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  1. I fly from Austin to Galveston reasonably often. Flying IFR, I have been routed through the south west upper quadrant on a few occasions. Another time and destination, I have had them give me an IFR clearance of "follow I10", in the east west vfr corridor. Of course I refused to take a visual clearance by playing dumb. "Unfamiliar with I10". Then I got vectors which followed I10, and still in the VFR corridor. Anyway, they have never made me go to far out of the way. But they do seem awfully protective of their airspace. On the other hand, I have had Dallas tell me they would take me way out of the way (to the east) unless I could go over at FL190. Fortunately they told me early enough that I could do it and I was planning 17,000 originally so it wasn't a big deal.
  2. Dropped plane off at Maxwells for an annual. Always fun things to look at.
  3. No discount at my home airport. But the fuel is also priced well at $3.40, so I'm not looking for a discount.
  4. I just pre-ordered the paperback! I enjoyed the seminar some time back. I can't wait to read the book.
  5. Here is a good example of a slam dunk from Tuesday, visiting DMax. Somewhat my fault for asking for not asking the controller earlier.
  6. I prefer 500 fpm, but I've also had plenty at 1500 fpm. It's what happens when a controller hands you off late, or terrain gets in the way.
  7. If the radio is quiet, just try to be explicit about what you are doing. i.e. "Pierce County Mooney 1CB, 5 to the east, crossing mid field for a down wind to runway 35, Pierce County " If the radio is busy, its even more of a reason to be explicit, particularly if your mixing it up with other traffic that might fly a different traffic pattern. Like a jet, and some one on a 10 mile final instrument approach.
  8. This sounds so familiar. For me, it was near Colorado Springs. I don't know what I was thinking when I entered that could. I was near the top of a very tall cloud. I could have called for a small deviation like I had done 20+ times that day. --But it was a small cloud and I could see a way out (to the right).... The plane was instantly covered with ice. It was like being in a snow cone machine. Splat, and the window was totally covered. My next call to ATC was "Mooney needs immediate right turn." I had already started the turn as I called ATC. There was no waiting for approval. Continued flight would have been an emergency. A minute later I let ATC know everything was ok. ATC was very accommodating. --I will think long and hard before I do that again. Anyway, since I was over the plains, I asked for lower and the ice melted away fairly quickly.
  9. Amazing that money is spent on these sorts of things. And yes, I'd really enjoy trying to land at one.
  10. The auto pilot is really handy when ATC gives you some crazy modification to your clearance. --I can't scan well and dork around with the GPS.....
  11. Congrats. Now keep it up! It's way to easy to use the auto pilot as a crutch. I spent the last 3 weekend days trying to beef up my hand flying proficiency. Yesterday I hand flew an LPV, breaking out at 250 AGL with less than 2 miles of visibility. It was nice to see the airport right about the time I was getting ready to go missed.
  12. Wow, I was way off on my initial guess. I have the LB and they offer rebuilt around 48K. --Still cheap compared to the Bravo engine.
  13. Hi Paul, You didn't get lucky. Your "C" was well cared for and equipped with modern avionics. The price was high for a "C", but a real bargain for the avionics. The value should have been immediately obvious to anyone who has ever had to upgrade their avionics. If I would have found your plane when I was first looking, it would have gone home with me.
  14. I'm continuously in the market for a new plane. I'd love a Rocket with long range tanks, TKS, and modern avionics. I'm sure I will end up looking for years, because there is a chicken and egg effect. What I want is not very common, so I don't really want to sell my plane first. On the other hand, I want a really good deal on a new plane, because I will end up selling my old plane for a bargain price, since its expensive to keep two planes. Now, if I had a life event where my current plane no longer suited my mission, I would just go ahead and sell my 231, and be a much more motivated buyer.
  15. Sometimes in very slow planes, like a J3 Cub, the traffic pattern will be 500 AGL.