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  1. It wasn't a total failure, the engine would run at high rpms, but not smoothly. There was some trace amounts of fuel leaking from the old pump. I've gone ahead and inspected the entire fuel injection system since the flow divider and servo yellow tags are dated 2005. we fly way too much night/IMC cross countries to have any doubts in our engine and components.
  2. Clean and polish your firewall. Also if you’ve got the original relays, cables, etc. it’s a good time to replace those.
  3. Don’t forget the pilot valve. I had to replace one on my previous Mooney.
  4. Can I get the part number the “cooling thing”? is this it?
  5. Taxied out this past weekend and the engine quit during run up. After a quick experiment, the engine would only idle with the electric boost pump on. A new replacement lycoming fuel pump and gasket was ordered from spruce and is arriving today. Requesting advice and any helpful procedures to replace the fuel pump on my 67 M20F. Are there any other proactive maintenance tasks or recommended improvements while I’ve got things apart? Thanks in advance. Anthony
  6. Plus one for Russ at D&G. I’ve used his shop for years on my last three airplanes various fuel system components. High quality work and a quick turn around.
  7. This is very good advice and the exact logic that led me to buy an M20F vs the M20J/M20K options. I’d plus up the miscellaneous budget to $15k and luckily my engine overhaul money hasn’t been touched yet after 230 hours of flying since purchase. Knock on wood!
  8. Bought 68’ M20C in a May 2011, flew just over 1500 hours and would still own if not for a gear up landing (not pilot error, right main gear door caught on gear leg rivet). Bought 67’ M20F in Sep 2018 and have over 220 hours on it. We are constantly amazed at what a difference in comfort and performance the mid body and 20 additional HP provides. Another plus is the low insurance costs. I also like the manual gear, flaps, and light weight of the mid 60s Mooneys. My wife loves the strength of the airframe. We test flew several vintage Bonanzas and Debonairs, a couple of Bellanca Vikings, as well as flew nearly 100 hours in Cherokee 235s. Bottom line; the Mooney is the best choice for us.
  9. An additional consideration is to keep the left Mag/sos in case of ever having to hand prop/start the engine. That’s an emergency procedure in my opinion but nice to have just in case. YMMV
  10. Why not remove the connection on the key switch so it starts using both mags? Does that give you the best of both worlds with the SOS left mag and right side electronic ignition? Just a thought, not an A&P.
  11. Yes, or you can replace it with an electric attitude indicator with inclinometer to have a second AI in case of vacuum failure.
  12. Jeev, get mine sent ASAP once approved. I’ve got my A&P(IA) lined up to remove the entire Brittain system and install an electric AI with inclinometer in place of the Brittain TC. I’m keeping the vacuum pump and AI/DG for now. Then i’ll fly over to our local avionics shop for the TruTrak install. My M20F should be a good indicator for the group as to what the install times should be for the Brittain equipped vintage Mooneys. Have fun at Oshkosh, hopefully I’ll get there next year. Anthony
  13. Like a gear leg rivet/plug getting caught on the bottom of the gear door.