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  1. Thanks for the kind words, Seth. It was great meeting you and your lovely co-pilot. Although the weather put somewhat of a damper on the festival, it was nice to meet and talk with other Mooney lovers as well as the many folks who strolled down the ramp admiring our planes. No matter the weather, I'm always happiest around airplanes so this weekend was another good one for me. I also want to thank Alex, Tim and Larry for bringing their beautiful airplanes
  2. The event manager has asked that we use the GA parking placards (template on the virginiaflyin.com website) so it looks as if we won't be parking with the showplanes. I suggest that we add MOONEY AMBASSADOR to the placard so that the ground crews can hopefully, get us close together. Looking forward to meeting you all next weekend. It's going to be a great weekend to fly! PS. Don't forget to look at the VFR arrival procedures posted on the fly-in's website. A lot of different types of airplanes being flown by folks with a lot of various piloting skills always makes for interesting and challenging arrivals.
  3. Looking forward to meeting everyone in Suffolk. Please, please let me know if you're coming so I can coordinate with the event manager for parking. Seth, I have you confirmed for arrival Sunday. I'll have an email to you directly. Alex R - are you still going to be able to make it? Anybody else? It's going to be a great day for flying! email me at m20kflyer@gmail.com
  4. Great news! The event manger will give us space on the ramp. I just need to let him know how many and the estimated arrival times so the ground crews will have an eye out for us so they can marshal us to a common area on the ramp. I will be arriving Saturday morning around 0900 and will be there for both days. Please let me know your trial number, aircraft colors and your time of arrival. I would like to have a count and the info to the event by this Friday, 20 April. Email me at m20kflyer@gmail.com. Thanks! Mike
  5. Seth and AlexR - I've not heard back from the event's general manager regarding ramp space. I'll be working the issue intensely over the next few days and will let you know ASAP. Please check out the event's website www.virginiaflyin.org for info; especially their arrival procedure on Sat and Sunday.
  6. I'll be contacting the event organizers today about the possibility of ramp space for a few Mooneys. Hope to see and meet a lot of you there. Mike Frank