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  1. Dan at FUL

    Flight tracking

    If you feel like digging deeper, look when and where they landed, then listen to ATC.net archives for that time and tower. Note if any tail number is similar sounding.
  2. Dan at FUL

    Touch and Go in a fire breathing turbo... 252

    @gsxrpilot I love the tech. I kept re-watching, each time looking at a different angle for a different detail.
  3. Can the rubber-like material of the bladder creep so that after 12 hours of constant pressure from being full it becomes a little bit larger? If the bladder is not right up against metal structure on every surface, it has the opportunity to move a little, including towards the top of wing surface and the little corners where it may not make full contact without some pressure from the gasoline inside. -dan
  4. Dan at FUL

    Windy.com adds Skew-T Diagrams

    Thanks for sharing that. I am starting to learn how to use Skew-T. I found this NOAA direct source also: https://rucsoundings.noaa.gov/gwt/
  5. Dan at FUL

    dynamic balancing and chasing your tail

    What was the time frame for this "quiet" change to the Champion design?
  6. Dan at FUL

    Vegas anyone?

    I have landed at HND and VGT, depending on my plans when I get to the city. I have contemplated LAS, as local pilots have told me they were in and out reasonable prices, like for under $100 for fuel and fees for a night. YMMV, but I called the FBO's and was quoted something well beyond that (over $300 for 2 nights) for both FBO's listed on Airnav. Which was what I expected. I would like to hear someone has confirmed lower prices. Or you can paint your plane white with a red stripe down its length, and then you can park at the special GA terminal. :-)
  7. Dan at FUL

    Garmin G5 Screen Protectors

    A small PIREP...It is just like installing a protector on a phone. Being familiar with those, it was easy enough to install on my G5 (HSI position) while flying a long stretch enroute to OSH this year. Protection from possible impact damage when working in the plane and being clumsy is what I like best about the protector.
  8. Not quite on topic, but I had a good example of listening to others at the airport. I departed a non-towered airport with runway 13-31 and it was a calm day. After I took off on 31 and was leaving the area, I heard two others making their calls as they were inbound. One said landing 13, the other landing 31. And I heard them both repeat this way, not seeming to hear the other. It was not my place, but I went on CTAF and pointed out that they were not calling out the same runway and both arriving at the same time. No acknowledgment of what I said, but the next thing I heard, the runway 31 aircraft called that he was going to 13... Situational awareness is a good thing, share it.
  9. I agree that the ad is someone short on details, with cruise speed listed as "estimated", and other pilot-centric details missing. But there is more info around the web: Shows it flying and that the gear is retractable: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uuq8rad3H-M Pilot giving info on the flight characteristics at 1:53: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yaKCkXa-rs
  10. Dan at FUL

    Flying a J at 2,900 lbs

    When flying at gross (2740 for my J) I tend to be more aft CG than typical. All within POH limits, but the difference in gross and normal missions is usually things loaded in the rear seats and the cargo area. More than the impact of the added weight, I feel this CG difference in landing and in the flare. Give respect to the others' comments on climb and take-off, this is in addition to that at the end of the flight.
  11. Dan at FUL

    Help with KSNA ground operation

    As a local, I have not thought the rental cars. Airnav shows that General Aviation (FBO on the South East of airport) has rental cars with the majors. None listed for the other FBO, AFI.
  12. Dan at FUL

    Help with KSNA ground operation

    If you are willing to trade airplane time and convenience for longer drive times, my home drome FUL is a viable option. Quickly park when you arrive, often for free, with affordable local FBO's. Quick clearances when you leave, without waiting for anyone before release. Similarly fast setups with ATC if you are gong VFR. Drive time is about 30 minutes to UCI. Probably close to equal in actual door to door times because of the all the overhead of flying into the big airport. -dan
  13. Dan at FUL

    Spark Plug Mania

    Always possible. I bought what was in the book, and they visually matched what I replaced. That said, if the previous owner had the wrong ones installed, I would have just been carrying over the error. Champion RHM38E, for the record. Though it is interesting that the cracked plug is used to say the cylinder is too hot, and the fouled plug is used to say the cylinder is too cold.
  14. Dan at FUL

    Spark Plug Mania

    It is quite something to impress you @kortopates. Maybe you want to pop over to FUL and see them in person :-) I feel quite confident the fouled plug was only recently failed. #2 EGT was not atypical until this start-up and overall performance was standard for the conditions on the last day of successful flying. If it was slowly building up junk, I would not be able to tell, but I think it must have been sparking. I always watch EGT when doing mag check. The last flight before failure showed all cylinders firing consistently on each mag...or I would not have taken off. My last LOP mag check at altitude was good, and one trip before this event (about 4 hours of flight time). This is based on vibration and watching EGT's in real time. Not downloaded. If it is rings, shouldn't both plugs be fouled equally? Light seepage gets the lower plug, but heavy blowby should get both equally?
  15. Dan at FUL

    Spark Plug Mania

    Thanks for summary. To your questions: 1) my JPI's recording feature is broken. I have not gotten it fixed. I do watch it like a hawk, and anything that is a trend would be noted. Just as I noted immediately on start the #2 was high EGT, so the failed mag check was not a surprise at that point. Similarly, I had never seen a high #2 EGT before that time. 2) timing *was* right, but if it slipped, that would be a problem. However, I should see an atypical airspeed-power-fuel flow combination in cruise. Small correction: The two damaged plugs were at the SAME time. Not two separate failures. They were found in two steps. The engine was running on the cracked plug, and the fouled plug was dead (per the engine monitor). Very concerned PP thoughts...