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  1. AOPA and EAA get my dues. EAA gets extra funding.
  2. Letter written today. In the mail tomorrow.
  3. You are right. I don't see the volume. (and airnav indicates its the same as Durango) But air traffic volume at this airport isn't the issue. The issue is Montrose is a public airport which gets public funding. Any pilot should be able to use a public airport without fees. --The problem being Atlantic is allowed to prevent us from using a public airport, for its intended purpose (enablement of travel/commerce), without paying Atlantic. This is no different than someone being allowed to build a gas station on the exit ramp of an interstate, and then charging you fees for opening a gate to let you out(unless you buy their over priced fuel). Now, if it was a private airport, that gets no federal funding, then they can charge what ever they want for access.
  4. The 14,000 feet for 30 minutes or less is something I have taken advantage of before. A long story, but on one occasion my wife let all the O2 out of the tank. The next day we were flying in the mountains. Not being entirely familiar with the area I didn't want to make a wrong turn and find myself in a position where terrain would be a problem. I had no issues popping up above 12,500 to make sure I was on the right path.
  5. I would not call Montrose Colorado ski country. And that will still be no excuse for excessive pricing at a public airport. To the south are Telluride, Durango, and Pagosa Springs, Taos, and Angle Fire, all of which I would call close to skiing. All of which have reasonable fees.
  6. I'm thinking of a Colorado trip over the 4th. I just called the FBO at Montrose (KMTJ). A one night stay with my Mooney would be $72. A $40 facility fee, $20 for parking, and $12 for security. I'll go elsewhere! --Now, how to make trouble for Atlantic. Maybe a letter to the city explaining why my tourist dollars will not be spent there. Some how, I suspect that will fall on deaf ears.
  7. I'm planning on flying into KGNB (Granby Co) next week. I'm just looking for tips for landing/departing there. I understand the preferred take off is to the west. For flight planning, a straight line path would take me right over Colorado Springs, so I'm thinking I might want to circle the field to the north a time or two to gain some altitude before heading towards the mountains. And of course, any suggestions on don't miss local attractions are welcome too.
  8. I'm actually a big fan of the "City FBO". Typically a small building with a unicom combination lock on the door, a slot to pay for overnight parking, and the managers phone number posted. I simply get to park my plane, where no one will move it and mess up the the nose truss. I can go inside to use the bathrooms, call for a weather briefing, and use the computer. If I want fuel, I can pump it myself. Some even have a courtesy car you can sign out on the honor system. Typically an old city car which has seen far better days. I wish there were more of these.
  9. I am curious what the legal obligation is to pay these fees? What is to stop some FBO from telling the next person who walks through the door, "That will be $10,000 for opening the door." (street side or ramp side) --It's not like the fees are posted. If I walk into the business and they tell me outrageous fees, I expect to be able to walk out immediately (without using their services) without paying their fees.
  10. It does seem like this is a place where the FAA should be involved. Imagine a city that wants to shutdown an airport. If the FAA will not let them, they can effectively do it with various fees.
  11. As everyone says, the removing the old glue is 95% of the work. My wife no longer complains about drafts or her hair getting sucked out. I briefly considered the inflatable seals but ultimately went with foam seals from Knots 2U. Several years later I am still happy. My seal is on the door, just like the original.
  12. I'm surprised it took that long. It's been a problem for Austin for some time, since planes climbing out of KEDC are on the approach path to KAUS. KEDC is only about 2 miles outside of the Class C. A tower will help with coordination. --At least they are not talking about a new Bravo.
  13. Excellent point. Having a hangar at KGTU, I often forget about the non city FBO's. I believe there are two, and you can find them on airnav. Fuel at the city pump is by far the cheapest. ($3.40 right now) in the area. That said, I'd probably use the fuel service and take 10 or 15 gallons. Anyway, KGTU is a nice airport. Just tell the tower/ground where you want to go after landing. They are super friendly and usually ask. You may want to ask for a progressive taxi, as the taxiways are not well marked at the moment (construction for new taxiways).
  14. Austin Exec is very nice and you will get great service there. They can likely connect you with a car rental company. KGTU is towered with two runways and reasonably nice. It's a city airport, with a nicer than average city FBO. I'm not sure about a rental car. I would expect Uber or Lyft to work at either, but have no personal experience.
  15. No problem, Norway, Finland, and Sweden are dwarfed by the state of Alaska, which is larger than all 3 combined. --As for overlaying maps, there is a bit of a projection issue if latitude is not maintained. Square miles is probably the best comparison. But if you really want big, (and a free country), look at Canada too. It 3.855 million square miles. The US is 3.797 million square miles. --So, combined about 7.6 million square miles that speaks English (even Quebec) and can be flown over without to much bureaucracy. Europe as a continent is 3.9 Million square miles, but only 1.7 million square miles is in the EU, as places like Russia are not included.