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  1. Gentleman, I'm looking at a mk262 trophy conversion to purchase. As I review the log books, there is an entry and reference to stc sa2445ce, however the owner dosen't have the actual stc. Would anyone with the current mk262 trophy conversion be able to share the stc for reference purpose. Thanks in advance mooneyjet.
  2. Longest flying day so far for me on a m20C, was from kfxe to cyxe, that's about 1965nm or 14.8 hours of flying. After the 4 fuel stops, it was an 18 hour day. The most shocking part of the journey was leaving kfxe about 32°c and landing in cyxe -28°c, with out the windchill.
  3. Hey guys flying the mighty m20 C at 9.5k smooth, with the s-tec selected in nav and altitude hold selected. After about an hour into the three hour xcountry trip,the altitude hold started to oscillate. I retrim the mooney manually. Once again when the altitude hold was selected it started to oscillate to the point that it got to almost plus or minus 100 feet. I did notice the Altimeter and vsi had a bit of wiggle. Anyone ever experience this snag before.
  4. I flown my m20 c at -36 c and it had not too much problem keeping up with a 400 nm flight I did stay at about 6k. I also did start with a warm cabin. I may say that it climb like a home sick angel.
  5. What about "201" with tks, anyone have any input if there is much lost in true airspeed.
  6. I find that I end up canceling a lot of my trips due to weather below freezing temps and low clouds which mean icing either in the climb or the decent into an approach. I got a sweet "c" with stec 30, and 430w, however I would like to have tks and fuel injection. Most of my trips are 400 to 500 nautical miles.
  7. Hello guys, just curious us to how many of you have made the transition from vintages mooney's to J's, and onwards mooney models. Did you find a big difference with regard of more room overall, did the wife, family enjoy the ride more.
  8. Always enjoy your videos, however I'm unable to watch this one in Canada, never had this problem with the previous ones.
  9. For myself with a m20c, is not a big deal at all just watch the fuel pressure flicker and then switch tanks.
  10. That's a great job with the Mooneyjet prototype however mine is 'cke'. She's a 1962 m20c. The other one is my buddys 1963 m20c.
  11. Hello guys, I happen to work with a very talented photographer and had the chance to take the Mooneyjet for its first air to air photo shoot. Here a link to the photo shoot Enjoy!
  12. I been trying to calibrate, the fpl5, and my poh power setting to what is reading out is completely off.
  13. I got a 62 with the lasar cowl mod, I climb at 120mph and I can say that I never have exceed 315c on the climb, I flown all the way from the Canadian prairies to the Florida keys. I bring the prop back to 2650 on the climb and wot, I mostly do cross country trips and typical cruise altitude are between 8k to12k, I will lean the the engine and try to keep target egt.