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  1. My new blocks arrived today. The craftsmanship looks outstanding. Great job! Thank you very much. Anthony Hanson
  2. Hardware is ordered, annual coming up, looking forward to this upgrade and the corresponding peace of mind. I think the gear up/down blocks were my last major concern with flying our vintage M20F on my 100th birthday. A big thank you to everyone who made this happen. Anthony Hanson (still averaging 20 hours per month Wuhan be damned)
  3. I’ve got a 67’ M20F with the oil cooler relocated, power flow exhaust, plane power alternator conversion and skytec starter. Let me know when your cowling is ready. Count me in!
  4. Works great. Inexpensive ADS-B in cockpit traffic and weather along with an emergency AHRS. Includes mounting base and AC charger.
  5. 1850+ hours since May 2011 in vintage Mooneys will teach you a thing or two about maintenance. :-)
  6. Almost 300 hours since install, working great.
  7. Finally upgraded to a thicker solar LPAero one piece windshield several weeks ago. We have noticeably less vibration and noise in the cabin as well as safer margins in the event of a bird strike. Be careful out there. Now have 360 hours on our M20F in the past 18 months of ownership.
  8. Order placed and message sent. Thanks for leading this effort. Anthony Hanson
  9. Over 300 hours now on our flying restoration since purchase Sep 28,2018. Finally got the PF exhaust installed. We’re very pleased with the value and performance of our M20F.
  10. 2018 - CSEL 275 hours all personal/com training flying 2019 - 226 hours all personal flying 2020 - surpass 3000 hours total time, all in own airplanes. - Add weight shift control rating, buy SLSA Trike and fly with aging dad as often as possible Life is to be enjoyed.
  11. Any chance it will providing heading bug info to the TruTrak while functioning as a DG?
  12. So what was the problem/cause? Have you solved this mystery?