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  1. nels

    M20J oil pressure anomaly

    Inside the case will be higher pressure than outside the case due to blow bye past the rings. So maybe that’s why it only leaks from inside out? If the vent is plugged or restricted the inside pressure would be a lot higher.
  2. nels

    M20J oil pressure anomaly

    Clarence, what do you think about verifying the torque on the 7/16 inch screws as suggested by N201MKTurbo?
  3. nels

    M20J oil pressure anomaly

    If there is a leak in the gasket, I would think an oscillation would happen when the oil was at the gasket line due to oil sloshing back and forth over the leak spot. As the oil went under the line the pressure would stabilize at a lower pressure. If the vent tube was partially plugged wouldn’t the crankcase pressure rise and push more air through the hypothetical gasket leak? The pressure difference from the intake side of the pump to the pressurized oil pan would be even more significant. Maybe cleaning the vent tube would help?
  4. nels

    M20J oil pressure anomaly

    I am thinking air is being sucked in from inside the engine crank case not from the outside.
  5. nels

    Mooney Mite video

    What a cool little plane!
  6. nels

    M20J oil pressure anomaly

    My mind always goes back to an automobile engine as I’ve never had an aircraft engine apart. A typical auto engine would have the pickup mounted from a tube that would go to the oil pump. I had invisioned a leak or crack in this tube at the 5 1/2 quart line. I assume this tube does not exist but is rather part of the case and sump. What is mentioned above makes a whole lot of sense. If the gasket between the two parts is leaking it would be sucking oil above a certain level and air below that level. Maybe the joint between the accessory case and the sump just needs to be tightened up? I have no idea how difficult that might be or if it can be done?
  7. nels

    M20J oil pressure anomaly

    Ok, that makes a lot of sense.
  8. nels

    M20J oil pressure anomaly

    I was told once and remember, as it’s true, raising the oil pressure comes at the cost of lowering oil volume to the moving parts. Pressure regulator just reduces flow. The pressure is usually measured at the oil pump side of the pressure regulator. The amount of oil at the other side of the regulator is what’s important.
  9. nels

    new bearings every annual

    Curious, how much was the annual? That might(?) add some insight to the wheel bearing issue.
  10. Typically if the plane has a three blade prop there is no AD. Just a tip while you’re hunting.
  11. After blowing up the photo I think you are right. In fact it looks like a wrap of some sort.
  12. I do notice you have a rigid pipe going to the reservoir and what looks like a soft line going to the pressure side and not even a hose clamp. I would think that side sees all the brake pressure and would be rigid or at least a flexible brake hose? Maybe Im seeing the wrong thing and what appears to be a rubber hose is just a covered pipe? If it’s a hose made of fuel or vacuum line it can’t be right and brake fluid may have collapsed that hose locking the brakes by not allowing fluid to return to the reservoir? If it’s a fuel line or vacuum line it isnt compatible with brake fluid. If it is an old flexible brake line it also may have swelled up and closed off not allowing fluid to return? Are you using the proper brake fluid? And, one more possibility, residual pressure from the system may be holding the valve in place not allowing fluid to escape back to the reservoir. This would probably be caused by a lose cable casing at the clamp..
  13. nels

    MooneyMite Pics

    Anybody have an original photo of a Crosley powered Mite?
  14. Was your wife with you? If so, will she ever fly with you again? on subject: the vent hole plugged sure sounds plausible.
  15. Sorry, Paul. I was trying to post the fuel tank inspection panel post but it ended up reposting my post from several weeks ago. I had to finally erase the old post before I was able to repost...if that makes any sense.