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  1. typically, the limit switches or the motor itself. I had this issue for about two years in my 1978, my mechanic kept cleaning the switches, but after a few flights, flaps would not retract or extend, or both. Finally, he replaced the flap motor and this was the solution
  2. Ventilation system? You mean these huge round plastic grills? When I was replacing my headliner, I got rid of the grills as well by replacing them with bullseye vent system. Plane Plastics didn't have anything for me to accommodate the grills either, so replacing grills with bullseyes was the only choice - and the right one because old grills were awful anyways. By the way, Plane Plastics used to have bullseye vents in stock so I bought both headliner parts and the new vents from them. I think addition of bullseyes added about quarter of AMU to my bill, but that investment was worth the pric
  3. Not sure what aft headliner part you mean. I see aft headliner parts via this link: https://vantageassoc.com/airplane/mooney/m20/1978m20j240378thru240763/interiordesigninstallation.html
  4. I guess I can answer your questions I have 1978 20J and I replaced headliner along with door plastic in 2017. The company that has the parts for M20J (and all other popular makes and models) is Plane Plastics. They have a catalog with pictures for all the parts you need. Apparently, they recently updated their website and whoever set up their new environment wasn't a great IT person. I am getting a certificate error while accessing the site, but if you use Edge or Chrome, you can bypass the warning (not so with Firefox). Anyways, I give you a link to the plastic parts of 1978 20J below, be
  5. One of the reasons is that the number of insurance companies willing to deal with general aviation is shrinking. Last year, one of the big players, the Allianz, decided to not issue any more polices to GA pilots and naturally, these companies who picked up the slack enjoyed a chance to raise the premiums. My increase was over 60% and the only way I found to alleviate the pain is to reduce the coverage from full value to about 80%
  6. The collie on the left is 1 year old and his name is officially Mooney, so says his pedigree. The collie on the right is 2 years older than Mooney, he was going to be named Mooney, but at that time, I met strong opposition from my family. My persistence, however, paid over the time, and the younger collie did receive the name of Mooney
  7. If you still need mechanic in Atlanta, I have one. I am in Atlanta myself He did pre-buys for my both Mooneys and he was a Mooney owner before
  8. I don't see a problem, just like the rest of us. I owned 20C, then 20J, total Mooney ownership time is 7 years. The only time I bought something from the factory was RPM cable. My mechanic told me there is an alternative cable that costs 4 times less, but it would take 3 weeks more to get. Since it was the end of the annual and I desperately wanted to fly, I opted for OEM equipment. Other than that, most parts that owner has to replace in his plane are either interchangeable or have alternatives manufactured by the third party. IMHO, the only time you need something from Mooney itself is wh
  9. Well, if you come near Atlanta, drop me a private note, I will accommodate you on 20J flight, weather permitting.. Sorry, no "C', sold it in 2015
  10. Try to say "aviatsiya". People will immediately realize that you are fluent in Russian and they will have tremendous respect for you
  11. I did replace plastic with eyeballs, too. Not because I like eyeballs more, but because plastic became very brittle over the years. I bought eyeballs along with the liner and replaced them all at the same time. BTW, at that time, I had two spare plastic grills but decided not to install them; instead, I sold them on Ebay. As far as design, eyeballs look better and it is easier to operate them. Very easy to install, too
  12. Ironically, new Johnson bar lock assembly was installed about 3 weeks before the incident for the sole purpose to replace old, worn-out lock that, according to my mechanic, could release Johnson bar unexpectedly at any moment. His own words were: let's not take any chances, this is getting dangerous, so let's replace the assembly before incident happened" Yeah......
  13. I have my own theory why they dropped me more than a year after the incident instead of right away. I suspect that there could be some communication breakdown between department handling the claim and department that writes the policy. My theory is that accident database was not updated fast enough to reflect July 2015 incident, so in September 2015 when they were writing 20J policy for me they were simply unaware of what happened to my 20C. Later on, they figured it out, but since new policy has been paid for in full, they had to patiently wait for the term expiration and inform me about d
  14. Why would they see me as a loss-prone? Personally, I never caused any problem to the insurers... oh, I forgot, I once totalled my Camry in 2001, but that was on the ground and aviation insurers didn't know about it When it comes to aviation, technically, there was 1 incident with the planes I owned through my life, and 0 incidents with me as a pilot. Basically, I am punished for the sins of others and that "other" is actually the company that made a faulty Johnson bar lock..
  15. Hm... maybe, my English is at fault. After all, English is my second language although for the last 10-15 years, I was writing technical documentation that was accepted for "production" without changes.
  16. I thought I was clear. The ONLY incident that I reported to the insurance company was with Mooney 20C, and it was a gear collapse after the landing and rolling down the runway. As to 20J, I never had any incidents or accidents in this plane. Policy for 20C listed 4 pilots, that is myself, my mechanic/CFI, my wife's CFI and my wife. Gear collapse occurred when my wife and her CFI were flying. After the incident, I bought Mooney 20J and obtained a policy for her with the same insurer. To my surprise, the new policy for 20J was only slightly more expensive than my previous one for 20C alth
  17. Well, this is a bit debatable... In July 2015 the gear of my 20C folded after the landing. I wasn't aboard the plane at that moment. Investigation named freshly installed Johnson bar's lock a culprit, thus leaving the pilot free of blame. The airplane was insured for 27K and insurance company wrote it off. Two months later, I bought 20J. This time, only myself and another pilot, were on the policy, neither of us was responsible for that accident. The insurance policy was issued by the same company that previously insured my 20C. A year later, I received a letter frommy insurance company that
  18. Agreed! I was using Joe for a few years by now. He got me my first Mooney insurance and I still get my Mooney insurance through him because I did shop around and nobody could beat his prices
  19. I had this issue for about a year in my 20J and my mechanic was losing his last hair trying to figure it out. Switch worked intermittently. Sometimes, it worked only to bring the nose down, but not up, sometimes, it would not activate at all. The reason was the pinched cable in the area of glareshield. One of our brothers in Mooneyhood already mentioned that in his post earlier
  20. thank you. I knew that my chances were next to nothing. I might try junkyards, after all
  21. Exactly! Math and physics, as well as Mooney landing distance have no influence on my wishes. Consider me irrational, this is is probably true in this case, but I do want right side pedals for 20J, or better yet, the entire kit
  22. Never heard of "right seat ready" training. I even asked my instructor, he just shrugged. Sounds too exotic for Georgia. Maybe, it is available in New Jersey? Also, it is not about just my wife. I fly with others, too and wanted to be able to control Mooney from the right seat. I am confident about my abilities to land the plane from the right seat (have done it before). but not sure that the guy in the left seat will be able to use the brakes properly. Again, from what I know in my situation, letting someone else, who is not certificated on complex aircraft, to fly in the left seat is illeg
  23. Initially, I wanted it for my wife. She received some Mooney training, and as I am getting older, I wanted her to be able to handle Mooney landing in case of possible emergency with me. Also, I want her and another guy to fly in the left seat but this would be illegal since none of these two are certificated pilots and I cannot act as PIC in the right seat since I don't have complete control over the plane with brakes not present on the right side.
  24. thank you all for your input. Based on your feedback, I chose Hawk at Tampa Exec and already scheduled this project to begin in December (they are booked until beginning of Dec)
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