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  1. Makes my wife feel like a queen. Totally worth it.
  2. I've never understood this. I grew up near a military airport. When a jet fighter flies over, the house shakes and you have to quit talking because the other person will not hear you. In comparison, commercial jets produce much less noise and piston GA aircraft are comparatively down right quite.
  3. Based on what two local Mooney specialists charge, I would guess between 20 and 25 hours. Of course if the shop doesn't do a lot of work on Mooneys, it will probably take them longer. Further, they may not have the experience to know where trouble spots are and they may miss a few things that will cost you money in the future.
  4. Out of my reach too.
  5. I've gotten spotty text messages above 9000 AGL. The terrain was flat ground for 100 miles.
  6. After you mentioned it, I had to know. This is as close as I got.
  7. Here is my favorite example. They land with the warning horn going off. All it takes is a distraction. It can happen to any of us. Paranoia and a multi check habit is probably the best protection.
  8. I don't know how I did not see this until today. I just ordered one. Looks like a perfect solution.
  9. Many Mooneys have had a gear up landing. The result is typically the need for a new prop, belly skin, and an engine tear down inspection. These are often repaired and the air frame continues with a long life. Compared to some other planes, the damage is typically less. This shows in the insurance rate. More than a fixed gear plane, but less than a Bonanza. That said, gear ups in planes are not common. I have no data, but I suspect gear ups in Mooneys are less often than some other planes (early model Bonanzas where the flap and gear are co-located)
  10. The one time I used the word "Immediate", it very much got the attention of the controller. --In retrospect, it was very bad judgement on my part when I entered that tall cloud, near the top, and below freezing. I had a plan to go right to get out before entering. When I penetrated it, the windscreen was immediately covered with ice. Not a slow build up, but more of a splat. I started a right turn, called ATC and stated I needed an immediate right turn. I didn't really care what response I was given, but the controller was very accommodating. I'm also much more cautious now.
  11. Apparently not quite a fair lottery. It's not like a first class customer was going to get bumped, or a frequent flyer. In that sense it is more like the Titanic, where in first class over a third of the men, almost all of the women and all the children survived. In second it was less than 10 per cent of the men, 84 per cent of the women and all the children. But in steerage 12 per cent of the men, 55 per cent of the women and less than one in three of the children survived.
  12. I fly from Austin to Galveston reasonably often. Flying IFR, I have been routed through the south west upper quadrant on a few occasions. Another time and destination, I have had them give me an IFR clearance of "follow I10", in the east west vfr corridor. Of course I refused to take a visual clearance by playing dumb. "Unfamiliar with I10". Then I got vectors which followed I10, and still in the VFR corridor. Anyway, they have never made me go to far out of the way. But they do seem awfully protective of their airspace. On the other hand, I have had Dallas tell me they would take me way out of the way (to the east) unless I could go over at FL190. Fortunately they told me early enough that I could do it and I was planning 17,000 originally so it wasn't a big deal.
  13. Dropped plane off at Maxwells for an annual. Always fun things to look at.
  14. No discount at my home airport. But the fuel is also priced well at $3.40, so I'm not looking for a discount.
  15. I just pre-ordered the paperback! I enjoyed the seminar some time back. I can't wait to read the book.