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  1. nels

    Chicago to Phoenix

    I’ve been considering a flight to Phoenix myself. I was thinking April, May time frame out of Cincinnati. Wanted to stop and see a friend east of Albuquerque then on to visit another friend in Apache Junction. Leary about flying over the mountains direct from Albuquerque to Phoenix. Thinking El Paso then west is the safest way to go?
  2. nels

    ADS-B Resource Thread

    Yes, my 78 also has the flat wing tips. I guess I could call the manufacturer and ask but it’s a lot easier to just ask the forum.
  3. nels


    Big improvement. I guess you could say you toned it down a LOT! .....I like it! Were you happy with the contractor?
  4. nels

    ADS-B Resource Thread

    I noticed Sportys is selling the Skybeacon but lists all Mooney’s up through the G model. Is the Skybeacon available for the J model? sorry if this was already discussed but too many.pages to look through.
  5. nels

    Crossing the USA in a Mooney M20J

    Genuinely enjoyed your videos!! I wouldn’t be surprised if I watched them again.
  6. nels

    Lake Havasu lunch!

    There’s a big vintage camper rally on the lake at that time. Might be fun to check it out. We went out last year and enjoyed it. Wanted to do it again this year but couldn’t get it done.
  7. nels

    Trim Jackscrew Binding

    I haven’t read this entire thread but I am wondering if the jamming jack screw only occurs with a powered trim wheel and not a manually operated trim?
  8. Don, thanks for that tip! Nice to get a butt load of info on butt calls..haha
  9. My son and daughter are still on our family plan and I pay the bill and they reimburse me. My son upgraded to the top of the line Apple product last summer. In prior months we never came close to running out of data but after he got that phone we ran out a week before the end of the billing cycle. I talked to Verizon about it. He checked and said my son was using a disproportionate amount of data and explained to me that my son’s phone could inhale such a large amount of data in a short period of time. All the ads and crap that we see to the side of the subject we are hunting end up totally downloaded where with the old phone he would have continued onto another search and all those ads etc would not have been downloaded due to the time constraint and lack of down load speed. Maybe I don’t want a lightening fast phone or maybe the Verizon guy was wrong. But, it made sense to me.
  10. I have double clicked and swipe anything that shows up away. I do that on a regular basis. Rebooting the phone does help but still the volume, lack of mic sensitivity and my cheek touching the screen and ordering unwanted commands, like mute, is just too much anymore. I’m thinking the used phone idea is probably a good move provided it’s been refurbished or I know the person who has it and can verify it’s performance.
  11. Can only block a limited number of numbers with a flip phone. That’s something I didn’t know. Hmmm
  12. Don, my phone isn’t loud enough to easily understand someone. I also have to cup my hand around the mic in order for the person at the other end to hear me. When I press it against my ear it goes to speaker mode or mute mode or whatever else it wants to do. It seems to make a ton of calls (butt calls) no matter how I turn it off and no matter how many times I make sure all is erased prior to shut down. The battery sometimes runs down fast even though nothing seems to be open. The phone will sometimes over heat in my pocket. I know I’m no brainiac when it comes to modern technology but I tkink some of the problems are mine but many of the problems are with the phone. When I mentioned a flip phone I am really considering such. They are cheap, get the job done and when the lid is shut the phone is off. The cheap flip phone would allow me to justify a second iPad.
  13. nels

    The Greatest Generation

    My dad is 97 yrs old. He recently bought a new car (an American car). I meet him and his buddies at McDonalds for breakfast about five days a week. I accompanied him on the Honor Flight about ten years ago, that was awesome and very, very touching. Around that same time I took him over to Paris where he had spent VE Day at war’s end. We then visited Normandy; another place that brings tears to your eyes for both sides of that battle. From there we went south to Nice where he had landed late in the war. He was and still is amazed at the changes in France since ww2. My father in law, who has been gone for about fifteen years, was also a wwII vet. He spent the entire war in a Japanese prison camp. He did the Bataan Death March and somehow survived. I’m,grateful he did as I was able to marry his future daughter and we now have An adult son and daughter. There is good reason those guys are considered The Greatest Generation!
  14. So, in reading the review, it sounds like the XR is priced at $750. At that price I could buy another IPad and a flip phone which I would almost rather have. Is there a non Apple product priced at about half that?
  15. Not sure if this is the right spot for this topic but it seems to fit? My cell phone, an iPhone5, has about done its time so I’ll be back to the Verizon store this week to replace it. I’d like to get something I can get in my pocket but the screen is big enough and memory big enough that I could load FlyQ or other aviation apps. I don’t want to spend a stupid money on a phone just looking for the biggest bang for the buck. Should I shop it at Verizon or am I better off elsewhere? Suggestions appreciated.