. I can meet you there about anytime for some photos. I don’t know if Sharp Co Regional (CVK) Could handle that much Firepower on the Ramp at once. Missile + Rocket= Firepower!!!!
  12. That is a Beautiful Overpowered Mooney!!! The Paint is a spitting image of my Rocket.