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  1. Also try Gann Aviation for hoses - fast turnaround and good prices. It's always best to send the hose shop your old ones, if possible, so you get an exact copy.... https://www.gannaviation.com/hose-production
  2. These fit: https://www.pilotlights.net/led-bulb-beacon-position-light-ra7512-ra-7512-w1290-nav-bulb-replacement-3w-12v-24v-bay15s
  3. Yep. I've got one removed from our 1970 M20C. $200
  4. What type of bulb base (socket) does this lamp use?
  5. Another option is here: https://www.pilotlights.net/led-light-strips-light-channel-high-output-directional-led-12vdc-or-24vdc Regarding LED lighting and dimmers, most hi power LEDs are best controlled by PWM as others pointed out. They will dim with resistive dimmers like those in older aircraft but with some limitations. High power LEDs have a minimum operating voltage that impacts performance. When a resistive dimmers drops the voltage to about 9V, they’ll flicker and turn off. That’s usually around 40% or so of the LED output. In some case that works out OK. The only way to know for sure is to try the LED strip with your existing dimmer. If it doesn’t meet your needs you can change out the dimmer.
  6. I'd agree in general for most products. The typical car chargers are worse than you can imagine - poor designs and no filtering at all. This one was specifically tested in the lab and in aircraft across the radio spectrum used in aviation.
  7. I’ll take it. Check your PMs. Thanks
  8. Here's another option - 14V and 28V compatible. Tested and passed FCC limits on RFI. It works. Dual USB CLA 14V or 28V
  9. I've got a '70 C model and am looking for the same type of files. Thanks.
  10. I"m looking for an electric 14V directional gyro (full electric, not vacuum). Thanks.
  11. Interested in seeing the panel you have. Thanks.
  12. I have a '70 C model and currently have this part removed during interior work. It is intact and in OK condition. If plane plastics can use it for a template and provide me a replacement, we can work something out. Thanks, Robert
  13. There's a lot of good advice here but I'll add something else that hopefully won't upset too many Mooney owners. I've owned 9 airplanes over more than 25 years and currently have my second Mooney. A Mooney isn't a good first airplane due to the age and added complexity of the systems. A better choice to get used to the maintenance responsibilities and cost of ownership (upkeep, hangar, insurance, etc.) is a more basic airplane like a solid 172 or Cherokee. You can always move up to a Mooney later...
  14. Does anyone know the harness specifications needed for the TruTrak install? I couldn't find it in their docs. I'm down for annual and have everything opened up and accessible. It would be a great time to run some wire bundles. (I've done a TruTrack on a RV9A in the past so that provides some guidance but it may vary a bit...) Any details would be appreciated. Robert
  15. There are a few other threads here regarding this topic. I wrote one a few months back about my Lord mount replacement experience on a C-model. Hope it helps: