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  1. Re: battery backups: Interesting tidbit I found while perusing the AV-30-C Flight Manual Supplement: 5.2 Required Battery Charge Status for IFR Operations The internal battery on the AI must show 95% or greater prior to departure into IFR, or planned IFR conditions. Re: single points of failure: As for learning at the Redundant School of Redundancy, a friend had a nice experimental that he thought had redundant systems like a normal plane until one day he was out flightseeing and the engine just quit. He landed in a bean field without damaging self or property (paid the farmer for
  2. Well I think I was one of their first Maggie purchasers because they said they'd just recently become a distributor. So they must've taken my profit and purchased y'all's bling. Sooo... you're welcome! :))
  3. Timeout, I didn't get any bling! All I got out of them was quality workmanship, friendly communication, and fast shipping!
  4. It's hard to get a detailed valuation online because you can never pick all the specific options of a particular airplane, so you have to interpolate some values. The AOPA website has a V-ref aircraft valuation (it might be a members only page). If you haven't found https://themooneyflyer.com/ yet it's a great, free resource of Mooney information in online monthly magazine format (donations accepted) with an aircraft valuation section. I've plugged my Mooney info into both systems and in my opinion the V-ref is usually lower than I'd like, and the Mooney Flyer valuation is a bit optimistic.
  5. I have about 20 hours with mine but no hard IMC yet. Mine replaced the AI and as such has worked well. However, the AV-30-C AI can also display the DG across the top, and keeping it "accurate" with the whiskey compass is a game in itself. Since I don't need it, I instead display the GPS heading in the same spot just because. Due to insufficient research on my part prior to purchase (I simply relied on uAvionix's webpage for info), I was not fully aware of the precession issue and have quite a bit of egg on my face. Like @Jakes Simmons I still like the company a lot and am eagerly awai
  6. Sounds like everything from engines to instruments are being lost in shipping these days. I'll send you a PM.
  7. The brakes share the hydraulic fluid with the flaps so you might expand your troubleshooting. In umpteen years of G ownership I haven't had an issue with either system, but I've read the stories where it was a real bugger to track down an issue. Good luck.
  8. I'd love to see another G reclaim the sky! As @N201MKTurbo mentioned, location and storage method will be important. An extensive PPI is a must and will be expensive money well spent, even if you have to walk away after that money is gone. See the recent thread where mice urine has led to spar corrosion, and the cost to repair may well exceed the value. Don't let emotion outweigh facts - the time to fall in love with it is AFTER a well-informed purchase. I once looked at a Citabria that had been stored in a guy's climate-controlled basement for 15 years with wings removed. He had flo
  9. In 2019 I used Aircraft Ignition Services located NE of Dallas in Honey Grove, Texas (not to be confused with Aircraft Magneto Service that @jetdriven recommends). AIS overhauled my mags and I also purchased new Maggie ignition harnesses from them. Phone conversations before and after made me feel like I had selected the right shop. Happy with their results and speed. https://www.aircraftignitionservices.com/
  10. Sorry to hear that. Is the connection on the back the same as mine (pic above)? If the overhaul/repair price is very much I'd be willing to ship these to you for a test fit and tryout, and if you like them I'll sell them at a very reasonable price. I'd rather them be installed somewhere being useful, rather than collecting dust on a shelf. All gauges were working when removed, with the two fuel gauges being somewhat low on their readings. The new EDM900 shows the same fuel gauge wonkiness, so I assume it's the fuel senders. And I highly recommend the EDM900 to replace the whole instr
  11. I have requested my tail number be blocked because I don't want the local ne'er-do-well's to know when we're away from home (or worse, the wife is home alone). Not all tracking websites honor the request tho, hiding behind the "public information" facade. Of course, they make $millions$ selling the flight tracking information and have convinced average Joe's the world over to build tracking devices and provide the data to them for free, so I'm a little envious of their "money for nothing" business model.
  12. Gotcha. Rivets are flush under the wing. My side window screws are pan head, and the windscreen screws are flush.
  13. Where exactly are these flush rivets you speak of? I'm at the hangar for a few more minutes and will check...
  14. @Ragsf15e, do you have the Johnson bar or electric gear? I'm wondering if there is a correlation between electric gear having fixed step, and manual gear having vacuum that year. I know electric gear was an option that year, maybe the fixed step was, too.
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