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  1. I’ve got a power flow exhaust on order and having taken advantage of show discounts and longer lead times will be delivered sometime late July. Our current exhaust works fine, no leaks detected by our high-end solid state CO detector, and looked great at annual last month. This mid-time exhaust would likely provide years of use to a recreational Mooney flyer. Make an offer if interested? I estimate shipping costs will be around $40-50.
  2. I’m interested, 67’ M20F, PTT and autopilot is all I need.
  3. Here’s how ours turned out. The tape measure picture was for the new cowl plugs ordered from Bruce’s.
  4. Let me know if it makes sense to pre-install the wiring harness. I’ll be replacing my windows and windshields soon so it might be wise to go ahead and install the wiring harness as well.
  5. You won’t regret the step upgrade. We sure like ours.
  6. Wheel well liners installed during gear rigging check of the annual inspection. Should be good for another 5knots or more *grin*. Making our great airplane a little better one step at a time. New windshields and windows next with a Powerflow exhaust due in August. The flying restoration continues with 165 hours flown since purchase last September 28th. LIG
  7. I think this is the part, very pricey.
  8. There are a couple options for replacing the rotating beacon. Be sure to double check the size of the beacon on your plane.
  9. The Whelen LED position light available from Knots2U. Also swapped out the rotating beacon for another Whelen LED red/white flashing unit that is also connected to my electric actuator converted entrance step. Wingtips are LED via uAvionix units. Now I just turn them on and leave them on with minimal current draw.
  10. If you take advantage of their Sun’nFun or Airventure volume order discounts and chose a late delivery date the discount is significant. We ordered ours at Sun’nFun and should receive it sometime in August. Our current exhaust will be at its half life then and should be of some value on the used market to further offset the cost. This is my fourth power flow exhaust system (C172, PA28, M20C previously) and I find them to be an excellent value when you factor in increased performance, stronger/safer (CO risk is basically zero) design, reduced vibration, and better for the engine overall. hangar flyers need not apply ymmv, my $0.02 ah
  11. Little improvements continue, almost done converting the entire airplane to LEDs.
  12. Good update thanks. Since purchase of our M20F last September we’ve serviced the SOS, installed a skytec starter, installed new starter relay/solenoid, cleaned the plugs, installed new ignition harnesses, cleaned fuel injectors, verified key switch function, retimed the mags, and am now replacing the original battery cables with all new copper. All part of the flying restoration process. Should be good for another year.
  13. The flying restoration continues with new thicker solar uv windows and windshields ordered at Sun’nFun. I’m excited about this upgrade and hope it makes the cabin more comfortable.