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  1. I strongly recommend you check with Aero Engines of Winchester. The best quality/dollar value in engine work. I just had my O-360 overhauled, reused my case/crank, new cam, four new factory Lycoming cylinder assemblies, new fuel pump, carb, light weight starter, etc. $20k He coordinated for shipping, we pulled the engine and had it back in approximately three weeks. I personally know dozens of airplanes, personal and flight school that have Aero Engine overhauls, with zero issues/complaints.
  2. Finally, constructive dialogue. Perhaps my new policy will be to exchange the used mags for new, and eliminate the possibility of overhaul assembly and prior use risks. I may even invest in one of the electric ignition options, like electroair. Bottom line, having owned four different airplanes and having to service mags on average of every other annual, there must be a better option than continuing to play the overhaul roulette wheel and hope for the best method.
  3. Clarence, my A&P/IA did not use a gear locking tool during the install of any of my mags. So based on your experience what is the most likely cause of the broken gear?
  4. is who I recommend. Do not confuse them with Quality Aircraft Accessories also located in OK. They have a poor record for quality even thought it's in their name. However according to the all knowing mooney space magneto experts, all of my issues with QAA were due to incompetent installation practices. Good luck and be careful.
  5. That was a thread I started but have since deleted since the all knowing mooneyspace experts said that all of my issues were due to installation error.
  6. Working well when removed for powerflow upgrade. Entire system (minus shroud) overhauled by AWI 4-5 years ago and the muffler was overhauled a second time two years ago. Times are estimated as the logs are at the airport. Note, my A&P said that he thought the muffler will need attention again sometime soon. Make an offer, buyer pays shipping.
  7. I pulled my engine on 1 June and will have it back, zero SMOH, on Monday, 19 June. The major overhaul includes installing all new Lycoming cylinders, the case & crank checked out okay, rebuilt cam, new starter, carb, fuel pump oh, I took care of the mags and vacuum pump myself; all nice and clean with a fresh coat of paint ready to go back on my plane next week. Thank you Aero Engines of Winchester. There is no better value and I have no doubts as to the reliability and high quality craftsmanship of Tom and his team of experts. I'll be able to provide plenty of feedback regarding the break-in which shouldn't take long since we fly over 200+ hours a year.
  8. Is this 430 still for sale?
  9. Currently, giving Six Nine Double Z a much needed firewall forward restoration after flying over 1360hrs for the past six years. Engine Mount overhauled by AWI, new lord mounts, Engine major overhaul by Aero Engines of Winchester (new cylinders, carb, fuel pump, starter),  Prop/Gov overhauled by AirProps in Marianna, Fl,  Mags exchanged with Aircraft Accessories in Tulsa, new Tempest Vacuum Pump, powerflow exhaust upgrade, new hoses/oil cooler, new relays/solenoids on the firewall, planepower alternator/regulator, etc.

    Should be good for another 2000+ hours of flying.

    Mooney flyer for life. Panel upgrade to follow. Time to get the ADS-B compliance taken care of.

  10. I've had new Alpha Aviation belts in my 68' M20C for the past 4 years, no regrets. Inertial reel for the pilot side and we went with the regular slide type shoulder harness for the copilot. The back seat passengers can easily get in and out since the bulky inertial reel isn't in the way. I will replace them with new belts in six years. No compromises in what I consider to be mandatory safety equipment.
  11. serviceable when removed, muffler is getting worn, slip joints, ribbed design.
  12. New exhaust arrives next week, anyone out there want a very serviceable M20C exhaust as a spare?
  13. Having flown nearly 1300 hours in the past six years, I've had to overhaul the entire exhaust system once(2012), overall the muffler again 400 hours later(2014), and now my muffler is showing wear inside and is in need of an overhaul again... I've had it. Powerflow on order. PIREP to follow.
  14. Awesome M20K, when were the tanks last resealed?
  15. Will your LoPresti F be available once you find your Rocket? Contact me at if you'd like to see your F go to a serious Mooney flying family. 1250+ hours in less than 6 years, no slowing down yet.