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  1. Honestly, this looks to be a really nice plane at a very fair price. The roller cam engine and B hub really make it worth thinking about if you are in the market.
  2. Next to sight, hearing is one sense I’d like to retain at any cost, even if I have to give up flying. I’ve lost too much hearing already. I just ordered a bottle so I’ll try it for awhile and see what happens. Thanks for the tip!
  3. Thanks for all the excellent input. I now feel reassured that my present method is pretty good and I feel more comfortable as to why. At this time I’m wearing a noise cancelling headset with soft foam earplugs in my ear. I have to turn the volume up to hear well but it seems to work. I guess the low frequency is cancelled but the high frequency isn’t and is high enough to discern voice pretty well. If that makes any sense.
  4. I’ve done a lot of experimentation with noise cancelling and the best I’ve come up with is sponge type ear plugs with a good noise cancelling headset. This seems to be a good balance which cancels a lot of low frequency and allows enough high frequency through that I can hear the human voice pretty good. At this point I’m fine but wondering if wearing a hearing aid might somehow work better. There probably aren’t too many guys worried about it but I’m sure there are some and maybe a few that are well advanced in the hearing loss department that may be able to answer the question.
  5. I’m sure they will reflush the oil cooler as it could be contaminated with some aluminum?
  6. That can would be worth a fortune today.
  7. Looks like he is pilot in command or is it a mirror image?
  8. Merry Christmas for sure. Great video, makes me want to fly out of this winter and back into some summer. Good job.
  9. I know but I’m not in any hurry. The shop can’t get to it for a month or more. My original question was can I fly without an adsb out unit as I’m based within the 30 mile vail of cvg. I think it has gotten a little side tracked although it’s been kinda fun and interesting reading.
  10. Bob. I realize the 2020 money isn’t tax free. It will be taxed as regular income. Using this years $ means I sell stock to acquire the funds. That sold stock will be taxed at a lower rate but I don’t believe this is a good time to sell the stock I own. As for the Roth IRA, I recently talked to my accountant about changing over. He was not real fond of the idea. I didn’t get all he was saying but it sounded as if my wife and I would need an earned income of X amount in order to buy into a Roth. My wife has her own business but it doesn’t make much money..haha. I’ll read your comment a few more times and then mention it to him again. A Roth sure would be tax no deadlines and probably some benefits in estate after death. Another thing,....everyone seems to think I’ll be grounded after 1/1/2020. I’m not so sure of that. I do know that if I would simply move my plane out of the 30 mile vail I could fly anytime I wanted to. I just would need to stay out of controlled airspace and under 10k feet. I was hoping someone here might have definite information but as was mentioned earlier, we will probably figure it all out soon after the 1/1 deadline.
  11. Yes, I’ve been retired for about thirteen years now. I’ve been back into flying for about five years or so. Yes, the mandate is no surprise and I actually strongly considered fulfilling the mandate three or four years ago. However, wisdom prevailed as I assumed the choices would be better and with competition, pricing would be much better.....I was right. Now I can justify way more than a tail beacon going from what I would have spent three years ago. Unfortunately I turn 70 1/2 early in the 2020 tax year. At this time I think it is a no brained to wait until 2020 to purchase equipment from a pretax IRA rather than buy in 2019 out my savings. I sorta look at it as a 30% discount on the radios. Thinking like this allowed me to retire early, buy a plane that I really can’t justify and I keep peace in the household.
  12. I just read through some of the FAA’s stuff again and I think the problem will arise with what they call “constrained airports”. That is an airport running at 85%percent capacity. They also mention scheduled flights for pay getting advanced permission for flights in adsb required airspace. It doesn’t sound like they will be taking the typical private pilot, operating without adsb out, to task. Here’s some of what I’ve been reading:
  13. It could come to that but knowing me, if I get the tail beacon I’ll put off the 375 indefinitely. The adsb is a pretty good reason to get an upgrade done.
  14. Pretty sure it would keep the spike out of your Medicare for the one year?