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  1. I use A Zulu ANR headset and I was unhappy with it alone. It protects low frequency but not so much on the higher frequencies. Those are the ones to worry about. I started using foam ear plugs with the headset and all seemed fine. I could even understand conversations through the headset better. Ears seem to be ok now after I land and remove all the protection. With just the headset my ears would ring all day. Really worried me.
  2. What all is included in the $7995 price of the GNX375? Is it a full kit for install including tray and antenna etc.?
  3. How was the leg from KTCS to KDVT? It looks like a lot of high terrain for a direct flight. I’ve been considering a flight from Cincinnati tp Phoenix to visit friends but have been hesitant to cross the mountains so figured crossing down around El Paso is a safe choice or maybe west to Winslow and then south. Am I over concerned?
  4. Looks like you’re making lots of memories! Is that wind typical in that area?
  5. Thanks for that info. I almost just messaged you as I figured you would be the guy to respond. Thanks again.
  6. Another question on this: I see a Century III autopilot with altitude hold available on Ebay for 850. It is missing parts but has altitude hold present or at least it looks to be present. Is the Century III the same as the II with the addition of the altitude hold or is this just another pipe dream of mine?
  7. I think .07 ips is acceptiple and probably will be where the guy will call it quits.. how much do they want to balance?
  8. I see plenty of prop balance videos on YouTube but they all seem to be for fixed speed propellers. Can the balance change when you go from flat to coarse pitch? How would you get the prop to turn at 2500 rpm cruise using a coarse pitch while the plane is stationary? Maybe it will crank to that rpm in coarse as I’ve never tried it? I mention this as the balance measuring devices measure imbalalamce at cruise rpm.
  9. I’d like to get the prop on my 201 dynamically balanced. What should this cost, how much time will it take and what should the shop have available in order to do a near perfect job? Any suggestions for a shop within a reasonable flight from the Cincinnati area?
  10. Thanks, Ross. Any idea on install price?
  11. Do the advertised prices for the gps175 ($5k)and gnx375 ($8k) include tray and antenna and mounting hardware or is there another couple thousand hidden somewhere? Anybody get a quote for install on either?
  12. Is there anything on the used market that could be adapted? Did the Century auto pilot of that vintage ever offer altitude hold?
  13. Is it possible to upgrade this autopilot to altitude hold? It would be nice to have this feature but is it possible, too expensive? Anybody done it or knowledgeable on the subject?
  14. Has anyone installed a Skybeacon on a J model?
  15. I wonder if there was some runout in the pinion or mating gear? Also, maybe a bent pinion shaft or dirty or nicked mating surfaces if the pinion is mounted separate from the mating gear? Not familiar with the layout.