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  1. Just wondering how bad it is down there in the south after Michael went through. Hopefully he didn’t have his way with any members.
  2. nels

    Mooney M20J owner experiences

    Owner assisted annuals should really drop the cost. Removing and reinstalling all inspection panels, cowling, nose cone and belly pans takes about six to eight hours. Probably 800 or so screws. No mechanic in his right mind should complain if you volunteer that service.
  3. nels

    Stuck for 2 days in Cedar City, Utah

    Great report! Just got back from a three week trip out west. Two of the three weeks were spent in southern Utah. What a beautiful area to visit. No Mooneybut rather a 1958 vintage camper. Still a lot of fun.
  4. This is the first time I was asked the question.. I have Traverse Insurance and they shopped rates and found the least expensive one. This question was posed on my current application and I’m fairly certain is now in my contract. I had no interest in out of country travel so I paid little attention. Maybe Travers was just sharpening the pencil. Either way, I was happy with my premium.
  5. You might be right on the cost. However, my insurance company specifically asked if I would fly out of the country, Mexico/Canada. I said no so I don’t have coverage to fly anywhere but USA. So, probably a good thing to check before you do it.
  6. In general Signature Really Overcharges for fuel (typically 50% or more than any nearby competitor) and services. I would love to see Signature called out as to location on FLYQ for instance just to know to avoid that airport and it’s pick pocket mentality’s. I just looked up Signature locations in the USA and I can see there are plenty of them to avoid!
  7. My insurance does not cover my plane outside the US.
  8. nels

    Starting issue M20J

    Check your battery connection to ground. Clean your battery terminals and tighten cables. Clean and tighten positive cable connection at the starter and opposite end of that cable. Clean and tighten cable at solenoid. Check and tighten all heavy cable connections in starter circuit.
  9. nels

    The new medical

    My 3rd class medical just expired so I made an appointment to get it renewed. But I was wondering about the new medical that is now available and if that might be an easier, faster and less expensive route? Anybody taken advantage of the new system.
  10. nels

    Hit by prop

    It would get plenty of oil at start up. Rotating one revolution isn’t a bad idea if the plane is put up for some time. I agree, not sure if the benefit out weighs the possible live mag. I can also see how a mechanical problem might show its face while flipping the prop through.
  11. nels

    Hit by prop

    Turning the engine over just one revolution would put the suspended oil from the bottom of the cam lobe to the top of the cam where it is free to run back over the cam lobes while the engine is cool.
  12. nels


    I had to look it up. What a GREAT place!!
  13. nels


    Do you need to be a resident to fly in there? You never know when I might venture in from Ohio to check things out.
  14. nels


    Have you been flying in and out of the airport? Are you pretty close to the runway or is there a lot of taxiing?
  15. nels


    Boy, you didn’t waste any time! Really looks nice...I’m jealous!