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  1. Kris_Adams

    Just sell me the f**$’ng oil

    I guess I should be more appreciative of routinely driving by Aircraft Spruce for work or other pursuits.
  2. From what I remember, it was the depth. I didn’t press the avionics shop as he said I’d probably like this arrangement better anyway. After flying with it for almost 2 years I really like it.
  3. You may want to look under your panel. My avionics shop said the C would not fit there on my 79J-of course what’s behind your panel could be different.
  4. Hey Jeff, I had my P and C installed horizontally instead of vertically. There wasn’t enough depth for the C to go beneath the P at least in my 79J. I love having the P as close to the 6 pack as possible. I would not recommend putting them all the way to the right (where rpm is today) as there is so much information on these screens you will be watching them a lot. In fact I wouldn’t put them anywhere right of the radio stack. This is why I went with the CGRs over some of the single screen solutions (and I didn’t want to do a complete panel redo yet to get the single screen left of the radios. I’m waiting for more innovation and options on the dynon/aspen/garmin front). Good luck on your decision! Kris
  5. Kris_Adams

    Folding Bike - Jupiter Bike 2.0

    Very compact. I'd be a little afraid of it being stolen but a bike lock would probably stop the casual thief. I'd love to hear a pirep on it.
  6. Kris_Adams

    pics of bent m20a

    Glad you are ok. Good luck working through this whichever way you go.
  7. Kris_Adams

    1977 Mooney 20J $69k

    I’d like to have the armrests for sure.
  8. that's an interesting approach. I haven't seen one quite like that before. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Kris_Adams

    Flying to see fireworks

    My vote is try it if you haven't done it before. Keep your expectations low (in agreement with most on the board) and you will probably think it's pretty cool. I don't do it very often, but it's worth trying at least once.
  10. Kris_Adams

    Looking to rotate a short flying video

    Hey Tom, maybe some of these ideas will help. I've used VLC as well with success.
  11. Kris_Adams

    U2 Flight by WSJ Reporter

    Super interesting to watch. The 40 degree climb out is impressive!
  12. Kris_Adams

    Wife’s pic

    Am I the only one worried about what @Marauder was going to post when he read the title of this thread "wife's pic."? I guess technically "girlfriend's pic" would have been worse.
  13. Kris_Adams

    1982 Mooney M20J for sale

    Very nice!
  14. Kris_Adams

    Partial Panel Work- JPI Install

    thanks Marauder! Good luck N6018Q!
  15. Kris_Adams

    Screw Kits

    bought the kit from Aircraft Spruce. Haven't used hardly any yet...