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  1. nels


    How about some pictures.
  2. nels

    M20K Rocket Wing Damage

    Is this the plane advertised here on Mooney Space and at KTCY?
  3. nels

    Retirement location

    I like your choice of words....”it all boils down to”. Haha
  4. Wow, 40 bucks for a 6 ounce bottle, what’s in it??
  5. nels


    I really like that airpark from the little I’ve seen of it. I’ve actually been running an ad on Barnstormers looking for an airpark home in Arizona or possibly NM or Colorado. We have two kids in Denver and the commute there would not be difficult from any of the three states. My wife prefers being close to a large city so many of the airpark locations make a hard sell to my wife. I’m pretty sure La Cholla would make the grade though. Good luck and let me know if anything shows up for sale. However, I don’t need a mansion at this stage of life.
  6. I think I saw someone mention synthetic zink or zddp in camgaurd. Maybe that is why?
  7. I didn’t know that! I wonder what the reasoning? Was it ever in aircraft oil? Was it removed?
  8. Bob. Are you saying your oil analysis says you have 3 ppm zink? The Hemmings article says many rebuilders will not warranty an engine if the failed engine’s oil has less than 1200 ppm.
  9. This has been a question in my mind since getting involved with Mooneys several years back and hearing about all the cam failure problems and everyone’s perception of why it happens. Being an old car nut, along with a Mooney nut, I am aware of the auto industry totally moving away from flat tappet cam shafts and onto roller type cam shafts and the reason for the move. Lycoming has also moved to roller cam shafts. The additives of zink and phosphorous have been removed from motor oil mainly due to them not getting along with catalytic converters. The zink is a high wear and extended corrosion additive that is especially useful with dry starts with metal to metal contact. In particular with flat tappet cams. Our Mooney’s often sit for long periods of time allowing most if not all the oil to run off the cam and lifter surfaces so they are often subject to dry metal to metal starts. The zink evidently doesn’t totally leave the cam surfaces over time and allows for lubrication needed during the initial dry cam least that’s how I understand it. So, for those that get oil samples sent off and analyzed , when an oil sample is returned from a lab check, does it give the amount of zink or zddp in the oil? Also, did Lycoming’s cam problems coincide with the oil industry’s time line of reducing or eliminating these additives in auto motor oil? Or have Lycoming cams been a problem since day one? Here is an interesting article in the Hemmings Motor News blog:
  10. nels

    Lycoming Cam Issue Poll

    I don’t think there is an automobile engine presently produced that has a flat tapped camshaft. Virtually all have gone to roller cams. Reason was the epa decided zinc was harmful to the enviorment. Zink is pretty much a necessity for flat tappet cams. In the early 50”s all the new v8’s were spauling cams. They chased metallurgy using steel cams with cast iron lifters and different metallurgy for the cst iron cams with steel lifters etc. the problem was industry wide. The fix turned out to be formulating oil with zink added. I've often wondered if Lycomimg had cam problems before the 1980’s. I’m not sure when zink was totally eliminated from auto engine oil but if it is still in aircraft oil I’m sure it is a minimal amount. Something like 100 low lead but now 50 weight low zink oil. Maybe the new oil is the real culprit? Just an educated guess.
  11. nels

    Some assembly required

    If it can’t be ferried to a facility then the typical transport method by road is to remove the rear tail section so it and be fitted on a trailer for transport.
  12. You have me thinking about O2 setups so I looked on eBay. They seem really reasonable. Most are $150 to $350 for two person but some ( a few) are over $1000. What’s the difference? Two or three hundred would easily be justified for a one shot deal but a grand for possibly one trip..not really.
  13. I didn’t expect this much response and a ton of really good advice. I kind of like the idea of following an interstate, sorta gives a warm feeling that there is some place to put the plane down if you have to other than a mountain side somewhere. The problem might be traffic as that could be what a lot of other pilots are doing? A lot to consider for sure. The southern route, especially as an alternate, sounds like a good idea. A trip up the west coast would be kind of cool. My real problem might be getting someone to fly along with me and share expenses. I don’t think my wife would do it and I haven’t mentioned it to any of my car buddies yet. They might not think it such a cool adventure and would probably think of it as too expensive relative to commercial flights. It’s all “Up in the AIR” right now (haha) but I agree, if I pull it off it will be a trip of a life time. Someone asked where the show is; not sure where the head quarters of the meet is but the parts swap meet is at the Tacoma Dome so I assume the show is somewhere close to that? Also, my plane is a 1978 M20 J.
  14. I’m considering flying to a car show n Tacoma, Washington the last week of August and returning the first week of September. I’ve never flown to the west coast only as far as Denver. I’m wondering if there is a relatively safe route across the mountains that would be doable for someone with no mountain flying experience. I’ve got time to wait out weather etc if necessary but don’t have time to take mountain flying training. With no training and no experience in mountainous terrain, would it just be out of the question? Also, I’m not IFR rated so would only try it if weather was totally on my side. The plane is a 1978 J model.
  15. nels

    Today's flight for 2018

    Glad to know your Mooney is functioning well. You sure couldn’t have gotten all that accomplished in your old 150 given twice the time!