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  1. What F years have rear seat recline? Mine doesn’t that I know about and that would be a cool feature.
  2. Send a message my way if you want a local (KENW) F model to try on for size.
  3. Well, it’s been a while since we checked in. Any news to report?
  4. Well, that is one more thing you can try to isolate the issue. See if the shop will swap in a Garmin 430. If you have the same problem, then you know it isn't the navigator config.
  5. Evaporation When I picked it up it matched your setting. During troubleshooting, this was one of the first changes the head technician had me apply. Not sure if it will fix your problem but here’s hoping.
  6. I will be back out at the plane Friday, weather permitting, if you have more questions. G5 RS232 - input MapMX, output none, baud 38400 ARINC429 - input 1: Garmin gps (SDI 1), input 2: Garmin VOR/ILS (SDI 1) Avidyne Main ARINC 429 - in 3: low, off; out 3: low, off, SDI: LNAV 1 Main system config - Appr Roll Steer: enabled Main RS232 - CHNL 1: off, MapMX CHNL 2: Off, Aviation CHNL 3: transponder stuff rest not set Main ARINC 429 - in 1: low, EFIS/Airdata in 2: Low, Off Out 1: low, GAMA 429 Graphics out 2: low, off SDI: LNAV 1 VNAV: Enable Labels proceed with caution, this is an F model, ymmv, etc.
  7. I have the 540 and experienced a myriad of issues but not this one. Which is why I don’t think a software update will fix it…it should be a common problem if it was a software issue. I’d check your baud rates, and 429 label type (MapMX has a few options) output from the IFD. If you haven’t, upgrade the G5 and enable logging and check that for clues - it’s a simple CSV. Ditto the avidyne. Good luck and as someone on the avidyne forums told me, don’t accept less than full and correct functioning. It took me 12 weeks from getting the plane back to resolving all install/config issues.
  8. 90 KIAS level is 18”/2350, 15 flaps. 90 KIAS and 500 fpm descent, 13”/2350, 15 flaps, gear down
  9. Mine is set at 2400 but no indication in my logs as why that RPM was chosen.
  10. Registration pending - possible the pilot is new to the aircraft.
  11. This is for an autopilot install. I got the quote in March with an install date of mid-May. Just got the confirmation to bring it in the week of 4th of July, maybe a bit earlier. I am guessing some parts issues and some illness’s have caused the delays. On the bonus(?) side, he was able to add in a wing tip repair at the same time as some one just taxied into my parked plane on Saturday. So the plane will only be down once this summer instead of twice.
  12. Still “a couple weeks out” but once I’ve got dates locked, I will send some DMs for the folks that offered - and definitely will share costs if the schedule works. Always cool to learn different flying techniques and more about Mooney flying in particular. Dallas area is West Village according to Apple Maps, or just north of downtown. And sounds like Amtrak and AA are viable options, schedule permitting too.
  13. I’ve got some upcoming maintenance in Longview, friends in Dallas, and live nowhere near either of them. With the car rental market being spicy hot, what are other good options for getting between the two? Looks like Amtrak serves both, but I am guessing it’s ride sharing at both ends.
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