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  1. Cody Stallings


    Very impressive. Are you satisfyed with the performance of these lights?
  2. Cody Stallings

    Ovation recog light replacment alternatives

    Who is the manufacturer of your Nav/Strobe?
  3. Cody Stallings

    A&P North East Arkansas

    I know several CFI on the field at JBR. give me a call or txt an I will Fix you up with one. 870-208-5198
  4. Cody Stallings

    New Rocket Owner

    Fortunately it has a couple Concords Stashed back in the tail. If it didn’t, there would be a couple on order. I had a Love/Hate Relationship with Brand G when I still had my F Model. I loved it when the New one showed up. played that game 3 times then moved to the sealed Concords!! Im a believer now.
  5. Cody Stallings

    New Rocket Owner

    I got my hands on a diving board for my Rocket. Not to crazy about the day I actually have to use it.....But I atleast have it.
  6. Cody Stallings

    500 Hour past TBO Rocket gets OH

    Following!! Jewell is in my area an at the top of my list aswell.
  7. Cody Stallings

    New Rocket Owner

    It has two. Hate to be the guy who has to service them. They are way back in the tail an I Umderstand why.
  8. Cody Stallings

    New Rocket Owner

    It appears I was wrong Lance, guess this is a 28V Bird after all. I was under the impression a single alt meant just 14V
  9. Cody Stallings

    New Rocket Owner

    Pair of good looking Rockets above. Do any of you Rocket Owners have a Hartzell Propeller? All the Rockets came with C505/C515 McCauley as they were TC’ed on the C340’s Reason I ask, the Hartzell Swept props are Certified via STC on the RAM Converted C340/C414. Maybe a Similarity Loophole in there one could take advantage of.
  10. Cody Stallings

    New Rocket Owner

    Thank you Sir
  11. Cody Stallings

    New Rocket Owner

    Unfortunately this 252 just has a 12V single Alt System. But I do enjoy all the other added creature comforts that it has to offer.
  12. Cody Stallings

    New Rocket Owner

    Yes Sir I have. Eriks Prop really turns my Crank with the weight savings, an Ramp appeal. BUT!!!........ I’m not going to go with a MT until I get them added to my Shops capability list for O/H an Repair. MT dosent make getting that done very easy or Cheap. So for now I’m going to stick with the McCauley an make it look like a poor mans MT. Its been a few years hanging on the plane, it’s time to go ahead an Overhaul it.
  13. Cody Stallings

    New Rocket Owner

    I will keep this short. On June 2nd I took my last flight I’m my ol Trusty 67 F Model. Windstorm snuffed the ol girl out to soon. She will be derly missed. Until Now. Yesterday I took possession of a 86 K Rocket!! My first thoughts after 2.6 behind the fire breathing 520. Holy Wow!!!!!!!!
  14. Cody Stallings

    Oil door vibration

    Are you sure that’s a vibration? Is the fastener that hold the door closed a little worn?