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  1. mschmuff

    High EGT on one cylinder

    neilpilot nailed it!! - pulled the fuel line off of the injector on the #1 cyl - cleared it with just air......issue is gone!! Another Mooneyspace win!!!
  2. mschmuff

    Mooney for Business Travel

    I'm 7 on / 7 off in DC flying medevac.....with all of the OT I work I am definitely in DC more than DE.....And I get to keep the Mooney in the hangar with helicopter for FREE!! So I chose DC as location!!
  3. mschmuff

    Mooney for Business Travel

    With a $200K budget and the need for FIKI (as opposed to inadvertent TKS) the choices get narrowed down very quickly!! Correct me if I'm wrong but the Acclaim, Ovation and Bravo are the only FIKI aircraft in the Mooney fleet. So Bravo it is!! Since you're already a Beech guy.....1985 FIKI A36TN in Delaware for $190k asking -
  4. mschmuff

    High EGT on one cylinder

    New issue. Both probes are mounted the same. Runs smooth all of the time. Would have no idea there was a problem unless I saw it on the monitor. Pulled both plugs today - both clean and dry.
  5. Need a little help here.....'67 M20F IO-360A1A I searched this topic and found the cause to usually be a fouled/bad spark plug or clogged injector. One said bad cylinder but mine only have about 400hrs on them....I know that's no guarantee but not where I want to start. Here's what's strange (I think)!! #1 cyl on take off and descent is high full rich - 1440-1450 where the other EGTs are all below 1330 (DIF is 170-200) At cruise leaned out it is totally normal.....1415 on #3 which has always the hottest and #1 drops to 1375. And its just EGT - CHT's are all normal. This has happened on the last three flight. Any ideas?? I'm going to clean the plugs, injector and swap probes to start off with but wanted to see if anyone else out there has seen this issue before I get started. Thanks!!!!
  6. I'm planning a trip this winter from KFME (Baltimore, MD) to KSUA (Stuart/West Palm FL). Are there any places that are "must sees" on the way down or back? Any airports to stop in, tour the area? I'm looking at Myrtle, Charleston, Savannah.........I'm going for 3 weeks so plenty of time. Will definitely bring the golf clubs with me. Also considering hopping over to the Bahamas - anyone have experience with that?
  7. mschmuff

    Hanger costs w/in 1 hour of 58M?

    Good Luck!! In the area you are looking you could probably repaint your plane every 5 years for some of the hangar costs. The airports with the "lower" cost being in the $300-$400 range only have 1 runway. Not sure the kind of flying you do but coming in IFR with only 1 runway option can really be a challenge. I chose a tie down at KILG at $125/month (Which is also obscene) for the multiple runways and approaches not to mention all of the services on the field. Feel free to PM me - I have had experience with 7N7 and KEVY as well.
  8. mschmuff

    Century III autopilot - '67 M20F

    vintage 1975 I think
  9. Has anyone had any experience getting their Century III auto pilot repaired? I was getting erroneous pitch and roll commands. It would be flying along straight and level then all of the sudden start climbing at 800ft/min then immediately dive. Really gets your attention!!!!!. Also would do the same in the roll every once in a while – just start turning left and not come back. I have had both the pitch and roll servos rebuilt in the last couple years so looking on MS I had heard great things about autopilots central. I gave them a call and they had me send them my head unit and the amplifier. Minor things wrong with the head unit but the amplifier needs a new board. The old one is a “dash 3”, very rare and poorly made. $2900!! Does this sound insane to anyone else???
  10. Does anyone out there have one of these? And if so, will it work if mounted in the upper baggage compartment (hat rack) area? As we all know dash real estate in a Mooney is at a premium and if I could mount one of these back there and it still work......."winning"!!!!
  11. Looking for some new courses to play in the North East!! Does anyone have suggestions for places I can fly in, NOT need a rental car, and that's within 150-175 miles of Baltimore or Philly.
  12. mschmuff

    What would you do?

    I too would stay away from factory new and reman. Too many horror stories for so much money. If you can get everything done for $16,800 at Jewell - run with it!! Like someone said, I wouldn't bandaid it and try to sell it - it will come back and bite you in the ass!! I also like the idea of a used engine if you don't want to spend $16k. We purchased a 600hr engine from Wentworth for $14K. They gave us $5k for the core and it cost $1,500 to install. All in $10,500!! Good luck!
  13. A lot of good information here!! I am not a huge proponent of light twins when it comes to fixed wing. I fly a twin helicopter for work but I fly at 1000-1500ft and over water….nothing I would do in a single or twin fixed wing. Like someone on here said – if something bad is gonna happen, its gonna happen on take-off below 1000ft. I take four checkrides a year for work and a week in a simulator, and I just consider myself proficient. Having an engine failure in a light twin on take-off…..There is a lot going on in a very little amount of time. I think the probability of misdiagnosing the problem and/or reacting incorrectly is equal to or greater than an engine failure in a single. (IMHO) I have seen plenty of professional pilots shut down a perfectly good engine (including myself in a simulator). Having two engines is not a guarantee of safety. I have been looking at upgrading for a while now and have looked at numerous planes you mention here. If it were me, I’d be looking for a 310 Eagle or older Ovation to stay in the $150k-$190k range. Feel free to PM me if you want to chat. Good luck!!
  14. mschmuff

    Any Aspen MFD / Garmin GDL-88 Owners?

    Hey Chris, I am hearing the same thing from my avionics guy. No one wants to play nice in the sandbox!! I was trying to plan my panel upgrade (Aspen & ADS- and he told me to hold off for fear one won't talk to the other!!. I was considering getting rid of my 696 and getting a 796 so with the Aspen I would have dual AHRS and Garmin couldn't even guarentee what would talk to what!!
  15. mschmuff

    Harrier Vs. M20F

    It's in Southern Maryland at St Mary's Airport - 2W6. Good to know about the Harrier. He actually just got the two seat. Not sure if it's flying yet. Great guy! Thanks!! I'll try and add some other pics of the F. Didn't have anyone design it....just took a stock pic and changed the colors.