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  1. jbgood11X


    I have a very nice david clark 10-76 military grade headset for sale $75 requires an adapter for GA use they are for sale on ebay for $27 headset is in like new vgc with oregon aero ear pads john 815 210 2675 if interested ty
  2. I have a good set of used nose gear doors off a 67 F model if anyone needs them $1,000. for the pair john 815 210 2675
  3. jbgood11X


    Parting out 3 A/C 64E 67F 66E have complete fuselages and wings with logs. No avionics or engines. Original instruments and misc. If Alan Fox doesn't have what you need please give me a call thanks john b 815 210 2675 palm coast fl
  4. jbgood11X


    As a sidenote to this does anyone have any knowledge or experience with the iLEVIL beacon for compliance thnx JB
  5. jbgood11X

    ADS-B Resource Thread

    all info helps. As we all know it is a requirement that must be met. I'm just looking at the various ways to get this done the cheapest most efficient way possible. I don't necessarily agree with the regs but we are stuck with them. My problem is updating an older panel which I feel is a lot more important than spending money on ADS-B to make the FAA regs happy. So I will continue to hope to find the least expensive way to comply while leaving some change in my pocket for what is really necessary. thnx for the threads. JB
  6. jbgood11X


    nice panel and thnx for the info. just starting to gather ideas hope it will help others also by getting the thread started
  7. jbgood11X


    HELP HELP !!!! Just bought a nice 1974 F model with older avionics and no ADS equipment. I am going to have to upgrade some radio stuff and will have to add the ADS mod by end of next year. I fly mainly VFR with occasional light IFR and would like to go the absolutely cheapest way to conform to the new regs. I was really hoping that somewhere along the way the FAA would relent and allow the inexpensive remote units but it doesn't look like they are going to. Would like any and all suggestions as to how everyone has solved this upcoming issue. Thanks in advance for your replies. I'm sure i'm not the only one facing this issue on a budget as to where to spend money on a Mooney. By the way why does Mooney seem as if it is just money stretched out. spose ta b humor LOL thanks again for putting up with me. JOHN B
  8. jbgood11X

    WTB m20C LH Fuel cover

    i have from an e model if interested call john 386 237 0612 thnx
  9. i might have one give me a call if still looking thnx john 386 237 0612
  10. jbgood11X

    Vero Beach Mooney M20 Demo

    im in palm coast fl might be able to work it out call me john 386 237 0612
  11. jbgood11X

    Parts for sale

    is the nav 122 still available if so call john 386 237 0612 thnx
  12. jbgood11X


    do you still have if so call john 386 237 0612
  13. jbgood11X

    M20E Fuel caps

    if you havent got yet i have 2 if interested call john 386 237 0612
  14. jbgood11X

    Wanted , master cylinders

    i have a set from an e model dont know if the same call if interested thnx john 386 237 0612
  15. jbgood11X

    WTB M20D/C Airspeed Ind

    i have a good one if interested call john 386 237 0612