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  1. Sorry everyone for not responding sooner! Been on my annual pilgrimage to Florida. Just did 20 hours in her! (2qrts of oil) She never disappoints!!! Flew great!! MD - Charleston (1 round of golf) Charleston - SSI (2 rounds of golf) Dropped my pax off in Tallahassee - yup that was me! Continued to Destin, Ft Myers, & N Palm Beach County Back to SSI, Wilmington NC....... Then to FN Dulles to go through the TSA Gateway (total cluster) so I could get into Wilmington DE because our President came home for the weekend again! And just got the email he'll be back
  2. 1967 Mooney M20F IO-360-A1A (2000hr TBO) Hartzel Prop with “B” hub no AD TTAF – 4520 Tach Times last 5 annuals SMOH – 1350 2020 - 4376 SPOH – 989 2019 - 4212 Useful Load – 1032
  3. I have a '67 F model with electric gear and the AD is due to pull the Dukes actuator and clean it up. Has anyone swapped out this for one with 40:1 gears? I have the 20:1 now. Any idea where to source them? I called LASAR and they are $1500 just for the gears. Is it possible to find a motor with the 40:1 gears instead of switching them out and just install the new actuator?
  4. Thanks for all of the input my fellow keyboard warriors!! lol Here is the additional information you are looking for. The engine is at just over 1000 SMOH which was done in the 90's as a field overhaul. This plane sat for 5 years prior to my purchase. At 500 hours I did a top overhaul with first run cylinders. At 600 hours my lifter were spalling and wrecked my cam. So I am replacing the #2 & #4 cylinders with overhauled cylinders. I could have saved some $$ by having them bore out my cylinders but didn't have the time nor did I want different sizes on my engine. And yes, as s
  5. Just heard from Certified Engines that my cylinders are beyond repair. Any idea what cylinders to replace the ones I had? New Lycoming? Superior? Overhauled ones?
  6. Not the way I wanted this trip to go! Made it to Florida from DC via Charleston and Saint Simons no problem but the last leg of the trip burned 1qt to 1 hour! Had Rick at East Coast Aviation Services take a look at the plane at Stuart Airport. Pulled the bottom plugs and #2 & #4 were wet. 4 was worse than 2 but we pulled them both. Broken ring on #4. Sent both to Certified Engines in Hollywood FL. Waiting to hear if they can be IRAN'd or needs replaced. Will give reviews of both shops once I'm back in the air. Question for all the experts on here. In the last 6 months I h
  7. Unbelievable!!!! All I have to do is threaten my plane and she gets right back in line!! Called JPI about replacing the fuel flow transducer.......next flight - working perfectly again!! Glad I waited to order a new one!! 18GPH on climb out. 10.3GPH ROP 156kts / 9.1GPH LOP 152kts at 5500ft. Is it "normal" that the DIF running ROP in 100 and LOP is only 30?!?!? I never flew LOP before but it seems like the plane likes it better. and for only a 4kt penalty?!?! What was I thinking before!! (Not sure why that one pic is landscape - need tech help! lol)
  8. I have the Aspen Pro with the EA100 adapter driving my Century III autopilot. Very pricey! I think the Aspen was $13k installed plus another $4k for the EA100. The Aspen is awesome - love it! The EA100 was a complete waste of money!! It actually flew better off of the steam gauge! If I could do it all over again I would have saved my $$ and not done the EA100 - waited for the TruTrack and dumped the Century. It's total BS that it flies worse and even more BS that with a G5 you still need to keep your steam gauge to drive your autopilot. The entire idea of the G5 or Aspen is to get rid of
  9. Shadrach - I'm in! Gotta find a time that works....I'll PM you. Female controllers are the best! Washington tower has one that is incredible. Voice inflection is great and you can always hear her laughing with coworkers between radio calls.....all the time saying things like "Southwest1764 you're 2 miles out - cleared to land runway 1, there will be one departure before your arrival"!!! 2 miles out and someone is still on the runway!! As calm as she's ordering a cup of coffee!!
  10. Ya left out the 300xl in your first post - lol!!....that is a good gps and should work just fine. I'd still go with a single G5 over the aerovonics and the electric step. Way better things to spend $$ on. Do you have an engine monitor?
  11. I can't agree more with the TruTrack! I have already said the next time my Century III dies I'm not fixing it and going TT! I know the panel mount GPS's are pricey but how do you fly IFR.....legally?? VORs suck, ILS's seem to always be under maintenance.....everything is going the GPS route. Don't get me wrong - I have spent WAY TOO much $$ on my panel but I think you need a certified IFR GPS. Add dual Garmin G5's and dump the entire vacuum system. That would be $$ well spent and wouldn't break the bank. Just my opinion......
  12. Looking for someone who is a pro at ROP/LOP operations who wants to go flying. I have a '67 F, IO-360A1A and a JPI730. Want to make sure I'm doing it right! I am pretty sure my fuel flow needs an overhaul or new transducer. Maybe it needs cleaned..... I can't get below 12gph. I am also burning 22GPH on climb out (used to be about 18 from what I remember) When I mark the tank and refill, It's tough to say what my cruise burn is because my everyday flight is 40min. 6 or 7 min climb out, 25-30min cruise and then descent...... Let me know who is game! I'm off all week!!
  13. neilpilot nailed it!! - pulled the fuel line off of the injector on the #1 cyl - cleared it with just air......issue is gone!! Another Mooneyspace win!!!
  14. I'm 7 on / 7 off in DC flying medevac.....with all of the OT I work I am definitely in DC more than DE.....And I get to keep the Mooney in the hangar with helicopter for FREE!! So I chose DC as location!!
  15. With a $200K budget and the need for FIKI (as opposed to inadvertent TKS) the choices get narrowed down very quickly!! Correct me if I'm wrong but the Acclaim, Ovation and Bravo are the only FIKI aircraft in the Mooney fleet. So Bravo it is!! Since you're already a Beech guy.....1985 FIKI A36TN in Delaware for $190k asking - controller.com
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