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  1. I'd prefer a factory re-manufactured engine installed, with 100 hours on it, all in the last year. The problem as a buyer with an older engine is risk. What is it going to cost to overhaul by the time all the issues are dealt with? How long will the plane be down? The benefit is potentially "free" hours on the engine if it goes past TBO, and I get to choose who does the overhaul.
  2. chrisk

    Priming Pump

    Yes, some use the high or low boost for starting.
  3. chrisk

    Priming Pump

    If it is the pump, there is a Weldon PMA part that was cheaper than a Dukes overhaul when I was in need a few years back. I second the suggestion to look for a broken primer fuel line. I had the solder joint break at the injector some years ago.
  4. chrisk

    LLC or Personal?

    Look at off shore banking rules if you want to see a dual standard! One rule for small corporations, another for bigger.--From the other ChrisK
  5. My only advice would be to lean for take off and ground operations. --Nothing specific to ASE
  6. chrisk

    TAX DAY-$$$

    I will buy a tank of fuel with my refund. $300 only goes so far.
  7. I love it. I really like the paint job too. That said, if I ever paint another plane, the belly will be white... I'm always wanting to clean the white exhaust marks off my red belly. I'd image blue is just the same. --especially with a plane that shows off your work.
  8. On the 231, no ground will fail to the high side. I personally verified this.
  9. I had this problem on my 231. --The engine could be off and the pressure would be in the green arc, but only sometimes. And in flight, it would start off normal, and then it would go pegged high, and then eventually return to normal. It was impossible to trust the gauge. It turned out to be the ground. Basically, the pressure sensor is a cylinder at the end of a tube. One lead on the sensor goes to the gauge. The clamp surrounding the sensor is the only ground connection. I had the mechanic clean the sensor and re-tighten the band around the pressure sensor. Its been perfect since then. --Maybe yours is similar. Let us know.
  10. Assuming the plane gets parted out, is it possible to get the STC on a 231? If so, it might be worth more in parts.
  11. chrisk

    Ovation down north of San Antonio

    I've been able to land my Mooney in very short distances, 800 feet or less to stopping. The problem I have is with consistency. I have to be on the top of may game. Add a gusty cross wind and no way. And for those that have never made a tail wind landing. It's amazing how fast the runway goes by and how much you use. Your roll out is much longer too. If you do this by mistake, or if the wind shifts, you will know something is wrong and off. --A good time for a go around. It could be your gear is up too.
  12. As an example I have a LODA to instruct and receive compensation in an experimental aircraft. The process is not straightforward. And it comes with its own set of rules. Associations can be a great help in these matters. --You can go it alone, but it will take a lot more effort.
  13. I was under the impression that Cirrus has such an operation. They sell a plane, and then provide a pilot (CFI) to fly the new owner around. --But of course the big difference is the pilot is not the owner.
  14. chrisk

    Right mag quit working

    Nice to see its getting sorted out.