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  1. Dan at FUL

    Help with KSNA ground operation

    As a local, I have not thought the rental cars. Airnav shows that General Aviation (FBO on the South East of airport) has rental cars with the majors. None listed for the other FBO, AFI.
  2. Dan at FUL

    Help with KSNA ground operation

    If you are willing to trade airplane time and convenience for longer drive times, my home drome FUL is a viable option. Quickly park when you arrive, often for free, with affordable local FBO's. Quick clearances when you leave, without waiting for anyone before release. Similarly fast setups with ATC if you are gong VFR. Drive time is about 30 minutes to UCI. Probably close to equal in actual door to door times because of the all the overhead of flying into the big airport. -dan
  3. Dan at FUL

    Spark Plug Mania

    Always possible. I bought what was in the book, and they visually matched what I replaced. That said, if the previous owner had the wrong ones installed, I would have just been carrying over the error. Champion RHM38E, for the record. Though it is interesting that the cracked plug is used to say the cylinder is too hot, and the fouled plug is used to say the cylinder is too cold.
  4. Dan at FUL

    Spark Plug Mania

    It is quite something to impress you @kortopates. Maybe you want to pop over to FUL and see them in person :-) I feel quite confident the fouled plug was only recently failed. #2 EGT was not atypical until this start-up and overall performance was standard for the conditions on the last day of successful flying. If it was slowly building up junk, I would not be able to tell, but I think it must have been sparking. I always watch EGT when doing mag check. The last flight before failure showed all cylinders firing consistently on each mag...or I would not have taken off. My last LOP mag check at altitude was good, and one trip before this event (about 4 hours of flight time). This is based on vibration and watching EGT's in real time. Not downloaded. If it is rings, shouldn't both plugs be fouled equally? Light seepage gets the lower plug, but heavy blowby should get both equally?
  5. Dan at FUL

    Spark Plug Mania

    Thanks for summary. To your questions: 1) my JPI's recording feature is broken. I have not gotten it fixed. I do watch it like a hawk, and anything that is a trend would be noted. Just as I noted immediately on start the #2 was high EGT, so the failed mag check was not a surprise at that point. Similarly, I had never seen a high #2 EGT before that time. 2) timing *was* right, but if it slipped, that would be a problem. However, I should see an atypical airspeed-power-fuel flow combination in cruise. Small correction: The two damaged plugs were at the SAME time. Not two separate failures. They were found in two steps. The engine was running on the cracked plug, and the fouled plug was dead (per the engine monitor). Very concerned PP thoughts...
  6. Dan at FUL

    Spark Plug Mania

    I agree it looks that way, but in-person, with my loupe, it did not look like metal. That said, I am planning to borescope (Amazon USB cam style) before next test flight.
  7. Dan at FUL

    Spark Plug Mania

    Thanks for the feedback, @N201MKTurbo As there is no history of fouling plugs, maybe the cracked plug made the cylinder run cold? That prompted that other plug to foul? I immediately noted that the #2 EGT was atypically higher than the rest when I was idling around and doing runup, when the problem existed. CHT's are all relatively low at that point, so I cannot draw a conclusion there. This was distinctive and obvious to me, so I am inclined to think that the plugs were both firing during my last flight, which was only 20 minutes long at 3500' from a nearby airport (KWHP), or I would have noticed. More background: My IO-360 runs well, historically. The last cylinder to peak is #4 and the GAMI spread is less than 0.5. I did not repeat the test with the plugs installed this week, but saw that the cylinders were also nice and even as usual, when ROP, flying the pattern. I do random mag checks LOP at altitude, and it always checks out. Mags (twin pack) rebuilt last annual (November) so are about 100 hours since overhaul. Spark plugs are 300 hours from new and I inspected them last annual. Gave a token cleaning because they all looked good, clean, gapped and balanced to each other. Engine is around 1100 hours SMOH, 700 hours of which are mine. I watch the engine monitor closely, and have never overheated the cylinders. I keep below 380°F always, most of the time 360°F. From takeoff to climb to cruise. So I have good baffles and well adjusted cowl flaps. When LOP, my fuel flows are less than 9 GPH, so I am 65% power or less.
  8. Dan at FUL

    Not Fair

    I have also liked the King courses, and having met some of the staff at OshKosh, feel they are a team of genuine aviation fans. I did a search, and found a King IFR training syllabus. Lesson 14 is RNAV w/ glide slope approaches, and Lesson 15 is LNAV. I hope that these lessons are just further along in the course you have. -dan
  9. Dan at FUL

    Spark Plug Mania

    Bad cylinder in which way? What symptoms would I see? High CHT and low EGT on the #2? High vibration? Agreed. That matches my observations and thoughts.
  10. Dan at FUL

    Spark Plug Mania

    I failed my mag check, and based on my engine monitor, I knew it was one of the plugs on the #2 cylinder. I was not surprised, I noticed that #2 cylinder was running high EGT, visible even when taxiing. FWIW, I had not noted cylinder #2 running abnormally on my last flight, so this happened during landing or while taxiing when I would not be watching the monitor as closely. Easy enough. I was not sure which plug was on which mag, so I started with the top plug because I am lazy, and this only required the top cowling to be removed. I found the plug with the cracked insulator (picture) and some fouling. Eureka! Sub my convenient spare plug in and I should be fine. Not so fast... Went to run up, failed again, the exact same way. #2 cylinder when running left mags. Hmmm. I went and bought a new plug, and decided to get all 8 while I was at it. This is the second time I found a cracked champion with less than 300 hours, from the same batch. None were dropped. Scrap them all, and switch to Tempest, is my proactive thought, now. From what I read here on MS, others have had problems with Champions in the recent years. I got back to the plane today, and removed the #2 lower plug, and found this ghastly mess (picture). Needless to say, two new plugs installed and it runs fine. (will do the other 6 later) First, how many of you would have stopped at the cracked plug and thought you must have found the root cause? Second, am I right in thinking that since I replaced the cracked plug and had no change in mag check, it means that when mag check failed the first time, I was running on the cracked plug and for some reason, the lower plug got super-fouled for the first time ever. I do not normally foul plugs. What can cause this sudden change in behavior? Is there an important underlying cause I should watch for? I am a huge fan of the engine monitor, and I use it. I have not seen any changes in behavior of any cylinder, and in the test flight today, everything was back to normal. If it was a clogged injector or vacuum leak, I should see that now.
  11. Dan at FUL

    I flew in this yesterday

    Seems like similar reasons to why Australia does not have high speed rail. -dan
  12. Dan at FUL

    Sheepskin opinions

    +1 for these. I have these hiding the terrible condition of my front seats' upholstery. I like the fit and finish of the covers. They are pricey, as they are approved and certified materials as they come, no user effort required. I believe they are made in USA or at least sewed up here, based on the packaging and documentation. They installed well and stay in location on the seat as they should for 4 or 5 years, now. I find sliding across is a non-issue. No smell issues, either.
  13. Dan at FUL

    Window Tint Solution

    RE: https://www.justplanetint.com/ I bought his kit at OSH. I enjoyed talking to the owner, and liked the product. The kit has 1 tint piece and one solid, both stored in a nice pouch. So far, it has worked well. Stays in place, and is much larger than the cling film type I have seen before. Time is the real test, so I will report back later. -dan
  14. Dan at FUL


    You will be a better Mooney buyer in the future from what you learn in the Mooney PPP course. Inquire about attending the course at a reduced rate since you will not be able to participate in the practical portions of the PPP without a Mooney. -dan
  15. Dan at FUL

    Flying into AVL, Asheville NC

    Check FBO prices before you go: https://www.aopa.org/news-and-media/all-news/2018/june/12/faa-decides-aopa-asheville-complaint -dan