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  1. Above the Clouds

    Love flying above the clouds on a beautiful day (above the clouds) with the ceilings high enough to not shoot approaches to minimums. Coming back from Georgia on a late Saturday afternoon. Filmed using my IPhone so apologize for the "non-professional" images but still fun.
  2. J TurnAway

    Fall flying.
  3. Upgrade path from g1000 to NXI

    David's older J model is in good hands!!! Right Dave? By the way, it is in annual. That is why you aren't seeing me on FlightAware.
  4. 3 Mooney Formation Flight in NJ

    Nice bird! The plane looks nice as well.
  5. 3 Mooney Formation Flight in NJ

    Very cute. But not what I had in mind. How about airplane new interior pictures?
  6. 3 Mooney Formation Flight in NJ

  7. 3 Mooney Formation Flight in NJ

    201er, did you get a new interior in your J? Noticed in the above video it looked new (and nice) or were you flying someone else's plane? Curious
  8. G600 and terrain update

    Loaded the "correct data" on the "correct card" and put it in the "correct G600" and presto...works great! And yes, it is a large file. Took well over an hour to load. Thanks all for the help.
  9. G600 and terrain update

    Thanks Don for the help. I appreciate it.
  10. Updated my G600, GTN750 and 650 in my M20J today. Haven't updated since I bought last year due to being unable to fly while waiting on BasicMed. That said, everything was fine except terrain on the G600 did not load. I wasn't sure of the software version number on the G600 so I loaded the pre 7.00 version from Garmin. If the G600 software version is greater than 7.00, then could that be the problem? And if I go back to flygarmin and download the post 7.00 version, will that solve the problem? Thanks for the help.
  11. B-Kool

    Thank you for the help. I appreciate it.
  12. B-Kool

    Drew, Do you put the unit through the baggage door or must you put it through the main door and fold the seats down to get it into the luggage compartment. Then, I would assume you must remove it to drain it as water will not run up hill (I don't think). Just curious. Thanks
  13. B-Kool

    Thanks for the responses. Bravoman, which brand did you buy? No sense in me reinventing the wheel as yours works well. Thank you.
  14. B-Kool

    Living in Mississippi I must have some form of air conditioning so people will fly with me and me with myself. I have a 1998 M20J that has all possible avionics, G600, GTN750 and 650, KFC150, Gad43, Skywatch, EDM830, Flightstream 210, etc. etc. But no air since that is not an option. I have owned two Ovation 2GX with air so I am spoiled. Haven't flown in 4 years so just starting back. Spoke with Bob at B-Kool and he said his units require 5 amps but we couldn't find the amps from the cigarette socket in the manuals. He told me if it was a problem that we could do a work around or I could return the box but just wondered if anyone could help with the amps from the socket and if you all are using one and does it work. Still cool here now but the weather will get hot quick. Thanks for your response. JVanceCPA
  15. speed brakes

    Well, I realized I never finished the odyssey of the inop speed brake. Sent them back to Precise Flight. Spoke with them personally, very nice, and found out that the motor in the logic controller and the left brake were "fried". Precise Flight fixed the problem and advised me to exercise them several times to see if there might be a wiring problem. They said they would warrant them after this fix but only fix them one more time if it is a wiring problem within the aircraft. I have flown the plane several times testing the brakes a lot and everything seems fine now. Hopefully, just one of those gremlins that happened. Anyway, up and going again. Thanks.