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  1. Mine was part of a complete panel rework so it's hard to price just the GFC. All I can say is that it's been wonderful...my only real autopilot experience was a CenturyII/STEC30 and an old KFC if flew a couple of times (cant remember the model). The GFC is simply amazing to me. I did have to replace 1 servo but it was covered under warranty 100%. Good luck!
  2. 10+ years with a 430W 2+ years with the GTN750 thoughts: I actually kept the 430W as my number 2 though I barely use it (keep it on direct to final destination for the wife more than anything). I like the GTN UI as it is more consistent with the other gear in my panel. After learning the 750, I don't find it any more difficult to use - even in turbulence compared to the 430.. When I replace the 430W, I'd love to get another 750 if it would fit. -K
  3. ^what these guys said...based on condition. with it priced into what you pay for the plane, any flying done before OH is "FREE" lol
  4. @Hank Looks like he's dodging Alabama lol ^Edit...just saw the radar
  5. that was my longest as well. I'd have to be solo to do that length again. She'll stay for 4 hours if it lands at a good beach but that is absolutely it. Normally, 2 hours max.
  6. He's 1/2 way..700 down 705 to go... .
  7. This is amazing...2 hours is typically my wife's limit... Going to try to catch him checking in with Knoxville or Chattanooga approach in a bit. ^Edit...I guess either I missed him or he wasn't close enough...I thought I had a chance catching him with Knoxville Approach
  8. same here (height only...not selling). My back seaters love sitting behind me lol. No pedal extensions needed for me.
  9. Lightly loaded J into the "expanded" Mathis airport in Cumming, GA. 1800' - but uphill for arrival and downhill or departure. Width was much more interesting than length. It was 35' after the expansion from 1500 to 1800. Airport closed ~2014
  10. pretty amazing even to end up on a good freq and knew to hit the PTT...can't wait for more details. Sounds like the pilot is ok (hopefully)
  11. I had an AA1B many moons ago. Almost everyone that joined the Grumman Gang would ask about debonding. Almost like how we get question after question about Mooney parts availability nowadays. From what I recall, most of the bonding issues happened relatively early in the life of the planes and I never talked to anyone that had personally seen it in the last couple decades. Lots of old tales and stories told 2nd and 3rd hand. I totally agree that my non-evidence is just as anecdotal as people saying there are issues lol. I'd buy a Tiger in a minute without any fear. I loved my little Grumman for that period in my life. Now from a stability and ROC perspective, it definitely didn't compare to my Mooney. Unfortunately I've only ridden in a Tiger 1x back in the 70s so I have no insights to compare a more similar model to the Mooney.
  12. My uncle did this numerous times...piece of hose goes out the window. Hose is attached to a funnel inside the plane. This creates a vacuum. Ashes are slowly dumped into funnel and they exit the hose. No mess if done carefully. Now the first time he tried another technique he ended up with ashes all over the cockpit...he didn't bother telling the family about that.
  13. charheep, this so depends on your flying. I've had my J for ~13 years and for "my" flying it would never had benefitted me. Of course I live in Atlanta and typically fly south. I asked a couple of owners and mechanics and it sounds like maintenance on TKS is low (as stated above). I'm sure if I lived up north and had a little more reason to fly in colder, wetter conditions, then I'd probably spring for it. Btw I see it is "pending"...Hope you got it!
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