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  1. For those of you who don't know the famous Gimli Glider story, a serious complex causal chain let this airliner run dry over Canada. The others I know of were less complex failures, like the Avianca jet over Long Island. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gimli_Glider https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avianca_Flight_52
  2. Party of 1. Despite my name, I will stay and pay. -Bolter
  3. Dan at FUL

    Taking the plunge

    Could it be a question of having the magnetometer installed with a true HSI install? If you install the G5 as an AI and do not have the magnetometer, in HSI mode you are getting a GPS based compass display, not magnetic. Therefore a typical install may not activate the HSI display option, but some may do it anyway? +1 for loving the G5 upgrade in place of my old HSI.
  4. Dan at FUL

    Taxing around without any cowling installed

    I have seen banner tow planes operating without cowlings in flight to help with cooling in the high power, slow flight regime they operate in. For at least those planes, the engine operated cooler when fully exposed instead of partially shrouded. I was told they had an STC or similar in order to fly that way legally. Those were Cubs or Cub knockoffs, not Mooney's where cooling is about ducting instead of exposed jugs in the air. Just PP observations at the field one day, YMMV... -dan
  5. Dan at FUL

    kap 150 alt hold problem

    Sometimes these systems need to be evaluated in the plane, so local (or Mooney-local) is helpful. I have the KAP 150, and @kortopates recommended a shop in Sacramento (KSAC). I think it was these guys: http://www.executiveautopilots.com/
  6. Dan at FUL

    Oshkosh Tie-down Anchor/Gear Reccomendations

    Do not forget some large nylon cutting boards or other portable firm surfaces to put under the wheels. Getting out with wheels sunk in is not much fun. Amazon has an aviation aisle. Stormforce and Claw tiedown packages are there for $70 and $100. -dan
  7. Dan at FUL


    Happened multiple times, just some quick examples with good video. Second story notes that someone in Fresno got 14 years for doing it, and that there are several convictions just within Orange County. It is a felony, FWIW. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCCLbcC25Rs https://www.ocregister.com/2018/01/11/man-arrested-on-suspicion-of-pointing-a-laser-at-o-c-sheriffs-department-helicopter/
  8. Dan at FUL

    Accidents happen on the ramp as well

    It is my right to be able to propel myself. Not wait for the community launcher to be available. :-)
  9. I was surprised this did not already get mentioned here, even though it is not a Mooney. There is (grainy) security camera footage of the touch down on the city street. Each article has a different angle. Good spacing between cars and power lines. Loss of both engines, is never a good sign. http://calgaryherald.com/news/local-news/plane-makes-forced-landing-on-northeast-calgary-road http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/calgary-plane-land-roadway-1.4634332 Interesting comment in the first article, "It’s the third time this week that a plane has landed on a road in Canada." What is going on up there? -dan
  10. Dan at FUL

    Prop strike to a dog....

    In the 90's when I still lived back in Texas, I hit a dog on a well traveled FM road. We pulled over, and a local saw us and told us this dog belonged to a woman who had several, and let them roam free and several had been lost to traffic. With the neighbor's offer to make a statement about the history of neglect, we took the owner to small claims court in that county and won the car repair cost. It was not our county, so had to drive about 100 miles to get to court, but a principle was at stake! Never collected despite a court judgment. The reality of suing a lot of people. I just hope the judgement on file haunted future applications for credit. The key thing was the pattern of neglect and several other dogs lost to vehicles. I don't know if Texas law makes dog owners explicitly responsible, but common sense did, and the judge saw that.
  11. Dan at FUL

    When do engines fail on takeoff?

    I think that situation is different from a power reduction in climb. Letting up the power at the end of a fast quarter mile would reverse the loading as well, transitioning from power out to engine braking. Or engine breaking, in your case! Glad your inadvertent disassembly event did not end your racing career.
  12. Dan at FUL

    Flying from the right

    Along the brainstorming in a sporting goods store... goalie gloves for soccer (the good ones) have ribs that keep your fingers from bending back past fully extended. You could cut off all the fingers except the thumb and make a nice fitting brace with palm and thumb that is a tactile layer on the interior. -dan
  13. Dan at FUL

    CSC DUATS going away NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

    Curmudgeon complaint coming... Before apps existed, DUATS is what I learned to use for on-line weather and no that I had a record of a weather briefing before a flight. Quirky or not, I knew where to find everything on their site. Like the OP, I have not liked the WXBrief interface when I tried it.
  14. Dan at FUL

    Using ship's antenna for handheld?

    My panel has a phono plug with placard for this purpose. I have a cable stashed in a seat pocket that goes from phono to BNC that fits in place of the handheld's antenna. This is my backup's backu, and I like having it there.
  15. Dan at FUL

    Basic med problem

    For those in the SoCal area, Dr. Linnemann at Pacific Medical Clinic in Santa Ana, CA does regular medicals and BasicMed. 1534 East Warner Ave, Suite A, Santa Ana, CA 714-557-5599 thanks, -dan