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  1. chrisk

    Commercial Maneuvers in a 252

    I got my commercial a few years ago. I should have followed it quickly with a CFI, but I didn't.
  2. chrisk

    True airspeed not what book says

    A few things come to mind that can be checked without much effort/cost Have you checked the accuracy of your air speed indicator? Temperature can have a massive impact on performance. I'm assuming an accurate measurement and correction to density altitude. Is your altimeter accurate at altitude? Other items that may effect performance (and are a bit harder to check) Is the W&B accurate for your plane? Is the RPM indicated accurate?
  3. chrisk

    True airspeed not what book says

    I generally when traveling to Durango I'm flying relatively low due to head winds. And if I'm flying low and I pass by an airport with cheap fuel (like KPVW), I'll stop. My wife appreciates the bath room break, I like having extra fuel reserves since the airports are further apart, and fuel is a bit pricey in the mountains. On the way home, its almost always a non-stop trip and typically 17,000 or above. My last trip home was right at 4 hours, and about 45 gallons. --That said, I tend to go direct and over fly over 13,000 foot mountains. In a "C" I might find a lower route, probably south, and then between Santa Fe and Albuquerque. --Though I believe there are some passes near KAXX if flying VFR
  4. Mine was in a 172 with similar equipment. VOR, ILS and a Localizer Back Course were my approaches. --And timer stuck to the panel. No GPS and no auto pilot.
  5. chrisk

    To buy or not to buy? Rocket 305 TSI-520-NB

    Easy. Something distracts your flow, you get focused on something else (like other traffic), and the next thing you know you have a gear up. Lots of videos with the gear warning horn blaring and the pilot selectively not hearing it due to task load.
  6. chrisk

    Changing Tires based on age

    For me, I keep an eye on my tires. The wheels come off at annual, so if I need a tire, that is when it gets swapped out. Typically I will go with something like an AirHawk. The last time I bought tires, which was 2015, mains were $80 each, and the nose was $63. The tubes were almost as much, around $50 each. --All in, my aircraft tires cost less than my car tires, so I replace them when they look old. I'm hoping that will be 5+ years from now.
  7. chrisk

    ILS vs LPV

    Not a millennial, and I will take an LPV approach most any time. For the airports I typically visit GPS approaches are the only options. Why do something different just because an airport has an ILS option? Often the minimums are the same. And my GTN650 simply has an atrocious interface for switching between GPS and ILS. Again, why do anything different? Its also been my experience that the minimums are similar (if not identical) for both, at least at the airports I visit. An example is KCOS, where LPV and ILS both have minimums to 200 agl. ILS gives me nothing but an opportunity to screw up. That said, if an ILS is available for the runway I am using, I tune it in on my backup radio/indicator.
  8. chrisk

    Honestly, how bad is this?

    The first thing I did when I got my hangar was to paint stripes on the floor and well out onto the ramp. Well worth the $100 it cost me to have the parking lot stripe guys spray it.
  9. chrisk

    High Carbon Monoxide readings

    I pulled to lower cowling and took a quick look at the exhaust. Everything looks good there. No signs of any leakage. To see if it is the rudder pedal boots, I taped them to close the holes. I'll have to take another flight to see if anything changes. As for the readings, I was seeing 45ppm when full rich and in the landing configuration. During cruise and operating lean, I see 0ppm. Oh, and the heat is off (and has been for at least 6 months), so I'm sure it is not coming from the heater.
  10. chrisk

    High Carbon Monoxide readings

    That thought only occurred to me after I made it home. I'll do that the next time I am out at the airport.
  11. A few years ago I purchased a CO detector. Its typically had low reading, 10 or less. Recently I have gotten slightly higher readings with full rich operations. I took a look at the rudder boots and found one ripped. Would this cause higher CO readings? And is this a difficult fix? I assume a new boot is what is needed. Where does one find a new boot?
  12. chrisk

    Touch and Go in a fire breathing turbo... 252

    I land with full flaps, take off flaps, and no flaps. --And take off flaps is not a bad way to land in strong cross winds. No flaps if the plane picked up some ice.
  13. chrisk

    Touch and Go in a fire breathing turbo... 252

    I occasionally will do touch and goes. Sometimes I set the plane in take off configuration prior to the T&G, which makes it easy to touch just the mains. On and back off the runway in a few 100 feet. That said, I don't do touch and goes at night or with significant cross winds, and I always leave myself enough runway to abort the TO.
  14. chrisk

    Garmin suing uAvionix?

    I think the key will be extracting info from your own transmitter and using it some meaningful way.