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  1. Jetlag

    GFC500 Update

    They told me between 25-50 hours. According to Flightaware, it looks like they just started flying my plane for the certification of long body Mooneys. I am scheduled to get my plane back in December.
  2. Jetlag

    An Absolutely Horrible Day!

    Hartzell is making a top prop for the bravo. They have someone's plane now and are doing the stc. Probably won't be done in time for you, but it would be close. But something to think about.
  3. Jetlag

    GFC500 Update

    My Bravo should be back from Garmin in early December also. I can confirm that long bodies get the Yaw dampener also. You loose rudder trim for takeoff until you engage the autopilot from my understanding. Last I heard from them was a few weeks ago and they wanted me to approve the new panel layout. They had ordered a new panel from Mooney and were getting ready to mill it.
  4. Jetlag

    Nice opportunity for a Bravo owner!

    Garmin is taking out the KFC 150 autopilot, HSI, and Attitude indicator. So I get rid of two vacuum pumps, the Attitude indictor, and the HSI and the gyro to support the HSI. It will be replaced with their GFC 500 autopilot, two G5s, and all the things needed for the new autopilot to talk to my GTN.
  5. Jetlag

    Nice opportunity for a Bravo owner!

    No updates from Garmin yet. They expect to be done by December. I also found out at Oshkosh that Hartzell is starting to work on the STC this month for a TopProp for the Bravo.
  6. Jetlag

    Nice opportunity for a Bravo owner!

    The plane's log books were approved. I will be dropping off the Bravo on the way to Oshkosh. I hope that Garmin will interface the GFC500 with other products in the future. Being stuck with the G5 set up only is are hard discussion, but I was not planning on upgrading my avionics anytime soon, so I think it will work out for me. The second G5 is not included because it is not needed for certification. They have offered to install another G5 for the cost of the unit. I will do that. It still seems like a good deal for me since I wasn't planning any upgrades and I didn't have any trips planned this year except for Oshkosh. Rental car from Kansas and hotel now for Oshkosh.
  7. Jetlag

    Nice opportunity for a Bravo owner!

    I took Garmin up on this opportunity. They still have to review my logbooks to make sure there isn't going to be any issues going from experimental back to standard category. I also have to complete an annual in two weeks to make their deadline. They wan't to start on July 16th, and don't want any inspections coming due in the next 6 months. I hope it works out.
  8. Jetlag

    Mooney Bravo TLS pre-buy in Jacksonville

    Mike, Also if you are interested PM me and I will share will you my pre-buy discrepancy list compared to the annual discrepancy list done a few months later at Top Gun. My Bravo is a 1991.
  9. Jetlag

    Mooney Bravo TLS pre-buy in Jacksonville

    Hi Mike, Where will you be basing the plane on the west coast? I'm based out of Kelso, Washington. I went through the same thing you are doing when I bought my Bravo a few years ago. I arranged a prebuy at Daytona and airlined there to pick it up when everything checked out ok. I was going to get a pre-buy done by Phil but he needed the plane flown to him and I couldn't find anyone to get it there so I had Daytona check it out even though they had been doing the annuals for about 10 years.
  10. Jetlag

    Starting problem

    The Bravo only has one impulse coupling. It is on the left Magneto. Recently I was having starting problems and it was found that my impulse coupling was only working intermittently. I know of one other Bravo owner that had the same problem with hard starts due to the impulse coupling.
  11. Jetlag

    Powertow EZ40 for sale - $500

    I've put one in my Mooney. You just have to take off the handle and front arm to fit it through the baggage door. I few bolts as I remember.
  12. Jetlag

    Bravo checklist

    I made this checklist for normal procedures a couples years ago. Best regards, Andy M20M CHECKLIST.docx
  13. Jetlag

    MooneySpace Reunion

    Yes I like the idea, but November and December is too busy with holiday stuff to get away for me.
  14. Jetlag

    M20K MSC restored

    JC I think you should move promoting this plane to the for sale section.