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  1. M20J Fuel pressure drops as engine warms up

    Well the NA io550 for 201 by Rocket Engineering is called Missile. 231 conversion is tsio520 called Rocket Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. M20J Fuel pressure drops as engine warms up

    Opps...I should have said low PRESURE not flow.
  3. M20J Fuel pressure drops as engine warms up

    Have a similar problem with indicating low flow even after replacing engine driven and boost pump on my Cont IO550. Plane has original 201 transducer...where did you get yours ?
  4. I suggest DuGosh in Kerrville (KERV). Have used them for years. David Behrens co owner 830-315-2222
  5. All steam gauge vs glass - weight?

    Paul, Where are u having the work done ? Bob
  6. OK...guess I will reveal my most stupid/dangerous time back in the early 1990's. Kept my original 201 in a community hanger at Austin municipal (prior to Bergstrom) airport. It was cold (for Texas) day about 10AM...called the FBO to get out my plane and leave it on the large ramp in front off the hanger . Hanger was the middle one of three about 200 yards from the FBO. Tried to start the Lycoming IO 360 and starter would only whir... starter would not engage. Previously I could move the prop a couple of inches and then could engage the starter. Of course I had a can of starter fluid ...just in case. Go out ( did not set brake because was only going to move prop a couple of inches). Just to help things I shot a little starter fluid can guess what happened when I barely moved the prop...I dashed to the side and watched my plane go about 100 yards on the huge deserted ramp (no witnesses) and coast to a stop. I pushed it back to the hanger drove home went to bed...and did not fly for a week or two. I learned a huge lesson then. Bob
  7. Vacuum speed brakes

    If u can find a new old stock diaphragm from the retractable step in vintage Mooneys a creative A&P can find a way to use for Vacuum I am told...
  8. Repainting with traditional scheme

    I repainted my Mooney 201 Missile Exactly the original scheme. I only had to please myself. Many great memories... I bought the plane new in 1985 without factory paint with the advise coming from Roy LoPresti then the president of Mooney. and my neighbor. Took it to Poplowski, Ennis ,TX then the best painter in this part of the country. Thirty (yes 30 ) years later had his son repaint . Note: the paint nowdays is NOT equal to the paint back then thanks to the EPA trying to "save us" Bob
  9. Selling 335 after upgrading with a GTX-345. It was installed in my Mooney Missile by Pippen-York in Fredericksburg, TX. (T82) (Mike Pippen 830-997-8205) It will give you ADS-B-OUT when connected to a 430w, 530w, GTN-650, 750 etc. The unit is at Pippen-York and was working fine when removed. Also have a Stratus 2 that gives you ADS-B-IN for your ipad. In a box with all accessories works fine al The 335 uses the WAAS from the 430W etc and does not require the installation of another WAAS antenna ($$$) Only one wire needed from 335 to 430W etc. Paid $3000 for 335 and 900 for the Stratus 2...will take 2400 and 500 respectively. Bob Yarbrough (BobAustin)
  10. Yes that accident in Tupelo MS was my neighbor at Kerrville (60TE) Jack Jackson and Gyen his wife along with another couple. I have encouraged everyone with a Continental turbo to not reuse that clamp over 3 times. Big discussion on Beechtalk. The TN conversion has bracket to prevent the part from falling off and starting a fire.
  11. Seat Removal/Reaplacement

    Just a word of caution re shipping the seats. Several years ago I shipped my seats from Texas to Oregon Aero to have their VK foam installed. Packed seats in one large box one seat inverted so as to rest on the seat of the other. Long story short some damage to seat frames and levers. Best not to ship them together... pack in two boxes to drive them to a shop.
  12. My iPad mini overheats after about 3.5 to 4hrs in the summer time (TX to CO). These holes were cut in the RAM yoke mount in order to help with cooling the iPad.
  13. Who's Installing a G5?

    But you show the Experimental G5 which has the battery as an option. Look at the Certified one with battery standard it is quite deep. Now if u can find someone to install the Experimental one......
  14. Who's Installing a G5?

    Lance, Dont know if the T & B hole has enough depth for the G5. Also the bezel for the G5 may overlap. It will take some research. Thanks for the suggestion. Bob
  15. Who's Installing a G5?

    Well... I learned today that the G5 wont fit in my 85 M20J. It has a King KAP-150 with King HSI and King Attitude indicator. Plan was to put the G5 where the Attitude indicator is and move it to replace my turn and bank. The Attitude indicator is very deep ( 6"+) and not even close to fitting in the T & B hole. In addition the bezel overhang would also prevent it being mounted there even if the depth would allow. Have a loaded panel so no other location is available