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  1. There is one on eBay Brittain Autopilot Accu Trak II B11, BI 805 Servo Controller. Yellow tag BI805
  2. The stc is for a m20e. Cecilia created the stc. There is a long list of planes this will go in. Cecilia has been very helpful to me and I am sure she will continue. Oddly enough all of the offers have been from germany and other European countries. I anticipate it will sell soon. Is 2900 too much for one that was just inspected at the factory? The market will determine that. A starter solenoid on my Cessna twin rings up at 1600. You spend your money on what’s important to you. If you don’t need something don’t buy it.
  4. 1994 overhauled Jewell Aviation 1996 prop strike... Popular Grove Belvidere Airmotive
  5. 1974 Mooney M20E $54,900.00 or Best OFFER!!! Take a test flight when your in Oshkosh at the EAA !!! Location: Green Bay WI Kevin Kuehn 920 621 3473 Description: 1974 MOONEY M20E CHAPARRAL N7120V ENGINE PROPELLER AIRFRAME Airframe: 3415 TT S/N 21-0043 Engine: 1610 SMOH, Lyc. IO-360 A1A, S/N L-12801-51A compression #1 74, #2 78, #3 74,#4 76 Prop: 394 TTSNEW, 3-Bladed C/S, Hartzell HC-C3YR-1FTR/F7282, S/N DY5631B New Tires, New Brakes, New Rubber suspension donuts, Rebuilt Fuel Pump, Rebuilt Both Mags, Rebuilt Flap motor. New Interior 2014 New Paint 2014 AVIONICS Avionics Master Switch KLN 89B GPS,Annunciator, KI 202 indicator Terra TMA-230 Audio Panel Narco Mk 12E Nav/Com Narco ID-825 VOR/LOC/GS Indicator (Rectilinear Movement) Narco 890 DME tied to Narco King KX175B Nav/Com King KI-201C VOR/LOC Indicator Compass Card Rebuilt Turn Coordinator. Electric And Vacuum driven Voice Annunciator “stall stall” “Check Landing Gear, Check Landing Gear” King KT78 Transponder Transcal SSD120 Encoder BFGoodrich WX-900 Storm Scope Precision Engineering PM3000 Intercom New Heading indicator with bug, new Vertical Speed indicator EQUIPMENT Electric Gear & Flaps Ram Air Pitot Heat Precise Flight Standby Vacuum System M-20 Oil Separator Anti-Collision Light Brittain P.C. System Wing Leveler Insight G1 engine analyzer Tinted Sun Visors Pointer ELT Alternate Air Source External Power Plug Shoulder Harness 3 Bladed STC Prop Whelen landing light Brackett Air Filter Pilot & Copilot Push-to-Talk Sw. Complete logs, Great compression, oil analysis on changes, flown regularly Gear up 1996
  6. Wanted!!! BI805 control valve for brittain system.... Part # 20464-200 Thanks Kevin 920 621 3473
  7. Round gauges and a kln89b that I bought for 800. Work great. Unless you need com, why would you look at the tiny screen on a 430 when you have an iPad in front of you for the situation awareness. Very happy with my set up. Best thing I installed was a voice annunciator that says "check landing gear" my opinion only....
  8. Wish I had an auto pilot. Always am hand flying
  9. It took 3 years and about 70 hours under the hood. On Friday March 10, I passed my instrument check ride! Big day for me. Learned how to fly at 51 and now 56. Glad to have done it in my mooney. Got kicked around a lot on Friday with the wind up here in the Midwest.