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  1. +1 Sidewinder, portable, foldable, but not cheap. Butch
  2. Swap coolest CHT fuel injector with the hottest fuel injector (cheap). Try new spark plugs (not too expensive). Double check baffling including in between cylinders. GAMI's? Download JPI data and analyze to see if this is the only issue. Butch
  3. Swap the hottest temp probe with the coolest to see if the high temp follows, cheap and easy attempt first! JMHO, Butch
  4. Very cheap asnd easy suggestion: Since you don't have GAMI's, swap the #5 and #1 fuel injectors to see if that evens out the CHT and EGT. You might be surprised. I think that for factory fuel injectors the EGT and CHT spread looks pretty good. Probably better not to fix something that's not broke. JMHO. Butch
  5. Need some recommendations for a good Mooney maintenance shop in central Florida. I heard that Aircraft Depot at KPGD has changed hands ,and it is getting harder to find Mooney qualified maintenance technicians to do the work properly. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Butch
  6. Sun N Fun 2013 is almost over, and I only live 30 miles away from Lakeland. However, I think the SNF arrival is totally unsafe and should be revised. I was at the show (drove from Tampa) on Tuesday and Friday, and there was hardly anyone flying into the show on either day. I absolutely would never fly into SNF on a weekend, way too dangerous, the arrival pattern is not clear if you haven't done it before (I've flown into SNF about 30 times, many years ago) and most guys haven't read the NOTAM. The procedure needs to be more precise, and the spacing is always to close, be careful out there. IMHO
  7. Thinking of selling mine soon as well, good market info, thanks. Butch
  8. IMHO it is very rare for any airplane to backfire in the flare, if that was normal then every airplane would backfire in the landing phase. I think you have an exhaust problem/muffler issue resulting in the backfire on landing. I have had this same problem, but mine was an easy fix due to a poor fit on the slip joints on the vertival exhaust stacks. Do Mooney occasionally backfire on the ground after landing - Yes, even mine does (less so no that I had the idle mixture setting properly set after 13 years of ownership!) It always smelled of unburned fuel on shutdown until I had this adjusted. Experience is wonderful, but it's usually expensive. Good luck. Butch
  9. Ray, I've had the pleasure of replacing both the Master Relay and the Starter Relay. I would turn the starter key and get this ratcheting noise, I had a mechanic replace it, it has worked fine ever since (mine was a 3 prong 12V starter). It really is doorbell technology, not hard to do, but getting the bolts loosened and tightened in the pilots footwell is really a lot of fun! Good luck.
  10. I have a good friend who owns an Eagle, and I have flown with him extensively. The main difference IMHO is that the Eagle has the Moritz gauges which elevates the glare shield about 3" higher than any Mooney without these gauges. It takes a little while to get used to even less forward visibility, but you get used to it.
  11. A mechanic told me once that CHTs will normally be higher after new cylinders/engine overhaul due to better compression (normally the main reason for an new cylinder/engine overhaul). I would try to fly it as much as possible, I believe that once you get some real time on the engine you'll see those CHTs drop very gradually. As long as your baffling is in good shape, enjoy it. IMHO.
  12. Had the exact same problem in Key West 2 weeks ago. We flew through some very intense rain and guessed that the switches grounded out due to the water intrusion. 2 dry days later, they retracted and flew home uneventfully.
  13. I was told that the fuel fumes actually keep the fuel tank sealant pliable, not the fuel itself, that's why I only fill the tanks before I go flying.