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  1. California residents are exempt if an airplanes, boat, etc is bought for the use outside of California. After the first year you can file for exception from sales tax and proof that the purchased item was out of State for the first 6 month typically satisfies the Board of Equalization that the item was bought with the intention to use outside of California. Disclaimer: Not an accountant, not qualified or licensed to give tax advice.
  2. I believe the reduced rate for the annual use tax / registration in AZ is for airplanes older than 40 years and experimental airplanes. We used to pay for our "C" $26 in Phoenix. Riverside County, CA is 1% of value; have not gotten this years bill but should be about $440.
  3. +1 for Alan. His current 430W seems a little high compared to the deal on the 530W. I bought a 430W from him a few months ago - now I feel I should have waited. However keep in mind for us West Coasters dealing with a guy from NJ is almost as scary as trading across the Pacific. After all reality is made in a Hollywood basement :-).
  4. Has plastic protector on face, totally free of scratches. This item is brand new, has not been powered on, has no warranty because over the warranty period. This is the unit only with the following description below. we offering a 14 day money back guarantee for this unit. I don't see the plastic protector in the pictures; details like this a good indicator that the pictures and description are copied from another add. I would be very very careful. I was on the hunt for this magical deal for a GNS430W for a long time and ended up buying one from a guy who's Yelp reviews on Mooneyspace stated "He's very inflexible on pricing and insists on getting how much he asks for" Everything worked out as promised and I was happy with the purchase. Was it the cheapest - NO -, but when I spend this kind of money I want to know who I am dealing with.
  5. I am surprised that we have endless posts about the shade of the N numbers, but nobody commented on the KX175 in the panel. Spending $12K on a paintjob and not investing another $1K on a used KX155 etc. seems the wrong approach to me.
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Omega_Speedmaster In light of the limited climb performance of our "C" space suitability was not that high on my list in regards of watch selection. Nevertheless I have to agree with Jose that the precision of the Eco-Drive far exceeds my Speedmaster.
  7. Check the "December 2016 M20C (fixed) cowl flaps opening" thread and you will find a series of pictures showing the cowl opening of M20c's with fixed cowl flaps. Your cowl flaps opening is significantly larger than most of the fleet.
  8. I am afraid this thread is taking a turn for the worst, but what I remember from my days in the Phoenix area is that Scottsdale seems to be the Epicenter for overhauls / installation of aftermarket parts on older models…
  9. Terry: The GTX330 installation manual lists under RS232 input options: REMOTE RS-232 serial input remote data. Reserved for future use. Do I assume correct that the "future use" is the "ADS B out" and your 430W feeds the GPS data to RS232 Channel 1 of your 330. The 330 is connected to a grey code encoder and provides serial altitude information to the 430W? Thank you, Frank
  10. Thank you for posting the pictures of your setup . I was surprised that your setup shows DATA OFF for 429 Input. Doesn't the TDR need GPS input for ADS-B out? It would be fantastic if you could post pictures of 430W setup as well. Thank you, Frank
  11. Beautiful, I love the flush mounted G5.
  12. Both KX125's are sold - KLN89B still available
  13. Yan - Call or text me I have 2 mil spec crimpers
  14. I just finished the second avionics update of our M20C in 5 years. After going back and forth for a long time wife (CFII) and I decided to install GNS430W, GTX330ES, and SL60. "Amazingly" it took only 3 times as long as expected. Adding an Interior overhaul added further mayhem to schedule and budget. Now it is time to empty the bookshelves of all leftovers: King KX125 NAVCOM (Black) $950 King KX125 NAVCOM (Silver) $950 King KLN89B IFR GPS (Non WAAS) $700 The KX125 comes with complete wiring harness. The KX125 has a built-in CDI and doesn't need an indicator, however you can connect an external CDI and I have matching KI208s for $150. The KX125 can be "upgraded" to GS with a KI214 indicator. I have one needing repair for $100.
  15. We finished our interior overhaul yesterday. Upholstery material is IZIT "leather" and carpets from SCS. Our plastic panels were in pretty bad shape and I tried different methods to fix them. What worked best for me was a trick one of my old school A&P friend (fellow M20c owner) tough me. Cut a piece of fiberglass cloth and glue it to the backside of the crack by apply superglue with fast rubbing action. I tried different brands and Uncle Don's Hobby Shop house brand worked the best for me. It comes in different size bottles and different viscosity. They also sell an activator in a small spray bottle that cures the glue within seconds. http://www.uncledonshobbies.com/