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  1. I'm Joe Minor who bought Zane's 68C and I just came across this post doing a search on Oxygen systems of all things. I've flown Zane's old plane about 20 hours now and am very happy with it for my first venture into general aviation and aircraft ownership, but I suppose that's off topic. With respect to the thread topic I can comment on exactly why I ended up buying 11N from Zane and his father. I'm a first time plane buyer, as I would guess many of the individuals buying a vintage are. I'd done a lot of internet research comparing similarly equipped aircraft with my minimum requirement
  2. Thanks to everyone for the welcome and the feedback. I have a lot to learn before I finally pull the trigger and buy a plane but at least it sounds like I'm on the right track at least. I'll continue to "scrub" the forum for answers before I post new questions. I think I'll wait on a final base airfield decision until I figure out where I'm going to live. Hopefully getting out there on the ground will make that decision a little easier. Not that I need another reason to look forward to redeployment, but buying and flying a Mooney is definitely adding to the desire to get back to the St
  3. I’ve been reading the forum here for a month or so now and the information has been invaluable and answered a lot of questions. But like all areas life I’ve found that the more I learn the more I realize I don’t know. I’m an Army Experimental Test Pilot currently deployed in Afghanistan flying helicopters (UH-60M and AH-64D). I have about 1800 total hours, but only just over 100 in fixed wing aircraft (30-C172, 30-C182, 30-King Air 200, 25 – misc). I have my Commercial-Instrument Multi-Engine rating via military equivalency, but still need to pick up my ASEL commercial since I never rec
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