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  1. I use the Tocsin 3 CO monitor. About $170 from Aircraft Spruce. I also have the O2D2 system which really conserves oxygen. Ray
  2. PT20J, That’s exactly what I needed to see! Thanks. I’m fortunate that the guys at Dugosh were able to tell me that they knew the part, the cost, and had one. The Parker website for Cleveland wheels is spot on. Ray
  3. Willie, I recently added the O2D2 demand oxygen system to the oxygen setup in my 231. It’s simple and works well, only delivering oxygen when you inspire, thus saving your tanks. In my case it has doubled my oxygen useful time per tank. Knowing I have plenty of oxygen for all legs of my trip has been great. I use a portable pulse oximeter (cheap, $40) to monitor my oxygen requirements and often start using oxygen at 10,000 ft. If set up initially with your O2 system it will be a bit neater than mine as an add-on. Ray
  4. The correct elastic grommet for the valve stem on the 5.00-5 wheel is part number 217-00100. It cost about $12 on Aircraft Spruce. The staff at Spruce kept trying to tell me the part was $93 and was 05-14654. Several local mechanics advised me to get 217-00100, and Dugosh had one. When the wheel was removed and disassembled, it was clear that 217-00100 was the correct part. This is for the nose wheel only. The mains are different. Ray
  5. My 1979 231 had a nose wheel flat on landing yesterday at T74 in Taylor Texas. The locals were super helpful getting the plane safely to the ramp then coming up with a new tube and tire! A local Mooney owner and fellow gyro pilot had a jack and helped change the tire. The only issue is that the 90 degree air valve stem goes thru an elastic grommet on the wheel, and that grommet was lost. I found one that “sort of fit” and flew the plane home. Now I need to get the correct grommet with the correct size inside diameter, outside diameter, and groove width? Does anyone know what the dimensions are
  6. I bought my 231 when I had just over 100 hrs. I got good transition training then flew VFR for about 50 hours over three months to get comfortable with the plane. I then did my IFR training. I’ve since put about 1000 hours on it and it has been a good match to my mission (me, wife, dog, baggage). It can be done. Ray
  7. I used a Best Tugs Bravo for over a year and it was perfect for moving the Mooney and my hangar mate’s Cirrus up a steep incline to the hangar. The guy in the hangar next door, used the same model to move his Meridian. Very good but pricey.
  8. I started as a hangar renter after I bought my Mooney 10 years ago. After a while, I decided I wanted my own hangar with the “required” TV, internet, bathroom (my wife insisted), couch, refrigerator, compressor, tools, and fan. I had a cheap tow vehicle made from a converted lawn mower that still works, but I recently upgraded to a purpose built Power Tow and it has made a big improvement in getting the Mooney in and out of the hangar. Be sure you have some way to move your plane if you have some gradient to deal with. Ray
  9. Saturday morning sunrise flight to join nine other gyroplanes for some formation flying and BBQ in the Texas Hill Country. I know it was not in my Mooney, but it was awfully pretty. Ray
  10. Thanks Paul. The GoPro support forum says that you can’t fix prop distortion in settings on the Hero 8. The NFlight filter specifically lists the GoPros 5,6,&7, but not the 8? Ray
  11. I remain hopeful that this project will progress to flying planes for customers. My number in line is 97. The good news is I can keep flying my Mooney until that happens. I’m not an engineer, so someone tell me if that gear shimmy looks O.K.? Ray
  12. I just received a GoPro Hero 8 Black. I know I’ll need the cables for intercom/ATC audio in, and I’ve found that on the internet. Does the propeller filter used on the GoPro 7 also work on the GoPro 8? I’m looking forward to recording some flights in my Mooney as well as my gyroplane (pusher prop, no filter needed). Ray
  13. All American Aircraft in Texas seem to have a good handle on the market, and likely will be able to help sort through the planes.
  14. Welcome. Because you are a skilled A&P you can perhaps update a plane and transfer some sweat equity. But my experience in having spent a ton of time and money updating my 231, is that had I just kept looking for an already updated plane, I would have saved about $20-30K. I bought my 1979 M20K in 2011 with 400 hours on a factory new engine. My pre-purchase inspection failed to reveal the new tank sealing that was needed just months after my purchase, and my radio and transponder dropped dead in the first year with two cylinders giving out at the annual. I ultimately had new windows, comple
  15. Solo it takes about 300 ft to break ground, double that with a passenger or to clear 50 ft obstacle. 0-20 ft rolls on landing are pretty common. Remember, no vertical take offs, no hovering, no negative G maneuvers. Great for that solo burger mission! Ray
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