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  1. florida destinations

    in fact i think you did the post ??
  2. florida destinations

    i think you have a fly in of some kind coming up this spring that i have on a calendar somewhere
  3. florida destinations

    actually i did in an earlier text thats about the only place i had any knowledge of and it is excellent
  4. florida destinations

    i know all this has been posted somewhere before but when i did a search florida destinations nothing came up so now all this can be revisited under that heading
  5. florida destinations

    see ----- gotta love this site got lots of great spots already this will benefit us all thnx again
  6. florida destinations

    might be right just looked up a place called camellia street cafe and sounds good
  7. florida destinations

    not just looking for an airport restrnt but also aplaces for overnites with cool things to do so thnx for the input
  8. florida destinations

    personally i know hijackers at flagler is excellent but thats the end of my knowledge also its only 10 min. from the beach if any of you ever want to meet there and i am available a day at the beach is great fun with some more great food and entertainment there. my wife and 6yr and 11 yr old are always up for some fun when it gets warmer
  9. florida destinations

    i remember someone mentioning or seeing on this site an airport down by the everglades that sports either great crab or seafood any ideas?
  10. florida destinations

    looked at kcdk over by cedar key i have heard that is a great area definitely on the list good squid lndg spot LOL
  11. florida destinations

    been around the forum for a while but haven't been flying in the florida area until now. we are going to the leesburg airport tomorrow but by car. plane is in wv for another week getting annual. very interested to find those great spots that we all know in specific areas if any go to the chicago bbbbrrrrrrrrr area i can recommend some there but as i said new to this area thnx ahead of time for the info i'm sure will follow!!!
  12. florida destinations

    ok jb here looking for great flyin florida destinations food-- overnites-- fishing --really anything within reach in the florida or close surrounding areas. Say within 3 hrs. radius of orlando. I am actually based in flagler but looking to rattle anyones cage for great lunch , day or maybe overnite trips that anyone would like to share their experience or maybe a meet at destination. I am from the stl-- chitown area and am new to fla. please share some of your great trips and i am sure others will benefit also. just trying to start a thread we might all enjoy. thnx and i know i can't spell LOL just havin fun here
  13. nose gear assembly

    As usual this is a great forum for a mooney owner thank you all for the info. None of us can be an expert on every single item but someone somewhere has usually experienced the same issues. Thanks for the replies. john