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  1. My local airport just sent the following Dear Airport Users, Effective immediately…. If any air travelers arrive from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, or the City of New Orleans, and plan to stay in Texas, please have them report directly to the Airport Offices in the Terminal building to complete a mandatory self-quarantine form per Governor Abbott. Thanks everyone and stay well! Sincerely, Debbie
  2. I'll try to keep this semi aviation related. Those of us who fly high know we need to use O2 because of the partial pressure of O2 at higher elevations. Those of us who dive also know the partial pressure of O2 a depth can be too much of a good thing. Given the reported shortage of ventilators, I was just wondering abut the potential for large hyperbaric chambers instead of ventilators. Seems like a human sized PVC pipe with 30 to 60 psi of O2 might be easy to build. and potentially effective for increasing lung efficiency. Maybe some of our Mooney space doctors can comment?
  3. Well, there's an insurance claim for AA.
  4. Until the FAA waives Class 2 medicals and flight reviews, I expect flight schools are considered critical infrastructure. On the other hand, as a flight instructor, I choose my clients very carefully at this time. The only places with less social distancing are strip clubs and whore houses. I also find the whole social distancing thing very bizarre. Here in Texas, the liquor stores are closed on Sunday so the religious folks are not offended, but open the rest of the week as a critical enterprise. And for some reason the golf course near my house is doing a booming business, but the automated car wash is shut down due to social distancing orders. Strange times
  5. Well, I got an email today indicating the MAPA Safety Foundation Santa Fe program would be moved out to August. I'm disappointed, because I love going to these. On the other hand, I am 55 and one of the younger guys there, so it certainly seems prudent. And I can't imagine any of the instructors would want to get onto an commercial plane at this time.
  6. I completely agree. The mortality rate will certainly look higher if you ignore all the folks with mild symptoms. As to intentionally under counting, it seems a possibility. --And I'd like to see real reporting on this issue. As far as the number of confirmed cases vs unconfirmed: When some one asks me if the corona virus is in my town (Austin Tx), I just laugh and say "You would be naive to believe it is not here. With the volume of travel its here. It just hasn't been detected yet. Give it a few weeks." Today the public health department in Austin Tx just announced the first two cases. Lots of urging folks to trust in the health department, but they failed to provide any real useful information. --Like places where the people with the corona virus might have visited, so potentially exposed folks might practice social distancing. The failure to present simple facts leads to a general distrust of that organization. Open and honest communications are so important in times like this.
  7. Maybe it means fewer sporting event TFRs. --Just to look at the bright side and keep it aviation related.
  8. Here is the problem, and the reason not to take a chill pill. The rate of infection is not saturated. It's growing rapidly. You can see it is not under control in Italy. Their health care system is already taxed to the limit and will only be taxed more in the days to come as the number of folks with active infections increases. For me, caution (not panic) is in order. It seems wise to slightly modify my behavior to avoid large crowds and public/mass transportation. That said, I really don't understand the run on toilet paper. Maybe its a millennials idea of a critical survival item. --An item that didn't exist 200 years ago.
  9. I had a partner who was a 2000 hour AH64 pilot. He got his fixed wing instrument and private at a flight school, then jumped into a Mooney. He did well. Insurance was higher then it should have been, since they seemed focused on time in type, and time in airplanes.
  10. Just curious what would make it rust like that? The only thing I can think of is when the engine cools down the air cools and contracts, sucking in what ever is in your hangar environment? And I'm not sure what one would do about that.
  11. I doubt the pilot "stalled the helicopter", with anything similar to what a fixed wing pilot would consider a stall. Things like a retreating blade stall happen with relatively high speed. The advancing blade has a high speed relative wind. The retreating blade has low relative wind speed, and can stall if the relative wind is to slow. Given the helicopter was flying slowly at the time of the crash, this is not likely. Blades can stall if the rotor RPM is to low. I can't imagine that happening. I can picture disorientation and accompanying low or negative "Gs" with the helicopter. Stability is essentially lost when operating in low/negative Gs. If "hovering to a descent" I could picture a vortex ring. That might be tough to recognize and exit in IMC.
  12. I went and looked up the GI275 and found the following ADAHRS The integral ADAHRS, included in the GI 275 -10/-30 variant, senses aircraft attitude and air data for GI 275 display of primary flight data and can provide attitude and air data for use by other installed systems. The ADAHRS requires GPS and airspeed inputs for aiding the system. GI 275 includes an optional GMU 11 or GMU 44B magnetometer interface to determine magnetic heading and an OAT probe for measuring outside air temperature.
  13. I'm looking at replacing my KI-256 attitude indicator. Its the last vacuum instrument that I have. That said, I find the requirements difficult to come by. For example, I have an ASPEN pro. Can I use the GI-275 as a primary or backup AI? I think so, but I still need to double check. Does the GI-275 require GPS to work as an AI? I think so, and I am not real happy about that, but again I need to double check. It might seem silly, but if the FAA wants to keep a MON for VORs in case GPS doesn't work, maybe I want a plane that doesn't need GPS to fly IFR. Are there any other digital AIs certified as primary, that don't need GPS? Maybe RCA2610?
  14. I'm thinking of getting a 275. Are they available now?
  15. The Rotax 9 series engines need an oil change every 25 hours if using 100LL. They can go up to 100 hours on 91 Auto fuel. --Its not the engine, its the fuel. I'm guessing an auto engine would need more frequent oil changes when using 100LL. Of course, you can haul auto fuel to the airport, which is a pain. And if you let the auto fuel sit to long, it will gum up, which you discover when it clogs/blocks your fuel filter. --no free lunch