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  1. Great news! I opened an aircraft repainting facility in Franklin, VA. Hangar is staffed with expert aircraft painters and we are Mooney savvy.
  2. Will post some photos soon. If there is not interest in finishing the project then I may finish it in a year. Right now, asking $30K. Would need about $10K plus paint to complete with a minimum avionics package. Thanks for the support guys!
  3. Guys, Have been restoring a 1966 M20F, but now running out of spare time. The engine was just overhauled to new limits. Airframe has no damage, have all logs. Needs paint, interior to some degree, and prop overhaul. May part out, but would not prefer to chop an almost finished otherwise solid airplane.
  4. Have a clean airplane, with all skins, cowling, and electric gear components remaining. Some cabin interior parts left also. Let me know what you need.
  5. Anyone on or nearby Wayne County Airport to peek at an airplane for me? Tx
  6. If you are ready to buy a beautiful well equipped late model 231 with an LB1 engine and intercooler, I will sell it low. No tire kickers or bottom fishers please.