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  1. Kris_Adams

    Hangar available Atlanta metro

    wow...that's amazing...I'd love to decrease my hangar expense but I am thrilled with my current hangar (but not the cost) having a bathroom...amazing how many people use it again right before we leave or right when we get back!
  2. Kris_Adams

    Rocket CG?

    now that was funny (true of course)...gave me a good laugh in the middle of the day!
  3. is the exhaust missing?
  4. this is always a tough question. At 40-50 years of age (mine is a 1979) our planes are now a story book of upgrades and/or repairs to paint, interior, avionics, engine, and mechanicals...different people care about different categories. We have to find a plane that works or we can upgrade the components that are most important. I almost think you have to be willing to open your wallet a bit for the plane that has exactly what you want...instead of deducting for one that doesn't... I have a Century IIB with STEC 30 altitude hold installed by PO for ~$7K (the STEC piece). It will track Nav sources as well as the bug (which is what I find I use most of the time). I don't have auto trim or vertical speed. Even this basic setup is an amazing aid in single pilot IFR ops. Good luck
  5. Kris_Adams

    Fuel bladder values

    My '79 was patched many times and finally ended up with bladders...installed at O& of the few upgrades I've done that was 100% right from the very beginning (seems like I always have to go back for at least something minor).
  6. Kris_Adams

    Fuel bladder values

    Yeah Joey's a good dude... I spent a couple AMU patching my old tanks for a few years before finally giving up and getting far as the original I buyer, I would put no value in a 10 year old reseal-even from the best known shops-too many stories of leaking after reseal (which are covered by warranty for a number of years I get it). Now 10 year old bladders...I'm excited to see that. Now how to quantify...that's the difficult would definitely tip the scale in favor of 2 equal planes (with and w/o bladders). Throw a # out there...probably worth $5k to me if the bladders are 10-15 years old or less. Remember these are $14k installed now. Same thing I paid in 2014
  7. Kris_Adams

    Wrong Way Pattern

    maybe a Sport Cruiser...
  8. Always the journey not the destination...20 years building and selling it after 55 hours
  9. Kris_Adams

    Operation Air Drop

    It would be great if KJKA worked as a second pickup point. It looks like the ball is really rolling for Gainesville now.
  10. Kris_Adams

    Interior Renovation

    omg...amazing! You are going to get a lot of questions...
  11. Kris_Adams

    TANKS - Weeping - Patch - Nuance

    Not on your field of course by we chased leaks on my '79 for a couple years until I gave up and had them retrospect I wish I would have never tried to patch and put all the repair money towards a real fix. That the big problem as @DonMuncy said just don't know if a patch will work for 10 years or until the next flight--Now I'm doing my best to pursue more "permanent" repairs as needed since I'm planning to keep 79H for a long time still.
  12. Tom are you setting up a website? details? I doubt I'm in the market right now but could be prior to paint. @tomgo2
  13. Kris_Adams

    Cirrus Delivery

    amazing how fast the Cirrus was going when it hit the hangar. I'm sure that was quite a jolt if the pilot was still hanging onto the door. -K
  14. Kris_Adams

    Rylo 360 degree camera

    Now that adds a whole new dimension. Thanks for sharing!