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  1. A simple cost benefit analysis of IFR direct avionics will easily show that the KNS-80 is the best value. Hence my comment and offer to take yours if available as a spare.
  2. I've downloaded the ski tube 337 copies from the files section, is there any additional info available? Thanks, ah
  3. Garmin 750 Chip FOR SALE

    do the same chips work in 430/530s?
  4. Medeco Lockset Recommendation I ordered the Mooney set, I'm not aware of any ability to match with the ignition. You'd have to give them a call.
  5. I'll take your KNS-80 off your hands if you're removing for the upgrade. It's the best IFR direct capable value in GA.
  6. Get the rating.

    In addition to the IR and staying very current, I strongly recommend you replace your aircraft battery every three years and your vacuum pump and alternator (overhaul) every five hundred hours as well. Don't forget to overhaul those gyro instruments if applicable. Next up for our vintage Mooney, the Garmin G5 Attitude indicator. The additional safety of this instrument with four hour battery backup is a huge risk mitigator, IMO.
  7. Over the holiday break, we finally got around to updating the baggage and copilot door with Medeco Aircraft locks. Prior to my ownership, the biggest collection of incompetent Mooney owners somehow managed to replace the baggage door, copilot door and ignition switch with three different keys. The ignition switch was replaced with a used salvage switch by a real cheapskate that naturally I had to replace with new when it hinted at giving me trouble several years ago. Now I've got one key for the baggage and copilot doors and will replace the ignition key switch with the electroair keyless ignition switch soon. FFI check This is also a good time to upgrade the older door handle to the new version. the flying restoration continues... As we approach 1400 hours in 6.5 years. regards, anthony
  8. Took advantage of the end of year discount and ordered the Electroair EIS-41000 ignition system and ignition switch panel, can't wait to see how it performs paired with my powerflow equipped M20C. Anyone else with an O-360 Mooney tried this?
  9. Gear Doughnuts

    Replaced the donuts and restored my gear as well, marked improvement in all areas.
  10. Thoughts on this M20C?

    $40K is what I'm thinking. A $10-15k WAAS GPS upgrade with an ADS-B transponder being a definite need within the next two years. Also the engine time and how many years since overhaul is a concern, the infamous lycoming cam issue. The engine could be a $20k issue very soon. My $0.02, having owned a 68' M20C for the past 6.5 yrs, flown over 1380 hrs and fixed or restored every part of the airplane in the process.
  11. Mag issue stuck in Monterey

    What shop?
  12. FAA ADS-B Rebate - almost done, and GDL-82?

    FWIW I'm scheduled to have the GDL-82 installed in February. Pirep to follow.
  13. Our flying restoration work continues, finally getting the gear restored. Next up, electronic ignition.

  14. Recommend me a new insurance broker

    TJ at Airpower insurance, been using them for years.