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  1. M20K 252 Oil Consumption

    After landing I let the engine idle for a few minutes to let the turbo cool, the mech suggested, since the turbo and ancillaries appear to check out fine, to let the engine run at 1400/1500 rpm for 30 secs before idle cut off. This allows for the scavenge pump to do its work better. Any thoughts?
  2. M20K 252 Oil Consumption

    Just had call from the mechanic, the scavenge pump is good, as a matter of fact it is part (apparently...) of the starter assembly that was changed out for a new one early this year. The checkvalves are only two years old and have been tested. I'll have a chat later about the return hose, thanks! I was thinking if the scavenge pump is good, then maybe it gets too much oil for the pump too handle. Although the capacity of the scavenge pump should be 140% of the volume of oil being delivered. Can the flow of oil in to the turbo be regulated? It should be 3 qrts in and 4 qrts out,
  3. M20K 252 Oil Consumption

    Ha, those are the same people my tech is dealing with at the moment. Good to know, thanks!
  4. M20K 252 Oil Consumption

    Well, they checked the barrels and there is no excessive oil, and the exhaust before the turbo is clean. So the oil is added to the exhaust at the turbo. The checkvalves have been fitted correctly I am assured. They know about the specifics concerning their fitment and they have been leak tested overnight, so the valves are good, and fitted correctly. I've sent an e-mail to mr. Mike Busch by the way, but never got a reply. Next thing on the list is checking the scavenge pump... If the the pump is okay, maybe then it's time to take of the turbo for a rebuild?
  5. M20K 252 Oil Consumption

    Thanks again to all who took the time to reply! I have taken in your advice and I'll talk it through with my mechanic again.
  6. M20K 252 Oil Consumption

    I think you're somewhat conservative. I see this as a nuisance, and although not good, as long as there is enough oil in the sump I'm flying. In my years of ownership she always marked her spot in this way in some degree.
  7. M20K 252 Oil Consumption

    Although I'm not at all sure, I take it my tech checked proper fitment of the checkvalves. I pointed them in that direction and he also mailed with Mooney concerning this matter, and he said they're okay and fitted correctly. I would just love to pop of the cowling and check it all myself, but I've decided to leave it to the pro's. I am wondering how 'pro' he is though, cuz he billed me one hour labor for swapping the landinglight... This I will do myself next time. So assuming the checkvalves are okay and the crankcase pressure is high, but within limits (they check this with an old ASI... never knew!) then that leaves the valvestem seals. Need to check if they did the boroscope.
  8. M20K 252 Oil Consumption

    Did a couple of flights the last few weeks and I didn't have to add oil yet, but she still lubes the gear door. The pic is from the door after taxiing to the fuelstation. After a flight it's clean. I suggested to my tech to give Mike Busch a call.
  9. Abandoned Mooneys

    Isn't it? Googled the registration and found very little, but someone wrote about flying with N100HQ to Templehof (Berlin), just before the airport closed for good in 2008.
  10. Abandoned Mooneys

    Some stories have a happy end tho... The US 1.000,00 Cherokee I follow the blog written by the owner: this old cherokee
  11. Abandoned Mooneys

    This is N100HQ, left to rot years ago in plain view of the family M20K 252 at our home base Teuge (EHTE). I try to cover her eyes and tell her not too look, when we taxi past, but the hard questions always come sooner or later, sometimes even right during the take-off roll. Then I tell her to be the pro that she is, and adhere to the sterile cockpit policy and save the questions for cruise, and often but not always she has forgotten already.
  12. M20K 252 Oil Consumption

    Just a small update to tell you there isn't anything to tell you yet. Didn't do any flying this month... Few flights planned but all had to be cancelled due to the lovely Dutch weather...
  13. M20K 252 Oil Consumption

    Flew for a little bit last Sunday and she still flings out oil like nothing else. It could be because they tinkered with her and there's still oil left in the turbo, then next time will be better. I hope I can squeeze in some extra flighttime this week and make sure. Does anybody have a pic of correctly mounted checkvalves?
  14. M20K 252 Oil Consumption

    Thank you! Yup thats oil (and me in the right seat) Turbo's are pretty straightforward in theory, but to make 'em work they way they should involves quite a bit of engineering (obviously). I'm learning along the way!
  15. M20K 252 Oil Consumption

    Thanks Clarence! Frieslân Boppe I guess they could see the valve dishes with the boroscope and if they are oiled up we've got our culprit. Because the Mooner hardly takes oil in cruise, I don't believe the seals are worn, but who knows for sure. I've pointed my tech in the direction of the check/returnvalves, I've got a feeling we could be on to something with those. Again, who knows? All your input is much appreciated! I'll keep you guys/galls posted!