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  1. If it can break, it will at some point! I’ll keep you posted, thank you all for your input
  2. He has added it to his list of possible causes. But he said they hardly break...
  3. Well, that ship has sailed... It has already become very costly. I've asked my shop to check the O/B valve out. But is there an overboost valve on a automatic wastegate system? Guarding against overboost, Isn't this the work of the wastegate?
  4. Thanks Jack, I'll check in to that!
  5. Thanks again for you input, the wastegate moves freely and without any problems. It has been overhauled along with the controller by Main Turbo, the controller was sent back even, and replaced with another item. Great service from Main Turbo! My mechanic wil be on the telephone with Gary (Main) today, I hope he can shed some light on the matter. I've been doing some of my IR training now on a C172 now and that just isn't 'it'.
  6. I guess with the overboost regulator you mean the wastegate? If not, please tell me more.
  7. Can't say that I did. I did a trial run yesterday and now the wastegate remained open, so I had to reject the take-off. I was suspecting that may be with a colder engine/engine-oil I might get the same results as I did Saturday (36" take-off and then a reduction to 25/26" WOT), but the wastegate remains open all the time now.
  8. When the waste gate is closed manually, the engine makes full power. The turbo itself is not at fault. There is something wrong between controller and wastegate, I guess...
  9. Yes it does, you don't get any 'kick' from the turbocharger, that usualy makes it's presence know around the 27". But I do guess the fault lies somewhere hidden in a hose or linkage. All the components themselves check out fine.
  10. Unfortunately I’m in need of your ideas again. My 1987 M20K 252 with just over 1000 hours total time is grounded for over five weeks now. It had some work done on the turbo due to the oil leaking from the exhaust. Nothing was replaced overhauled or repaired, save a few clamps. She flew fine for a few hours but she sits in the warm hangar of the maintenanceshop again. Take-off with full power and 36” MAP but just in to the climb the MAP drops to about 26” at WOT. What has been done? The turbo has been looked at and checked out okay, the output of the engine is okay, but the waste gate doesn’t seem to close. The controller and wastegate were shipped to Main Turbo for evaluation, the controller was out of spec and overhauled, the wastegate itself checked out okay but was overhauled anyway. Back on the engine, after some adjustments it seems to check out, but after a testflight yesterday we seem to be back at square one. I get full power at take-off but it drops off after rotation. Up in the air I tried different powersettings but did nog get more than 26”. That wastegate is not closing. I guess heat could have something to do with it? I tried another take-off after landing but had to reject it. I’ve read up on the subject with some of the great articles from Mike Busch (who doesn’t respond to e-mail BTW), six weeks ago I didn’t know what a controller was... do you guys have any thoughts?
  11. In the air: autopilot u/s, transponder mode S became mode A only, more landinglights then I can count. On the ground: dead battery, magnetos dying, voltage regulator dead, oil squirting out from exhaust, starter dead/taking the (very expensive) starter housing along, cracked intake manifold pipe, fuel gauges dead and just recently discovered a groundwire with melted insulation running past the (leaking...) fuellevel sender unit while installing a fire extinguisher(!). That last one was nice, with the O2 plumbing running along the same route. Oh yes, a wastegate controller failure reducing my M20K to a normally aspirated model just after take-off...
  12. M20K 252 Oil Consumption

    It appears to help to let the engine idle at around 1.400 revs a little while before shut-down. The last starts I had a clean gear door, but I'm not counting my chickens yet. Now waiting for the days to lengthen a little bit more so I can pick up my IR training again!
  13. Best Headset?

    I have the Clarity Aloft for two years now and am very happy with them. It's easy with sunglasses and oxygen and far more comfy! The bluetooth module I don't actualy use, only when flying as a passenger to listen to music or make a call. During flying it's only a distraction. I bought a set for my dad too and he wishes he had them sooner.
  14. M20K 252 Oil Consumption

    After landing I let the engine idle for a few minutes to let the turbo cool, the mech suggested, since the turbo and ancillaries appear to check out fine, to let the engine run at 1400/1500 rpm for 30 secs before idle cut off. This allows for the scavenge pump to do its work better. Any thoughts?