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  1. This poster is trying to extract some humor from a devastating fratricide incident where the use of dextroanphetamine was used as defense when an f16 pilot put a laser guided weapon on what he thought was the Taliban but turned out to be friendlies (Canadians). Not a very funny picture IMO https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tarnak_Farm_incident Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Aha - well I will be very interested to hear later how your Zephyr engine is going for you since that will likely be the shop I might use when my time comes. Last year I decided to shop- pre-pick a shop since then I was at 1250 hrs and as we all know these engines might decide its time before we like, and I didn't want to find myself shopping in a hurry. So I decided to shop at my leasure through the various shops and Zephyr is likely the winner. Your cost is a tad higher than I would have guessed since I was guessing 55k for engine, accessories, but also including exhaust. But still quit
  3. I'm reading this over generalization on the bullet train from misawa to tokyo, but I don't disagree that one can put them self in a cocoon, especially when it's more convenient. The further removed from western culture, the more convenient it becomes to "hole up". I disagree that this is a difference between civilian and government employees. Your post strikes me as a generalization about military members, where I believe it's an individual issue. I don't profess to speak fluent Japanese, but I can get around without shaming America and appreciate the advantages (namely education, friendliness
  4. Why not? Sent from my iphone near amori prefecture- Japan
  5. I forgot to mention- I dump the flaps at 100kias on go arounds, and I use 'four potatoes' (landing flaps) for landings. (Count for potatoes while depressing the flaps switch and you set landing flaps without looking, two potatoes for take off flaps). I've broke myself of the habit of using take of flaps for landing and have enjoyed shorter role outs and less brake wear ever since.
  6. I fly with more than 35 lbs of luggage in the back and don't notice any difference in flight. A ballast is a waste of useful load and fuel IMO. It took me a few landings to get the trim dialed in, but in my '80 231 conversion, I manually trim (agree electric trim is too slow) to where the trim indicator touches the bottom of the 'm' on the word 'trim' (just left of the indicator). This makes the controls light at 80kias. For go arounds vmc, I use forward pressure as required to establish a climb away from the ground and 107kias while manually trimming forward. For go arounds imc, I use forward
  7. Unless you fly over 200kias, you get the same treatment as any other bug smasher. However, if you let me make your radio calls, you are certain to get priority as controllers fear my bravado and respect my concise ICAO brevity.
  8. It would not work well. The walmart device amplifies visible light, while the PathfinderIR converts IR to visible light. IR has a longer wavelength, thus penetrates fog/dust better than visible light and is more suitable for civil aviation. To get any use out of a night vision device (walmart), you would need NVG compatible lighting in your cockpit as to not wash out your monocular and clear visibility with more NVG compatible lighting along the runway. Not to mention if you expect any sort of clarity in an NVG device you will need to spend north of 3K. An equivalent to Military NVG binocular
  9. upon contact with north las vegas tower last week, "bonanza xyz, you have a mooney overtaking you by 60 knots, fly heading 360, you'll be number two behind him" To be fair, I was in the descent, but I didn't tell that to the bonanza.
  10. I'm based out of north Las Vegas. Fuel has dropped drastically in the last two weeks and is just under $5.50. I've always been happy with their service. Arriving from the east, you can request the Cortez arrival (Vegas terminal chart). If las app can't give that to you, expect to be pawned off to Nellis, take a short detour north and arrive via the mines, Nellis, then norh Las Vegas. I always arrive/depart vfr, as I have not yet seen ifr conditions in 3 years of basing in Vegas. For departures, I file ifr, depart vfr and pick up clearance down the road
  11. Aviatoreb, I had that cable break in my rocket last year. You are pretty close on your estimate. I had to have a cable fabricated, and getting at the cable forward of the firewall was described colorfully by my a&p, as he had to remove a fair mount of parts to get any space to work with. I love the rocket, but the cowl flaps could use some improvement. Mine won't retract unless I'm <105 ias
  12. Traffic is displayed for anyone who is in radar coverage regardless of if the have adsb-out or not. For those with adsb out, you can see their call sign as well as posit and alt displayed on whatever gonkulator you use (mfd, etc). That being said, I fly the majority under ifr, and adsb traffic only gives me a warm fuzzy about the controller's ability to call out traffic. For me, adsb traffic is kinda cool, kinda gimmicky. While it can impress passengers, for me, it provides the same SA as "mooney xxx, traffic 11 o'clock, 5 miles, opposite direction, co-alt".
  13. Thanks guys. I'll replace the probe as soon as I get back to Vegas, setting known power/fuel flows in the mean time. D
  14. The probe has at least 400 hrs on it. Would you get erratic indications or just a drop in temp as the probe reached the end of it's service life? -D
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