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  1. Dan at FUL

    Boneheaded mistake

    I did the same thing departing OSH this year. Mix of distractions and non-standard operations leading to my own carelessness. Due to the long taxi on rough grass at OSH, I had the trim max back. I think my nose rose faster than @jaylw314 did in his video, so I was reacting sooner. I was correctly trimmed before the mains left the ground. Lesson (re-)learned about distractions.
  2. Dan at FUL

    Killed LOP my engine?

    The multiple users add variability. It is good that you are all disciplined and cooperative. I think it is essential with 3 owner-operators that you are all agreed on a standard operating procedure (SOP) for the engine. This means talking about it on the ground and sharing data and assembling a written SOP (a simple bullet list). Then you should go flying together and share the experience of ROP or LOP at several conditions, like practice IFR. 2 pilots watch the engine monitor, the other flies the plane and radios. You may need an explicit rule, such as from @kortopates 's list that starts with " when pilot workload permits", that states clearly to remain ROP until the pilot can commit the time to operate LOP with full attention to detail. tschuss, -dan
  3. Dan at FUL

    California / West coast Fly In's

    Columbia (O22) has a large event around Father's Day each year that has had a good Mooney presence with Mooney Ambassadors promoting it to its members. https://fathersdayflyin.org/ There is camping there all year long, so it is a good fly-in destination for a Mooney meet-up outside of the their scheduled events.
  4. Dan at FUL

    SOLD: M20J Original Exhaust

    Thank you for the interest, the exhaust has found a new home. -dan
  5. Dan at FUL

    SOLD: M20J Original Exhaust

    I have not been very active in promoting the sale of my old exhaust, and now it is a few years later and I am moving to Washington State. I don't want to haul this large box around. Final offer is FREE to anyone who wants to meet up somewhere near me in the Fullerton, CA general area. Otherwise it is going to the trash in February. PM me if you want to coordinate a pickup. thanks, -dan
  6. The Modern Mooneys have batteries in the tail, so they also have a long lead to the starter. I think that your Cherokee had a current leak, major resistance somewhere or a bad starter, if it was that sensitive.
  7. Dan at FUL

    O2 altitudes with little kids

    Adding to @Danb comment, typical airliners are at 8k foot pressure inside, and small children fly 11-12 hour intercontinental flights (usually in the seat right behind me) without ill effects or concerns of ill effects.
  8. Dan at FUL

    Prop Srike question

    Specific example of prop strike leading to eventual failure. Cracks take time to propogate. This is why I think a ferry flight is safe, but the engine/crank are still a high risk to ignore for the long term. NTSB Identification: ERA10LA175 14 CFR Part 91: General Aviation Accident occurred Monday, March 15, 2010 in Hilton Head Island, SC Probable Cause Approval Date: 06/27/2011 Aircraft: SMITH EDWARD I LANCAIR IV-P, registration: N9JE Injuries: 1 Fatal, 2 Uninjured. NTSB investigators may not have traveled in support of this investigation and used data provided by various sources to prepare this aircraft accident report. **This report was modified on 8/8/13. Please see the docket for this accident to view the original report.** The pilot stated that while in cruise flight he observed the instrument panel begin to vibrate heavily and oil begin to cover the wind screen before hearing a loud "bang." The engine then lost power as oil continued to obscure the wind screen. The pilot had no forward visibility and could not maintain the airplane's altitude. He elected to make an emergency landing on a nearby beach and during the landing the airplane struck and killed a pedestrian. Examination of the airplane revealed that the propeller assembly separated from the crankshaft and was missing. The propeller assembly and propeller flange were not recovered. An examination by the NTSB Materials Laboratory of the crankshaft revealed that the aft face of the fracture contained crack arrest marks. The fracture of the crankshaft was caused by multiple-origin fatigue cracks that emanated at the aft relief radius for the propeller flange. The records for this engine and airplane do not show an entry of a propeller strike. However, multiple-origin fatigue cracks that extend nearly 50% around the circumference of the aft relief radius for the propeller flange suggest that the propeller had struck an object prior to fracture of the crankshaft. In the absence of material anomalies, the fatigue cracking appears likely to have been caused by external impact stress, such as a propeller strike. The National Transportation Safety Board determines the probable cause(s) of this accident as follows: A loss of engine power due to the failure of the crankshaft as a result of a previous propeller strike.
  9. Dan at FUL

    power loss on takeoff when cold M20K 231 Turbo

    I don't know the finer details of the aircraft turbo systems, though I understand the supercharging cycle well. Is the wastegate actuator hydraulic, using pressurized engine oil? Or are they purely some simple spring and diaphragm mechanism? I would be happy with a link that describes the function of the Continental Turbo engine controls with Merlyn wastegate. Just the thoughts of a normally aspirated pilot, not an A&P :-)
  10. Dan at FUL

    Check Gear!

    I do not have speed brakes, but since they can be deployed at any time, they may increase the opportunity of losing speed without dropping the gear. Maybe a speed brake user has a thought on that? I made this sticker and put it over a blanking plate on my panel, visually even with the AI:
  11. Dan at FUL

    A little formation flying over Texas

    Go to Yuma in February. Very convenient for us in SoCal, and an exceptional formation school/event. Gunfighters Yuma Clinic 2019.pdf
  12. Dan at FUL

    Sheepskin opinions

    After lots of reviewing, I found the most recommended soap/shampoo for the wool covers is Kookaburra from Australia. I have used it many times on car seat covers which get much more wear and tear. I have not washed the AeroSheep covers yet, but I will use the same stuff. Conveniently available on Amazon, like everything else. http://a.co/d/a7rhD5n Keywords: Washing Sheepskin Wool Seat Covers -dan
  13. Dan at FUL

    Flight tracking

    If you feel like digging deeper, look when and where they landed, then listen to ATC.net archives for that time and tower. Note if any tail number is similar sounding.
  14. Dan at FUL

    Touch and Go in a fire breathing turbo... 252

    @gsxrpilot I love the tech. I kept re-watching, each time looking at a different angle for a different detail.
  15. Can the rubber-like material of the bladder creep so that after 12 hours of constant pressure from being full it becomes a little bit larger? If the bladder is not right up against metal structure on every surface, it has the opportunity to move a little, including towards the top of wing surface and the little corners where it may not make full contact without some pressure from the gasoline inside. -dan