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  1. tankles

    New owner of M20M N763RC

    Seller might be a broker - have seen a number of adds for aircraft sales with his name listed Also note below PARTNER WANTED • $60,000 • PARTNER WANTED • I am thinking of partnering up on my 1993 Mooney TLS bravo 1/2 ownership Nice plane. in Tn. • Contact James M. Carter, End User - located Jonesborough, TN USA • Telephone: 423-948-9651 . • Posted May 1, 2017
  2. Hello, I was contemplating the advantages ( as well as the disadvantages) of a partnership. Is anyone aware of insurance that would be available in case a partner were to lose their medical that would cover some or all of their buy-in cost. I realize that the share could be posted for sale under those circumstances but that may take a long time and perhaps would likely have to sell at a discount just to be done with it. Thanks for any input.
  3. tankles

    Are you a Mooneyspace Troll?

    I could be considered a troll or perhaps just a lurker. I fly a 172 but want a Mooney in the worst way. I have been visiting this site almost daily for a year now to to gather as much info as i can about these aircraft so that someday I can confidently make that decision to purchase one. Winning the lottery would sure help speed things up
  4. tankles

    #tankles's album

  5. tankles

    Flight instrcuction

    danandjan1@charter.net Thanks
  6. tankles

    Flight instrcuction

    Thanks for the reply however I keep getting and invalide email address message. I have about 250 hrs flying 172's, 150's and 152's but that's it. I have been interested in learning how to fly a Mooney with the outside possibility of even purschasing one.
  7. tankles

    Flight instrcuction

    Thanks for your reply.
  8. Greetings, I have been interested for some time in learning to fly something other than a Cessna 172 but my options in East TN are limited to just that. I have long since wanted to learn to fly a Mooney. Does anybody know/recommend any Mooney instructors that may be based out of East Tn or South West VA - that have their own plane ? Tall order I know but I had to inquire. Thanks