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  1. nosky2high

    M20C carburetor overhaul

    For carb service, give Russ at D&G a call. He's an expert and gets my highest recommendation.
  2. nosky2high

    Electroair ordered for M20C

    Nothing but normal annual inspection practices/procedures of the Electroair system components. At 1000 hours, replace the spark plug wires. That's it. With overhaul/exchange of Bendix Mags costing $800 plus, and the huge performance/efficiency gains of the Electroair system, I can't emphasis enough how I regret not installing this system sooner as well as the time/money I wasted on both mag shops and exhaust repair shops. I regret not installing the powerflow exhaust much sooner as well. Seven years of ownership next month and 1460+ hours flown, learning with every flight hour.
  3. nosky2high

    Electroair ordered for M20C

    if you'd like additional info on the install process and total costs involved send me a message.
  4. nosky2high

    Tach failure

    I have an app on my Ipad called Engine RPM by Real-Time Specialties, which works as an excellent pack up in the event you loss your tach.
  5. nosky2high

    Electroair ordered for M20C

    Excuse the late update, its been a busy past couple months. BLUF, the Electroair Ignition is outstanding. Engine starts were never an issue before, but now it starts instantly (much stronger spark) and idles electric motor smooth which has to be good for the long term health of the engine. I've got a recently overhauled engine (160hrs SMOH w/new factory cylinders) with the powerflow exhaust installed so with the install of the electronic ignition I've got IMO a very good performing airplane. Fuel burn is down at least 10%, I don't have an engine monitor but I fly the same route every couple weeks and simply looked at the fuel receipts to confirm. The engine is very smooth at all altitudes and has more power at higher altitude due to the computer controlled firing of the spark plugs as manifold pressure decreases. No problem with CHTs and if I had an engine monitor I'd try running lean of peak since it's so smooth. My only complaint is that I should have installed it sooner and would have paid it off in both fuel and maintenance savings by now. I've also noticed that I'm not as tired after long flights due to the smoother ride. If your Mags are due for maintenance and your exhaust is getting worn out, I strongly recommend installing the Electroair ignition system and powerflow exhaust. They make our already efficient airplanes that much better and safer. YMMV. Anthony PS if you're in the Marianna, FL KMAI area, I'd be happy to show off the airplane.
  6. nosky2high

    FAA ADS-B Rebate - almost done, and GDL-82?

    I had to reschedule, but the total cost estimate was around $3800. While I’m getting the work done, I may have a G-5 indicator installed as well. Pirep once work is complete.
  7. nosky2high

    Exhaust pipe orientation

    FWIW, I use a very sensitive CO2 sensor that could detect CO2 if I did a run up with gusting ground winds especially from the side or tail. Occasionally I would get readings during high angles of attack, climbs, etc. This was on a low time, major shop overhauled stock exhaust. Since installing the power flow exhaust, my sensor has shown no detection of CO2 over the past 150 hours. As soon as your exhaust is in need of maintenance, I strongly encourage folks to invest in the power flow exhaust upgrade. I also like how much better my heater works.
  8. nosky2high

    No Start Issues

    FWIW; I was able to fit the vertically oriented Electroair switch panel in place of my key switch on my mostly original 68’ M20C instrument panel.
  9. nosky2high

    No Start Issues

    I recommend eliminating the troublesome key switch entirely and replacing with an Electroair switch panel. That's what I did after replacing and or repairing several key switches on various aircraft over the years. Regards, Anthony
  10. nosky2high

    Electroair ordered for M20C

    Guys, these are in progress pictures while we were installing the new ignition wires. I'll post final pictures of the system install for folks to learn from as well as critique. :-)
  11. nosky2high

    Electroair ordered for M20C

    The spark is so strong with the Electroair system that replacing both mags would make negligible performance difference. I'm also glad to be done with the troublesome key switch. Pireps to follow.
  12. nosky2high

    Electroair ordered for M20C

    Thanks and wilco on the panel switch picture. I went with the vertical orientation as it fit the space vacated by the key switch.
  13. nosky2high

    Electroair ordered for M20C

    Installing Electroair ignition system this week, probably won’t be done until Tuesday next week as here are other upgrades being done, while I’ve got things apart. Never miss an opportunity to improve the airplane :-) So far the install is straightforward and have all the components installed. The coil pack is on the firewall, crankshaft sensor in place of the old right side magneto. The EIS and manifold pressure sensor are inside near the engine gauges so that we can “T” into the manifold pressure line and ensure no leaks there. The Electroair ignition switch is really sharp and will replace the old key switch on the left side. One less key on the key ring will be nice. I’m excited to see how this ignition system performs with the power flow exhaust already installed. Progress and pireps to follow.
  14. nosky2high

    Where to send magnetos for service?

    From the Electroair Install Manual; "The Electroair EIS fires the spark plugs directly from the coils, not through a distributor. This is accomplished by using multiple coils, each with two spark terminals. The coil terminals are connected to the spark plugs, allowing one cylinder to fire on compression while its companion cylinder fires simultaneously on exhaust. Open spark gaps in the rotor and cap are eliminated, making wear and moisture problems a thing of the past."