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  1. Antares

    Cigars, cigarettes, Tiparillos

    What's the mechanism? O2 increases oxidation enough to generate adequate heat for ignition?
  2. Antares

    Cigars, cigarettes, Tiparillos

    I like that I have a factory ashtray and built-in factory oxygen.
  3. One more thing, and it's something that I hate. I have what I consider to be a somewhat well-tempered sense of justice. I get really pissed off at the injustices that we deal with in life, but as pissed as I am with FBO pricing, or having to hold for a long time on the phone with a call center, only to speak to someone who barely speaks English, et cetera, I don't shoot the messenger. The person working the front desk just works there and has about as little to do with the fucking that we're getting as the person answering the phone when you call customer service. Sometimes it's not even the FBO, it's the airport sponsor forcing the FBO through some corrupt channel to pay too much for fuel and those costs get passed on to us. And worse, they often are the buffer for the negatively that goes along with what their employers are doing in setting prices. I go out of my way to express in the kindest of manner how much I appreciate the individual's help and in the same tone of voice, I voice my complaint over the high fees and explicitly tell them that I know they have nothing to do with it personally. Oftentimes it results in a fuel discount or fees getting waived even though I never ask for that. Signature is the only operation on the field at KGSO. They have excellent service and relatively inexpensive self-serve fuel. A couple weeks ago I went to a crowded bar in Tampa with my girlfriend. We're navigating through the crowd and this guy is looking at her and sortof blocking our path. I guide her to the right of him as I'm following her from behind. The next thing you know, as we're passing him, his hand slides up and grabs my ass. I don't think he even realized that it wasn't her. I felt violated; the same way that I feel when I fly out of Asheville.
  4. Nice! What did it take to protect your plane after landing? Did you seal everything with painters tape and bag the gear? This is something that I'd love to do one year, but the concern over the dust getting into everything has me cautious.
  5. Antares

    Right aileron stuck. Fyi

    I've had an aileron stick due to antichafe tape coming off from a gap seal, but the adhesive remained. As a quick fix, I put motor oil on a rag and wiped it down until I could get it repaired.
  6. Antares

    Buyer's Brokers cost

    It depends on how much the search and learning about the fleet interests you. If life's got you busy and you can't afford to spend a lot of time searching for planes, evaluating them, aren't sure what to look for, and this guy will negotiate the fair market price for you, it's probably worth it. The market is a lot tighter now than it has been in years and good planes that are priced right move quickly, which was one thing that burned me numerous times during my search -- uncertainty on planes that were good and priced correctly; someone who knew what they were looking at would move in quickly and buy while I was making up my mind.
  7. Antares

    Vegas anyone?

    I may be there as well. Are you a vendor?
  8. If it ends up being a wire or the alternator, do yourself a favor. Have all wires replaced, not repaired and install a plane power alternator. You will continue to have these issues if wires or alternator are old. Not addressing this the FIRST time it happened resulted in a second time, which resulted in a post-maintenance engine failure that ended up with me on the ground and not on a runway.
  9. My current financial outlay between my two airplanes is roughly $2000/mo before I fly. Hangars are over $500/mo here. I live in a shitty block construction apartment and have an 11 year old car with no payment, so I guess it works out.
  10. Antares

    Lost the keys, Damn it!!!!

    Would really suck if you didn't have anything to cut a zip tie with.
  11. That's why we have insurance -- to fight over who pays on our behalf. Waivers used to piss me off, but in many cases they don't apply when it comes to gross negligence.
  12. That's all really weird. My understanding, and I may be wrong, is that 100LL is refined once a year. I could see oil fluctuations affecting delivery cost, and possibly some things with pricing to prevent demand from increasing for use in things other than airplanes, but the daily fluctuation tied to the price of oil seems a bit weird to me as I don't see demand of the end product -- avgas -- changing all that much.
  13. Antares

    New Rocket Owner

    Well, it all got replaced and set by the book. Alternator, regulator, and batteries. One thing that I'm not sure of is whether the batteries have separate master relays. The issue there is that an imbalance between the batteries could cause them to discharge each other while sitting.
  14. Let us know if you get it. I trust his work more than I trust the factory.