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  1. Dual band Stratux with GPS and AHRS works with most Apps. I used WINGX and it works very nice with the synthetic vision feature. $200 shipped.
  2. We bought a very expensive custom Bruce cover for a previous airplane and it deteriorated within a couple of years. On top of it the cover was a poor fit. When we needed a cover for the Mooney we decided to go with Mac’s Airplane Covers LLC and couldn't be happy with the purchase. After more than 5 years of use in the Southern California sun it withstood a 80 mph storm in Palm Springs a few month ago . During you decision making process you might want to compare the cost of living in Silicon Valley with Michigan. This might explain why MAC delivers a much better value.
  3. Looks beautiful - wonderful workmanship! Wish mine looked like that. Do you have another picture of the front after closing the gaps above alternator and starter (see red highlights). I am trying to improve the baffling in this area and it would be nice to see a good looking example.
  4. I just installed a pair of Lasar Sun Visors and would like to offer my old sun visors for sale. Included is the Lasar mounting hardware for older models without attachment points. One of the little brackets cracked during removal and was repaired with epoxy (see picture). $150 includes shipping. Frank
  5. LASAR Visors

    Here is a picture of the hardware and instructions to install visors in older models.
  6. LASAR Visors

    I just installed a pair of LASAR visor that my wife found on eBay. The kit came with a bracket, hardware, and instructions to install the visors in older models without attachment points.
  7. Wanted: Apollo GX50

    If you old GX50 is INOP contact Jeff kineticphotons@fastmail.us He helped me with my SL60 and a fellow board member with his GX55.
  8. I am looking for a spare wing servo for the PC system in my 1970 M20c. Frank
  9. Halo in ear headsets

    This is copied from an older post titled "Custom Molded Earplugs": I was never happy with the standard ear tips for my LightSpeed Mach I. After coming across a do it yourself kit for custom molded earplugs for only $10 I gave it a try. It took about 30' to form a pair and it was fairly easy to follow the instructions (see below). The kit supplied a little bit less material than I would have liked and the outer surface didn't come out as smooth as shown in the picture on the package. I would recommend ordering to kits for one pair. After letting the plugs cure over night, I drilled small holes from the tip extending into the ear canal to the outside and inserted small plastic tubing with the matching the size of the metal tips on the headsets earpieces. I haven't tried them in the airplane, but I am very pleased with the first ground test using handheld radio and IPAD. Even the microphone piece stays now firm in the ear without using the hinged ear loop. JUST 3 EASY STEPS - Open the containers and separate the colored and white materials into halves, keeping separated. - Mix one of the colored halves with one of the white halves. Mix until both halves are one consistent color. - Gently press material into one ear by pushing in the center of the silicone. Let it sit in your ear for 10 minutes, then remove the plug. Repeat steps for second earplug. Pirep: Noise attenuation is significantly better than with the foam or rubber inserts. I find the ear plugs comfortable on longer flights and even in the desert environment sweating hasn't been in issue for me. Getting the earplugs in and out is a little tricky and I find myself using the Bose for short flights. One issue i did run into was the plastic tube not staying in the silicon pieces. I solved this problem with Uncle Don's superglue. (BTW is stuff is magical a did wonders when repairing my interior)
  10. Annual needed in San Diego

    I have used Efrem Ramirez in Flabob for the last 4 years and have been very happy with him. He takes care of a few short bodies. He lives in Irvine and does "Housecalls" if your airport allows outside mechanics. KPSP doesn't allow outside Mechanics therefore I always brings the airplane to Flabob. I will send PM with his Phone number.
  11. Very clean KX155 with Glideslope, 28V version removed from 205. Complete with tray and connectors $1100.
  12. California residents are exempt if an airplanes, boat, etc is bought for the use outside of California. After the first year you can file for exception from sales tax and proof that the purchased item was out of State for the first 6 month typically satisfies the Board of Equalization that the item was bought with the intention to use outside of California. Disclaimer: Not an accountant, not qualified or licensed to give tax advice.
  13. I believe the reduced rate for the annual use tax / registration in AZ is for airplanes older than 40 years and experimental airplanes. We used to pay for our "C" $26 in Phoenix. Riverside County, CA is 1% of value; have not gotten this years bill but should be about $440.
  14. eBay avionics purchase

    +1 for Alan. His current 430W seems a little high compared to the deal on the 530W. I bought a 430W from him a few months ago - now I feel I should have waited. However keep in mind for us West Coasters dealing with a guy from NJ is almost as scary as trading across the Pacific. After all reality is made in a Hollywood basement :-).
  15. eBay avionics purchase

    Has plastic protector on face, totally free of scratches. This item is brand new, has not been powered on, has no warranty because over the warranty period. This is the unit only with the following description below. we offering a 14 day money back guarantee for this unit. I don't see the plastic protector in the pictures; details like this a good indicator that the pictures and description are copied from another add. I would be very very careful. I was on the hunt for this magical deal for a GNS430W for a long time and ended up buying one from a guy who's Yelp reviews on Mooneyspace stated "He's very inflexible on pricing and insists on getting how much he asks for" Everything worked out as promised and I was happy with the purchase. Was it the cheapest - NO -, but when I spend this kind of money I want to know who I am dealing with.