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  1. Kris_Adams

    Opinions on engine monitors

    I have the P and C in my Mooney. Im pretty happy with the gauges but not so happy with the EI EGT probes and a few other things. We’ve probably put 7 or 8 replacements and I need one right now. I guess EI had a bad batch of probes about 14-16 months ago and I must have gotten them. I’ve also had to ship the gauges back to EI once and it seemed to take forever. I’ve heard EI has great support but I don’t think I’d buy them again.
  2. Kris_Adams

    Likelihood of engine failure

    Very good video. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Kris_Adams

    Mooney short field work

    I'm not sure of the aerodynamics of this. Instead I have a single data point which I admit is anecdotal evidence. I swear I can feel my J settle just a bit when the gear goes up (if I retract early) but maybe I'm just feeling what I think should be there lol
  4. Kris_Adams

    Shop breaks a part

    I get it but you may not have the option to always use an experienced Mooney mechanic that knows every trick of the trade, plus sometimes 40 or 50 year old parts have reached their service life (or ability to be taken off and put back on at least) and they break...and I agree that it's not the owner's responsibility to train or oversee but doing so can save you money and aggravation. I don't have the knowledge that others in the group have so I'm pretty much in the group that has to trust their mechanic and pay his bills...
  5. Kris_Adams

    Shop breaks a part

    If it's a shop you will be using, I'd just pay the bill or order the replacement part. I'm pretty good friends with a shop owner and he always tells me how people try to work him down on price or gives me stories on how they are unreasonable towards him (I don't think you are in this case of course). He quite often comps charges like this but I'm sure he will get it back on the next job. He calls it the PITA factor--while it is not shown as a separate line item, it's definitely there. Now would I want to take it to this shop that bangs out a part to get it loose? Probably not. If you do, you might have a few more parts to replace while they learn Mooney's-and that's ok too if you like the shop or they're convenient. I love having a local shop that treats me right and always has my back when things break. I just pay these bills...maybe I shouldn't but I do. In this case I'd also nicely give then instructions on how to do this in the future without breaking parts...they should get the message and they'll probably value you as a customer. Good luck!
  6. Kris_Adams

    Taxing around without any cowling installed

    My current and former mechanic does it after an oil change so he can run it up and verify no oil leaks. For a limited amount of time doing this seems like a non-event with my J.
  7. Kris_Adams

    Mooney has been sitting

    Congrats on the purchase. We are all glad to hear about another mooney being rescued. Hopefully you won't have to do major engine work but it's great to hear you are going into the with open eyes and are willing to do that if needed. Any pics of the exterior you can share?
  8. Kris_Adams

    Mooney short field work

    Back in the 80s an F bellied in at KPDK after pulling his gear immediately after departure like the #2 video. If anyone is going to try that make sure this doesn't happen to you when the plane settles. I imagine the fast gear of the 69 F contributed to it.
  9. Kris_Adams

    Reprinting "Those Remarkable Mooneys" book

    Looking forward to getting this book too!
  10. Kris_Adams

    Speed on final J model

    I generally use 80mph (that’s outer ring of my ASI) down short final. Slightly more if I’m heavy. This is suspiciously close to 70kts. (Super short/heavy/long/hot adjustments are made but “generally”-80 mph)
  11. Kris_Adams

    Name that part- please

    I’m continually amazed at the knowledge of this group. Wish I could add more!
  12. Kris_Adams

    Resurrecting a J

    Congrats! Glad to see it back in the air. How did the new W&B compare to the old?
  13. Kris_Adams

    Southwest Uncontained Engine Failure

    Count me as a SouthWester or whatever they are called...and I live in Atlanta and was Platinum on Delta for 15 years. I think SWA is wonderful and none of these situations bother me when I get on board SWA (ATL-Boston and home yesterday). Of course I sit in front of the wing on pretty much all flights. And yes I still fly Delta for the few flights that it is still inconvenient to fly SWA. (no offense intended for any Delta pilots or employees)
  14. Kris_Adams

    Southwest Uncontained Engine Failure

    Yes yes yes!!! I'd pay for a much is the question.
  15. Kris_Adams

    Mooney Summit VI Registration

    Makes total sense and my bad for not catching this earlier. I was expecting registration in the summer so it kind of snuck up on me. Will still shoot for Friday at a minimum.