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  1. nosky2high

    A&P Says "Oh no a Mooney?!!"

    It is a very good idea to have several good (rare and hard to find in many places) mechanics available prior to purchase of any vintage airplane so that you will have assistance dealing with the inevitable deferred maintenance issues. As others have stated, being a proactive owner helps. I do all the parts research, have the jacks, tail weight/stand and gear rigging tools staged in my hangar, air compressor, work tables and benches with maintenance/parts manuals and Mooney annual inspection checklist ready to reference. My preferred IA can then just focus on doing the required maintenance and continual flying restoration tasks. I also pay in cash which seems to get me a very good deal and preferred treatment to accommodate my busy schedule. Your focus on having good maintenance support shows a high level of airplane ownership IQ. Good luck, AH
  2. Sanjeev, Thanks for keeping us updated, i’ll order mine now to lock in the price. Anthony
  3. You dont need a WAAS gps to have GPS steering. I also don’t fault someone for buying a used non-waas GPS w/indicator, new skybeacon, and TruTrak (when available) autopilot combination for roughly $12-13k installed vs all the other alternatives costing $20-30k or more. Sure it’s a risk, but there are plenty of non waas gps units available from reputable sources. Be safe, ah
  4. nosky2high

    Oil filter conversion

    I spent that much on fuel last weekend, so I’m not sure how a $400 expense sometime in the next 7-10 years is a detractor. Complexity??? Doesn’t adding an electric motor to your original manual retractable landing gear add complexity? You can argue that with anything. Weight, a couple pounds tops. FWIW, we have no problem accessing the mags, vacuum pump, Governor, relays, voltage regulator, etc. To each his own, be safe. ah (1615 Mooney hours since May 2011) PS: as always I recommend getting your advice from active users of the products being discussed vs hangar pilots.
  5. nosky2high

    Lycoming io-360 Engine odyssey

    I sure like my Airwolf remote filter system, makes oil changes quick and clean.
  6. nosky2high

    ADSB... uAvionix

    How is it a risk? If Garmin wins, are they going to sue all of the skybeacon owners and force us to remove them?
  7. nosky2high

    Oil filter conversion

    Here is what I did.
  8. nosky2high

    Prop governor problem

    Good luck
  9. nosky2high

    Prop governor problem

    Plus 1 for McCauley, you can buy a new one cheaper than a PCU5000 as well. I've got 1700 hours in a M20C and M20F, and have experience servicingy the governors in both airplanes, once overhauled or replaced the McCauley governors have been outstanding. Be sure that your existing prop cable and bracket are compatible with whatever governor you chose. Check with Dan at LASAR to be sure.
  10. nosky2high

    ADSB... uAvionix

    My flight was done above 10k only. Passed.
  11. nosky2high

    ADSB... uAvionix

    Use a portable antenna like stratus.
  12. nosky2high

    ADSB... uAvionix

    Validation flight completed. Rebate submitted. Good go to for 2020 and saved big bucks over the other options.
  13. nosky2high

    ADS-B Resource Thread

    Success. Rebate is on the way. GAIRS_20190125_N631KY_69085523.pdf PAPR_20190125_A8426B_69085523.pdf
  14. Pm me and i’ll get it in the mail.
  15. Some ramblings, observations, and lessons learned... I’m scanning the logbooks and see 1600 plus hours of Mooney time between our first, a 68’ M20C bought in May 2011 and our second a “new” 67’ M20F bought September 28, 2018. BLUF, a world class Mooney experienced IA is vital to dispatch reliability and safety. Cutting corners to save a few dollars never worked, for example I was given the advice to get various accessories (prop governor, mags, etc) IRANd instead of overhauled. Since we fly well over 200 hours a year, this led to additional unscheduled maintenance issues. When I went with complete overhauls we had much better results. This isn’t a big deal for folks averaging less than 100 hours a year. There are outstanding upgrades available. We’ve had great success with the addition of Powerflow Exhausts vs using factory exhaust repair/OH shops, installing PlanePower alternator and voltage regulators, light weight starters, using legacy IFR direct systems (KNS80, now Garmin 300XL), maintaining the PC wingleveler but ready for TruTrak, Alpha aviation seatbelts with shoulder harnesses, Concord Batteries, and am excited about Aerovonics and their upcoming line of solid state AI/DGs. Eliminating the vacuum system cost effectively was unheard of just a few years ago, but more and more options keep getting approved. We considered over and over upgrading to a M20J/M20K but we get so much value out of a $50k ish Mooney that can be insured for peanuts vs the next step up. My advice if you know your flying mission for the foreseeable future like we do, don’t pass on all those good, low time, great condition vintage Mooneys. With a little $ and some sweat equity you can save big bucks over the modern versions and have lots of money left for fuel. my $0.02, ymmv Anthony Hanson KMAI, N631KY