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  1. nosky2high

    AeroVonics AV-20, clocks and minor mods

    I concur with this analysis. Installing a new clock/voltmeter/OAT that is also a backup solid state attitude indicator with AOA for under $1000 is an outstanding value for the vintage panel IFR flyers out there.
  2. nosky2high

    ADS-B Resource Thread

    This logic supports going with the uAvionx Skybeacon or Tailbeacon. Why spend all that when you can spend $1300ish after the FAA rebate?
  3. Are you referring to the “premature” aging of my original 1967 paint job?
  4. How do you keep your $1000s spent on new LED lighting systems or antennas from being stolen? Or your airplane covers and fly away gear? You can “what if” anything.
  5. nosky2high

    The AV 30 Looks Good

    Thanks for the update Cliffy. Count me in as an early adopter of this product. I can't wait to be rid of the entire vacuum system.
  6. nosky2high

    ADS-B Resource Thread

    uAvionix got their patent according to their FB page.
  7. uAvionix got their patent so it looks like the lawsuit isn’t slowing things down.
  8. nosky2high

    ADSB... uAvionix

    It would be nice if folks did a little reading on the product being discussed before commenting. “The certified skyBeacon and tailBeacon feature a unique password secured configuration interface via Wi-Fi. A user must enter the password to change the device configuration including the aircraft ICAO and callsign. The password is unique to the device, and once configured, cannot be reconfigured for another aircraft without that password. The password is essentially an anti-theft key, and should be kept secure with aircraft record. There are no external markings or indications on the skyBeacon or tailBeacon to indicate the password. uAvionix will be able to provide the password if lost provided proof of purchase can be validated.”
  9. nosky2high

    Fuel injection problem

    Thanks for the update, the way this thread was left it appears that D&G was the culprit.
  10. My preference is to completely remove the Brittain PC system which includes the TC, pilot valve, filters, lots of tubing, etc while installing the Trutrak system. It’s a good time to add an additional attitude indicator, especially with all the electric AIs with inclinometers available due to the influx of MFDs like Aspen, etc in its place for redundancy.
  11. Removed for upgrade to Plane power alternator. Worked fine. As is, $100 obo
  12. Removed for upgrade to Bluetooth model. As is, worked just fine other than the rear seat passenger volume was too high. $400 OBO
  13. nosky2high

    Fuel injection problem

    So what ended up being the problem? Did Russ at D&G make it right.
  14. nosky2high

    ADSB... uAvionix

    Yes, if your existing transponder/encoder work fine then the Uavionix system is a great way to go.
  15. nosky2high

    ADSB... uAvionix

    If you have the modern style wingtips vs the squared off vintage tips then the skybeacon won’t fit and the tail beacon is a better option. Also folks might not like the appearance of the skybeacon. I plan on installing the companion right side nav light so they will match up and satisfy my OCD.