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  1. Finally got a call from lycoming. It’s been a busy summer and they had some cylinder shortages as they started making them in-house . In my case it was a shaft of some sort, crankshaft or camshaft maybe.Learned something cool though. When I get my factory remanufactured engine, any part on the parts list with a -70 or -85 is a refurbished part, otherwise parts are new. Interesting...
  2. Distributor basically just said “part shortages” and said check back in early September. It’s going to be almost 12 weeks now. Seems to be twice as long as in the past from what I’ve read. Is there some big demand for engines or are there nonconforming parts that Lycoming is trying to replace from their setups? I was told factory new engines have even longer delays. But I really wanted the roller tappets... otherwise I would have considered the Penn Yan A3B6D that was available.
  3. I’ve had on order a Lycoming IO-360-A3B6 since mid June. It was supposed to ship next week but has been delayed till mid September. Anyone here buying a factory rebuilt engine having similar difficulties? Contacting the factory is impossible, so hard to reach.
  4. You’d be surprised how hard these things are to find but that wire jumper is pretty solid!
  5. Where do I get that bar from? Right now all I have is a jumper. It’s basically busbar material but the link distance is custom right? There’s no PN for that which is why I have a short 16 AWG wire link between two pidg lugs.
  6. Good question, I’m converting from the D2000 mag to two slick mags, do I need to do this? Here is the service instruction that was applied years ago, so I’ve been advised to unapply it for the dual mags.
  7. Offhand do you know the part number and washers for the circuit breaker panel too?
  8. Clarence, Thank You! That sounds like a much better part! I’m trying to re add the link that grounds the right magneto in prep for the A3B6 conversion and realized whoever did the mod in the 1980s took the link out and the screw...
  9. It does seem like a hokey screw, kind of a common terminal screw like a landing light screw
  10. Anyone know what the part number for the terminal screws are? I need to add the right magneto grounding link since I’m ditching the a3b6d for the a3b6
  11. I would have to have new harnesses right? Also I would have to get JPI to send me an adapter harness for rpm I think.
  12. That’s interesting about the oil cooler rotation. Dan said don’t install fiftings on the oil cooler till installed. I’ll keep an eye out for the prop governor. Dan said the old fittings work fine and there is no need for these but I’m curious to whether the modworks mount is different than the Mooney mount afterwards.
  13. My oil cooler was corroded so I bought a new one from Pacific oil cooler service in CA. Unfortunately I’m stuck with 20 degree timing on slicks until I get the Electroair or lycoming or surefly ignition upgrade in a few years
  14. Dan at LASAR said the same thing. I can scavenge from my old engine. It’s probably a part I could produce as an owner produced part in my machine shop. It’s basically a clamp that holds the cable in place right?