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  1. Fuel Bladders soon to be approved !

    That is what my experience shows as well having ran both of my bladder type tanks dry (not at the same time) and filled them back up to 27.5 and 27.4 respectively.
  2. ADS-B Resource Thread

    I just scheduled my ADS-B install for the first week of December with Does anyone have any reviews or dealings with this shop based in Tallahassee? I'm based in the panhandle of Florida and there are only two Garmin dealers near me so I thought I'd give this shop a try. Thanks, Anthony
  3. M20C Firewall Forward Restoration

    I'm going to respectfully decline. :-)
  4. M20C Firewall Forward Restoration

    I'll take some pictures during the next oil change but if you look at the felt type sealing material under the starter and alternator that is what we also used above them as well.
  5. M20C Firewall Forward Restoration

    Here's some before photos. It's got the normal spin on oil filter. It's a real trick, doing the oil change without making a mess. Note the old alternator filter box on the firewall, that went in the garbage. I did reuse my wiring harness and planelower voltage regulator since they were recently replaced.
  6. My outstanding IA with his world class craftsmanship and experience did a phenomenal job giving our 68' M20C a new lease on life. Firewall repairs, new relays, cables, wires, zero time engine/prop, mount overhauled, power-flow exhaust upgrade, replaced old CBs, new digital tach, painted/repairs to the baffling and the battery box, fabricated new breather tubes, all new hoses, replaced every clamp, fitting, bolts, nuts, cotterpins, the list went on and on. Because once you're there, you might as well fix it right. I thought the group might like to see the results. Next we will restore the landing gear and finally get a long overdue shiny new paint job. I'm thinking of doing it like the new Aclaim or Ovation Ultra since I've got all the 201 mods and that way from a distance it will look like the new planes :-) The 1.5 hour test flight went really well and the engine is breaking in nicely after just one long out and back cross country at exactly 75% power. First oil change coming up soon at 10 hours and then the next at 25 hours after that. Having put over 1300 hours on her over the past six years, our family hopes to keep flying her for the next 50+ years.
  7. Alex's M20D (continuous thread)

    Perhaps a solution has presented itself. :-)
  8. M20k pilot seat frame

    There are two on eBay right now.
  9. electric back up fuel pump

    It's pretty cool seeing an old thread still finding some use. Update on my Dukes overhaul back in 2012; flown over 1300 hours trouble-free hours. Take care of your stuff and it will take care of you.
  10. o-360 overhaul

    I strongly recommend you check with Aero Engines of Winchester. The best quality/dollar value in engine work. I just had my O-360 overhauled, reused my case/crank, new cam, four new factory Lycoming cylinder assemblies, new fuel pump, carb, light weight starter, etc. $20k He coordinated for shipping, we pulled the engine and had it back in approximately three weeks. I personally know dozens of airplanes, personal and flight school that have Aero Engine overhauls, with zero issues/complaints.
  11. Where to send magnetos for service?

    Finally, constructive dialogue. Perhaps my new policy will be to exchange the used mags for new, and eliminate the possibility of overhaul assembly and prior use risks. I may even invest in one of the electric ignition options, like electroair. Bottom line, having owned four different airplanes and having to service mags on average of every other annual, there must be a better option than continuing to play the overhaul roulette wheel and hope for the best method.
  12. Where to send magnetos for service?

    Clarence, my A&P/IA did not use a gear locking tool during the install of any of my mags. So based on your experience what is the most likely cause of the broken gear?
  13. Where to send magnetos for service? is who I recommend. Do not confuse them with Quality Aircraft Accessories also located in OK. They have a poor record for quality even thought it's in their name. However according to the all knowing mooney space magneto experts, all of my issues with QAA were due to incompetent installation practices. Good luck and be careful.
  14. Where to send magnetos for service?

    That was a thread I started but have since deleted since the all knowing mooneyspace experts said that all of my issues were due to installation error.
  15. Working well when removed for powerflow upgrade. Entire system (minus shroud) overhauled by AWI 4-5 years ago and the muffler was overhauled a second time two years ago. Times are estimated as the logs are at the airport. Note, my A&P said that he thought the muffler will need attention again sometime soon. Make an offer, buyer pays shipping.