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  1. Kris_Adams

    My new 1965 Mooney M20C

    @Bob_Belville's new paint job has really opened my eyes to the classic schemes! This one looks great as well. Congrats on the new bird
  2. Kris_Adams

    Halo headsets

    We love ours. Get them while you can as they go fast!
  3. Iphone 10R here...very happy with size and capabilities. It is $750 but I got $200 trade in for my old 6Plus. You may want to check the trade in program if you are interested in IOS. So I netted $550 and given what I will get when I sell it, it's pretty cheap for such a capable device. Note this isn't with any compensation from cellular companies. I thought about moving to xfinity mobile who would have given me another $200 if I signed up for their $45/mo unlimited data plan (must have comcast cable or internet and must keep the phone 3 months). Btw this deal extends to any phone not just iPhones. On the low end I have an LG Stylo 4 that I really like. It isn't loaded with a bunch of bloatware that seems to plague most androids I've used. It was only $240 through xfinity though available for under $200 elsewhere. I love the phone but it does seem to need a little more processor and memory to make it really zoom. Good luck! -Kris
  4. Kris_Adams


    Nice looking S Ken. I've always loved the Vtails too
  5. @Sethand @gsxrpilot you guys are going to cost me $$$. That new audio panel would solve so many issues and Karoke mode...that would be hit in 79H
  6. I’d be flying by myself on a leg this long. My copilots preference is 2 hour legs but I’m trying to work her up to closer to 3 hour flights. That’s about all I like to do too though.
  7. Alright. I placed my order for the red and the blue. Thanks guys!
  8. Definitely campy lol. Not sure if they’ve changed much since 2009 but they were fine
  9. Ok, I need to break down and get some of this stuff. Who’s the best source?
  10. Kris_Adams

    First Time in 22 years not a Mooney Owner

    So small world! Yes Dr Gore is still around and flying. He's in an RV10 now...
  11. Kris_Adams

    Mooney M20C for sale

    Looks nice!
  12. Kris_Adams

    Trio Pro Pilot For M20 Mooneys

    for sure...too many times I heard this was a side thanks. Best of luck to them though
  13. Kris_Adams

    First Time in 22 years not a Mooney Owner

    Tom I've loved the stories and would love to see the IVP one day!! I've always loved that plane. Steve welcome aboard!!
  14. $300 here back in 2010...Mine took about 5 hours or so start to finish. I also had the "pleasure" of having the examiner and the FSDO sit through my oral and the flight. I guess the examiners have to be reviewed by the FSDO every year (or so not exactly sure) and I was fortunate enough to have 2 guys asking me questions. I passed thankfully so this just gives me a good story to tell! -Kris
  15. Kris_Adams

    RoboTow for Sale