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  1. Using ship's antenna for handheld?

    My panel has a phono plug with placard for this purpose. I have a cable stashed in a seat pocket that goes from phono to BNC that fits in place of the handheld's antenna. This is my backup's backu, and I like having it there.
  2. Basic med problem

    For those in the SoCal area, Dr. Linnemann at Pacific Medical Clinic in Santa Ana, CA does regular medicals and BasicMed. 1534 East Warner Ave, Suite A, Santa Ana, CA 714-557-5599 thanks, -dan
  3. Northern Ca. Fly In Idea

    @Bennett There is a good team of GA friendly people at KLLR. Look up Galore Aviation (http://air-galore.com/). They have a small fleet of rental cars, and bicycles and are overall helpful GA people. Call in advance and make your arrangements. KLLR can fog over on short notice. If so, you can pre-arrange an alternate airport, like Boonville, which is what we did.
  4. I did my first evaluation flight with the G5 as HSI, just today. I wanted a safety pilot so I could keep my head in the plane and play with the knobs. Still more to learn, but some notes: very easy to read, both in brightness and style/appearance of different indicators very smooth motion, like the original analog display Overall, intuitive to use GPSS is scary, because the plane is one step closer to sentient I would like to have 2 knobs instead of one so I can adjust the VOR and the hdg bug without selecting between functions I like that it can toggle to the AI view and become a backup in a pinch Overall, an excellent upgrade to the original King HSI (soon to be posted for sale), and I like that I did not have to upgrade the entire panel at the same time, stretching my budget out until the AI or AP need an expensive service.
  5. @MB65E I am not sure which transponder certs you mean. 2-year Pitot-static (including ADS-B) certification? Yes. But I think this is common capability. Typically, I usually use Gerdes' mobile service for this at my home base at Fullerton (in case anyone is curious). As I was getting this G5 install done, I had High Desert do the check since I was due in only a month. High Desert is a full service avionics shop and dealer for Garmin and other brands, so I am sure they are consistent with other premium avionics shops in the SoCal area, of which there are several. @MrRodgers I do know that they work on both Modern and Vintage Mooney's, from direct experience.
  6. I just picked up my Mooney last week with its new Garmin G5, bought/installed at High Desert Avionics at WJF (Fox Field, Lancaster). This is at least my third purchase or service through them, and it has always gone well. They are also skilled troubleshooters. As your panel was working when the plane came from Texas, and so many things stopped working at once, you may have a fixable problem. I thought vintage Mooney's were easier than most to work on since you can access the back of the avionics and radios from the outside panels. Not true? -dan
  7. Mooney crash, pilot walks away

    Saw this picture on Flickr. The long exhaust caught my eye, after reading this thread. Not sure the purpose here unless it is supposed to keep hot gas from obscuring the camera when it looks forward and across? While it does look clumsy, it does make me wonder if there is a technical reason to not have the belly exhaust pipe on most GA? Or just cost? -dan
  8. Lost Intercom

    Hi Brent, I was adjusting radios during a big hit of turbulence once. This was a King KMA 24, and it turns out I pushed in the "phone" button for my radio so that my radio was no longer monitored. Never felt the push/contact. They could hear me, but I could not hear them. So there is a precedent here. You did not get obsessed with fixing it in the air, and kept with your flight, so good stuff there. In my case, pulled out the handheld and monitored ATC while making replies on the primary radio. Worked OK until I fixed things. I'm looking forward to checking out your new plane. -dan
  9. Mooney down in Washington

    I value using correct terminology. For example, I make the effort to say 5 thousand descending 3 thousand when I begin my descent. But this is a learned behavior. Certainly in the past I said "going down" without thinking about it. Interestingly, it never elicited a comment from ATC, so it likely happens a lot. @kortopates and I know of a situation with 2 pilots, one casually said "let ATC know we are going down" and that planted the seed and the other [capable and experienced] pilot called out to ATC "SoCal Appch, Mooney XXXX, we are going down". It happens -dan
  10. Porpoising leads to gear collapse accident

    Thanks for posting the link to the Piper video @kortopates. Until now, I had no idea how extreme porpoising was, and that it included the mains coming back into the air. I realize now that I have never porpoised the plane. I had always envisioned "porpoising" was the more subtle "skipping" of the nose gear when it touches down lightly with a little hop and the mains stay firmly planted. Is this lesser situation a concern at all? Or just an indication that the nose is touching lightly and the runway surface may have some variation in it? -dan
  11. As a new Mooney owner/pilot, consider enrolling in the MAPA Pilot Proficiency class in Henderson, NV in April. This covers many aspects of Mooney ownership and operation in a structured course. You will also get flying time with Mooney instructors, but not enough to be considered transition training. The flight portion can count as a BFR and PIC if you are due for that. -dan
  12. If you decide that it is a worn out compass, PAI will give you an offer to repair or trade-up. At the time, it was $260 plus the old broken unit to get a new unit, tax and delivery included. Repairs were only a little less costly. I went with the fire and forget option.
  13. Southern or Central CA Fly-In - Location?

    If you are considering San Luis Obispo, I think nearby Oceano airport (L52) is more interesting. Small strip right next to the beach. If we are trying to balance between NorCal and SoCal, I think Santa Ynez is also viable. The casino will send a van to get pilots from the airport. For a SoCal biased meetup, I agree @JohnBCAtalina and Camarillo suggestions.
  14. Fly Q

    +1 on the utility of FlyQ, high standard of the customer support and longevity of Seattle Avionics. Before ipads were "the thing", I was using their Windows based Voyager software on a touch screen Windows tablet. I still use it on my desktop as it includes everything for flight planning. I think FlyQ online will displace this over time.
  15. Time for a new Mag

    You have been taking this plane to Burning Man a few times, right? Can this be Playa dust getting forced into the pressurized mags on top of some moisture? Picture seem to show more than simple corrosion. That alkaline playa dust can get in there and initiate and support additional corrosion. And it does get in everywhere. Moisture that may normally be OK and dry out becomes a different story after mixing it up. -dan