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  1. Jvancecpa

    Should I or Shouldn't I

    Decided to go the 1997 Ovation3 way and put in a few upgrades. Made the call and found out, SOLD already!! Back to the drawing board.
  2. Jvancecpa

    Should I or Shouldn't I

    I am a CPA and one computer screen has my tax software and the other "you all"! Maybe I should add another screen!!
  3. Jvancecpa

    Should I or Shouldn't I

  4. Jvancecpa

    Should I or Shouldn't I

    My wife did tell me that I better get EXACTLY what I want if I do this and it better be the last one!! Yea, right!!
  5. Jvancecpa

    Should I or Shouldn't I

    Stupid and.... no air and too slow. When you are use to 185kts then 145kts seems slow. Like I said, spoiled!
  6. Jvancecpa

    Should I or Shouldn't I

    https://youtu.be/N7OaJibLhws And just to show how I am mentally off, the Baron I completely restored! (And just about went broke in the process).
  7. Jvancecpa

    Should I or Shouldn't I

    https://youtu.be/5UutcIxO_hI And the J Model I sold in December. Am I stupid or what?
  8. Jvancecpa

    Should I or Shouldn't I

    https://youtu.be/CcvKqAdqHu0 This was the last Ovation I had. As you can see, I was spoiled!
  9. Jvancecpa

    Should I or Shouldn't I

    Yes, that does help along with everyone's input. I have contacted the shop that did my panel in the Baron I restored (check out Beechtalk for that long, long story) to get his input on a few upgrades on an older Ovation with air and 310 upgrade. My required list would include air, glass panel and good autopilot. I don't normally fly a lot of IFR but always feel more comfortable with a good autopilot backup. Actually I am the backup and the autopilot does the flying! I will keep searching and again appreciate all the help. I will keep the Mooney World informed. Thanks.
  10. Jvancecpa

    Should I or Shouldn't I

    This is getting confusing. Seems everyone I speak with has a different take on my needs and/or wants. Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate the input. Just confusing. It seems the consensus is do not add WAAS to the existing G1000 as it is too expensive and not worth the cost. I really liked WAAS in my J Model with G600 and GTN750. Was also told that if I add SVT, it will not be as "clear and defined" as it would be with the WAAS installed. Was told to watch out for the 345R as it doesn't work well in the tail of the airplane. (I have read that in other posts). So, should I wait for an airplane with all the goodies? Should I find an older Ovation with air and put all of the new Garmin "stuff" in it? Or should I re-retire from flying, AGAIN!! Keep the comments coming and I'll keep reading. All are appreciated.
  11. Jvancecpa

    Should I or Shouldn't I

    I did notice that plane and thought about getting additional information on it. For the difference in price, which is +$150,000 I could do "lots" of upgrades! Thanks for the suggestion.
  12. Ok. I sold the M20J, the best equipped J in the world in December since I decided I was done with flying! Now, my wife and I are looking at a beach home in Florida and it is a 7 hour drive or 1 1/2 hours in an Ovation. I am looking at a 2008 Ovation3. Now, it doesn't have WAAS, VNAV, SVT, traffic and is not ADS-B compliant. My former Mooney Ovation2GX that I sold before the J Model had all of those features just was not a 310hp conversion. This aircraft does have A/C which is why I am considering it. So, will I be happy with this airplane (in comparison to what I have had) without the aforementioned equipment? I am thinking about adding the SVT and a 345-R transponder. SVT is necessary for me so that is a given. Will the 345R be "adequate" for traffic and weather and whatever else it offers? Also, any idea what the SVT update will cost? I was told around $12,000 if the G1000 has the appropriate "cards" whatever that means. All comments appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Jvancecpa

    Above the Clouds

    Love flying above the clouds on a beautiful day (above the clouds) with the ceilings high enough to not shoot approaches to minimums. Coming back from Georgia on a late Saturday afternoon. Filmed using my IPhone so apologize for the "non-professional" images but still fun.
  14. Jvancecpa

    J TurnAway

    Fall flying.
  15. Jvancecpa

    Upgrade path from g1000 to NXI

    David's older J model is in good hands!!! Right Dave? By the way, it is in annual. That is why you aren't seeing me on FlightAware.