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  1. Does anyone have avionics install experience with Kentucky Airmotive? In talking with them over the phone they appear very friendly and willing. However, I’m having trouble getting a written quote.
  2. This plane has a fresh overhaul and looks as if it was very thorough. I’m just surprised it never has an oil filter. I imagine my cousin will be looking for the adapters to put one in..
  3. My cousin bought a 67 Mooney E model a little while back and it’s time to change oil. He couldn’t find the oil filter so I stopped by and we took all the cowling off and there just isn’t an oil filter to be found. Was it an option or is it hidden somewhere?
  4. No, it’s the flat, chopped off look. Ithogjt that might be the hang up as a lot of Js aren’t flat at the end. The tail beacon is what I would prefer but the wing version will certainly do the job..
  5. Has anyone installed either of these units on a J model and if you have, what problem or roadblocks did you encounter? Neither are listed as usable on the (uavionix) site.
  6. Dave. $8500 sounds real reasonable for a 375 install. Did you have a autopilot to integrate with and a heading indicator? I’d be interested in your shops contact info if you would share it. PM me if you would.
  7. David. Are you talking about the 375, 175 or Appareo?
  8. Rmag, You are probably too far. I’d get there quick in the plane but a long hike home and back. Radius of about 200 miles from Cincinnati would work. A shop near by wants to talk me into a Garmin 275 in conjunction with another separate Adsb in/out. I think an Appareo. He says I can save money and have the equivalent of the 375. Anyone familiar enough with all three to comment. He is supposed to be sending a quote.
  9. I’d like to install a German GNX375 in my 201 and looking for a shop that is competent, reliable and can do the job for $10k. Need it integrated to the autopilot and and existing heading indicator. Looking for a shop within reasonable flying distance from Cincinnati. Panel is pretty clean with few upgrades or mods in its life so not a rat nest of wiring behind the panel. Any suggestions?
  10. Just got my quote yesterday....up 50%.
  11. Honestly, this looks to be a really nice plane at a very fair price. The roller cam engine and B hub really make it worth thinking about if you are in the market.
  12. Next to sight, hearing is one sense I’d like to retain at any cost, even if I have to give up flying. I’ve lost too much hearing already. I just ordered a bottle so I’ll try it for awhile and see what happens. Thanks for the tip!
  13. Thanks for all the excellent input. I now feel reassured that my present method is pretty good and I feel more comfortable as to why. At this time I’m wearing a noise cancelling headset with soft foam earplugs in my ear. I have to turn the volume up to hear well but it seems to work. I guess the low frequency is cancelled but the high frequency isn’t and is high enough to discern voice pretty well. If that makes any sense.
  14. I’ve done a lot of experimentation with noise cancelling and the best I’ve come up with is sponge type ear plugs with a good noise cancelling headset. This seems to be a good balance which cancels a lot of low frequency and allows enough high frequency through that I can hear the human voice pretty good. At this point I’m fine but wondering if wearing a hearing aid might somehow work better. There probably aren’t too many guys worried about it but I’m sure there are some and maybe a few that are well advanced in the hearing loss department that may be able to answer the question.
  15. I’m sure they will reflush the oil cooler as it could be contaminated with some aluminum?
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