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  1. You have me thinking about O2 setups so I looked on eBay. They seem really reasonable. Most are $150 to $350 for two person but some ( a few) are over $1000. What’s the difference? Two or three hundred would easily be justified for a one shot deal but a grand for possibly one trip..not really.
  2. I didn’t expect this much response and a ton of really good advice. I kind of like the idea of following an interstate, sorta gives a warm feeling that there is some place to put the plane down if you have to other than a mountain side somewhere. The problem might be traffic as that could be what a lot of other pilots are doing? A lot to consider for sure. The southern route, especially as an alternate, sounds like a good idea. A trip up the west coast would be kind of cool. My real problem might be getting someone to fly along with me and share expenses. I don’t think my wife would do it and I haven’t mentioned it to any of my car buddies yet. They might not think it such a cool adventure and would probably think of it as too expensive relative to commercial flights. It’s all “Up in the AIR” right now (haha) but I agree, if I pull it off it will be a trip of a life time. Someone asked where the show is; not sure where the head quarters of the meet is but the parts swap meet is at the Tacoma Dome so I assume the show is somewhere close to that? Also, my plane is a 1978 M20 J.
  3. I’m considering flying to a car show n Tacoma, Washington the last week of August and returning the first week of September. I’ve never flown to the west coast only as far as Denver. I’m wondering if there is a relatively safe route across the mountains that would be doable for someone with no mountain flying experience. I’ve got time to wait out weather etc if necessary but don’t have time to take mountain flying training. With no training and no experience in mountainous terrain, would it just be out of the question? Also, I’m not IFR rated so would only try it if weather was totally on my side. The plane is a 1978 J model.
  4. nels

    Today's flight for 2018

    Glad to know your Mooney is functioning well. You sure couldn’t have gotten all that accomplished in your old 150 given twice the time!
  5. nels


    A reason you’de rather not talk about?
  6. nels


    Very nice airpark. Was it on the market or did you just happen into it? I’ve looked on line at La Cholla but very few on the market.
  7. nels

    ADS-B Garmin 327 to 330ES swap

    Ok, I’m going to admit I’m pretty ignorant when it comes to adsb out solutions but I’m now starting to look around at what is available at a good price. The Garmin GDL82 looks real reasonable to buy and a pretty much install yourself and have it signed off piece of equipment? Price is under 1800 and connects to your original transponder. If it isn’t what you want in a few years you could probably remove it and sell for 70% of the original price. I assume all you are looking for is adsb compliance for now. Let me know if lm in left field as I’m in a learning mode myself.
  8. nels

    Fuel drip after shutdown

    Are you sure it’s not coming out of the the fuel sump drain. The O ring goes bad in that once in a while. Sometimes just pulling the ring on the floor board up and down a few times will reseat it. Maybe not the problem at all but thought I’d mention it.
  9. nels

    Mooney has been sitting

    The main concern for me would be corrosion on the cam or lifters. When they are dry and you try starting the engine it could be several hundred revolutions before oil gets pumped onto the cam surface. You could ruin a cam and lifters that might be ok if prelubed. Nobody ever mentioned this but what would it hurt to fill the engine to the top of the filler neck with cheap motor oil, pull the lower spark plugs, let it sit a few hours, pull the prop through 10 or 20 times and then drain the oil. It sure seems to me that would be cheap insurance. Even the rings and cylinders would get lubed. Or, am I missing something?
  10. nels

    ISO Sidewinder towbar

    Haha, I was wondering if anyone would catch that.
  11. nels

    ISO Sidewinder towbar

    I guess I’m a CAMO (cheap ass Mooney owner) but I finally got tired of pushing my plane up hill into the hangar. I bought a 110 volt winch from Harbor Freight, bolted it to the back of the hangar, spliced in a thirty foot extension to the remote control, and it works great. I do have to somewhat align the plane to the hangar door but that is pretty easy to do. Well Under $200 for the whole set up.
  12. nels

    Fuel Selector Valve

    I did it accidentally on my maiden voyage in my J. I decided to switch tanks and without looking I figured the valve position was the same as my E which was all the way in one direction. The engine ran just long enough that my copilot and I were again comfortable and then the engine quite. What a scare but I quickly realized what I must have done. I figure it ran for about 30 seconds to one minute.
  13. The Mooney looks very nice indeed! I am wondering, how many gallons of material were applied including primers, colors and clear coats?
  14. nels

    Marina airport crash / fatality

    Craig. I mentioned cleaning out the holes in the rails back on page two. No one responded and that surprised me as I thought it very worth while. So again, I dug debris from the locator holes in my old E model as I was having trouble positively locating the seat. If the pins are only partially submerged in the hole they can easily cam their way back out with just a little extra for and aft load. (The ends of the locator pins have a small lead on them which only gets larger with wear). Make sure there is no dirt build up in these holes or as Craig found out a small pebble that prevents FULL engagement of the pins!
  15. How in the world did I miss that discussion?? That sure filled in a lot of blanks. Pilato mentioned, in that discussion, an AN fitting to transfer the fuel, is this a siphon method or just a hole at the bottom between the standard cell and the added cell?