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  1. That was a sad accident indeed. I fly with my girls all the time, makes you think. I’d never fly in that crap weather tho, it is ‘just’ a hobby.
  2. Oh it was a sticker you had to wear On your clothes, in order to return airside in Valencia, Spain. When I got back in the Mooney I stuck it there and kind of forgot about it.
  3. Got a new laptop! I tried it out by making this very short video, regretfully I had only one GoPro and no audio. But I tried to make it nice with some local color!
  4. Thanks! I’ll keep that in mind! It’s like saying goodbye to a close friend.
  5. Ah well, you know what they say...
  6. I dropped her off wednesday.
  7. Yes, just around the corner in Germany.
  8. Very sad to see her go, but she's sold.
  9. Interesting! Never looked at it that way, but that makes sense. No ADS-B weather here in Europe, so I have nothing to complain about.
  10. Guess you’ve got a point there
  11. BEM is 2060 lbs (have to look that up tho...) and MTOM is 2900 lbs.
  12. Hello, I’ve been unsuccessful in finding a co-owner for my 1987 M20K 252 sn 25-1145, and it makes little economic sense to fly her all by my self so I decided to sell her. 1250 hrs tt per end July. Sold Equipment COM 1: Garmin GNS 530W COM 2: Garmin GNC 255A NAV 1: Garmin GNS 530W NAV 2: Garmin GNC 255A Audio panel: Bendix/King KMA-24 Intercom: Isocom SCI-4 ADF: Bendix/King KR-87 DME: Bendix/King KN-64 Stormscope: 3M WX-950 ADL150 Satellite weather receiver (2018) HSI: Bendix/King KCS-55A Autopilot: Bendix/King KAP-150
  13. Hmmm, well you could be right. Strickt adherence to that one would ground most GA airplanes. As most of them have crap fuel gauges. I wouldn’t say the gauges are ‘not working’, they are just very pessimistic the last 15 gallons and have been pretty reliable at that for the past 22 years the Mooney has been in my family.
  14. La Mia Flight 2933 comes to mind too, these guys took off knowing they had insufficient fuel, needed to hold en ran out and crashed.
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