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  1. Hector did mine eight years ago, and it still looks like new.
  2. As both a jumper and pilot who flies near a busy jump operation near San Marcos Texas, I feel like most of the important points about communication and procedures have been well made. Skydiving and jump pilots got me interested in getting my PPL. As I listen to the jump pilots communicate with Austin Approach, I have found it to be very professional. I have been surprised by the number of transient aircraft that have flown right over the drop zone apparently unaware of the activity. They aren't monitoring approach and aren't checking the sectional of their route. My USPA D license is in the 5000s having been earned in the late 70s. I made a few thousand jumps before focusing more on my Mooney, so I feel like I get what both communities have to offer. I applaude B.D. for keeping an open mind. Blue Skies!
  3. My wife and I always travel with our small dog in our Mooney. We like having her with us, and it's really no additional expense. If I could just get her to wear oxygen.....
  4. I called back to the Lockhart (50R) FBO, and the owner has moved to Tennesee. The registration has expired and the plane is deregistered. She can get hold of the guy if anyone is interested. As I said, he pays his rent regularly.
  5. Today I flew into 50R at Lockhart Texas. In the FBO hangar there is a 1975 M20F (N7431V) that has been parked with flat tires and lot's of dust for 11 years and never flown or annualled. According to the desk person at the FBO, the owner moved to another state several years ago. The owner has declined several offers for the plane in the past, and he dutifully pays his hangar rent (it's not abandoned). I understand the emotional connection to one's plane, or perhaps the loss of one's medical being issues for an owner. But really, letting the plane sit for years is like slowly killing any chances of the plane ever flying again. What am I missing? There may be more to the story than I know, but it just looks sad. Ray
  6. Bob Cabe is a San Antonio based Mooney transition instructor. I used him and was very pleased with the instruction. He is well known in this area. His number is 210-289-5375. He's somewhat sought after so call him as far in advance as possible.
  7. I've had very good experiences with both Ron Fisher and Dugosh. P.M. Me if I can be of any help. I live in, and keep my plane in Boerne. Ray
  8. Just thinking that you may want to consider something pressurized as sometimes the little ones aren't too good at wearing their oxygen. What do you think?
  9. TV news showed a crane with straps lifting the plane to clear the road. I don't know what damage the crane did to the plane.
  10. News update states they overshot a private runway and went through a fence. The photo shows them both standing next to the plane on a road on Fox News KABB channel 29.
  11. Just saw on the local news that N6868 went down north of San Antonio and both occupants had only minor injured. The photo showed the plane basically intact and upright. It is registered in San Antonio. I don't know the owner. Ray
  12. I really like what you've done. There is nothing available new from a manufacturer that can compare for the money. If your intention is to have the plane just the way you want it and keep it for a while, then you've done it just right. Great looking plane.
  13. Bob Cabe and his twin brother Joe (also a CFI) are local here in San Antonio and are a great resource for pilots transitioning to Mooneys. Bob was my instructor. Congrats on your purchase. Ray
  14. Canada and Mexico are exempt from the tariffs according to the national news here
  15. Mike, my Mooney is in for it's annual and my gyroplane is in the engine shop or I'd drop in to say hello from San Antonio. Enjoy the trip. Ray