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  1. Like a gear leg rivet/plug getting caught on the bottom of the gear door.
  2. There’s a big difference between training and the actual environment. For example, you can file direct via radar vectors. There are very few serious IFR cross country SEL mentors out there. My personally recommended reading list to potentially save your life; Weather Flying by Buck, Positive Flying by Taylor & Guinther, The Killing Zone by Craig, Flight Discipline by Kern, all the FAA pubs, numerous advanced and weather flying videos on Sporty’s, Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot by Lengel, and Fate is the Hunter by Gann. As far as budget IFR direct goes, I think I’ve got the record. My previous M20C (1500+ hours) had the legendary KNS80 RNAV ($800 with fresh HUB btry) for cheap IFR direct capability and our current M20F (200+ hours) has the Garmin 300XL gps/com IFR enroute and approach approved. The Garmin 300XL is a bulletproof, highly reliable unit available from Bennet Avionics for around $2k. I’ll be able to continue my budget IFR direct flying for many years to come. Never forget the single most important consideration is aircraft control, everything else is subordinate to this requirement.
  3. Alex, to save some time, unless you want to track VORs for experience, ask for direct via radar vectors. Put in the remarks column of the flight plan, “VFR GPS equipped”. They will likely clear you direct, traffic permitting. Congrats on the IR, that’s the real license to learn.
  4. Keep an eye on TruTrak. I already preordered mine.
  5. 20 degree as per data plate. It had been timed at 25 previously.
  6. Yes. Mags are timed properly as per the engine data plate.
  7. Great post, thank you for sharing Tom. The sharing of our skill set has numerous rewards. Well done, Sir.
  8. Hey Super6, I’m just getting caught up on your adventure. Did you locate an engine mount? Let us know what propeller you’re considering, beware that certain governors work with specific propeller installations. See the TCDS for further information. Regards, ah
  9. I was thinking when carrying a backpack, day trips, fly ins, air shows, etc. this would be pretty cool. If we’ve got luggage it’s going to require car/vehicle support.
  10. Thoughts on one of these.
  11. nosky2high

    N631KY 1967 M20F

  12. Continuing to improve the airplane by installing a new main relay and finished up replacing all the original battery cables with copper. Replaced a bunch of old vacuum system lines, filters, etc. Also replaced all the rod ends back on the rudder which eliminated any slop/play there. The flight controls are near perfect and the plane holds trim very well. Next up, the Power flow exhaust, which should be here late July/early August. After that, assuming TruTrak comes through, remove all the PC components, replace the turn coordinator with electric AI, and install the TruTrak so I will finally have an autopilot having flown nearly 1700 hours (1600+ cross country) in vintage Mooney airplanes. Next year, I intend to replace the DG with the AeroVonics unit(acts as standby AI as well) assuming it gets certified by then. I’ll then only have a single vacuum powered instrument, the primary AI. This should give us a nice vintage IFR airplane with plenty of redundancy for all the cross country flying we do. This weekend we will fly to KS for the Memorial Day weekend and put our 190th flight hour on the airplane. Not too shabby since we purchased it last September 28th. All gave some, but this weekend is about those who gave their all. Fly safe, God bless the USA!
  13. I’ve got a power flow exhaust on order and having taken advantage of show discounts and longer lead times will be delivered sometime late July. Our current exhaust works fine, no leaks detected by our high-end solid state CO detector, and looked great at annual last month. This mid-time exhaust would likely provide years of use to a recreational Mooney flyer. Make an offer if interested? I estimate shipping costs will be around $40-50.
  14. I’m interested, 67’ M20F, PTT and autopilot is all I need.