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  1. Love it! I'll definitely be checking out in the future! Doesn't seem like a bad price ($80) if that includes customizing it to our own birds. -KA
  2. This was an existing template that was already cut. We're using it as a starting point. I should have mentioned we've already decided to move the gear handles. I wouldn't mind moving the g3x over and up a bit, but I like having the autopilot close at hand. Unfortunately I don't have any experience with the overall solution so I don't know how often I'll be pressing buttons on it (autopilot). My current AP is a century IIB with an STEC 30 altitude hold. I primarily use it in cruise.
  3. The shop is ordering them. Let me see what I can find.
  4. Working with a test-fit panel. Unfortunately we can't get the 750/430 and GFC500 in the center stack. Putting it to the left of the stack (and right of the G3x requires the G3x to be slightly left of center. I thought it would bug me but it seemed fine sitting in the plane. I tend to sit slightly left of center for some reason anyway so it's pretty much centered on where I sit. This pic also has sneak preview of my backlit switches. 4 of these are on B/O but they look amazing in another plane they recently finished.
  5. Answering a few questions/comments from earlier in the thread. -We are definitely flush mounting the G5 -I'm pretty sure we're going to move the whiskey compass from the vertical brace above the panel to the right side which is angled towards the pilot -We are "flattening" the left side of the panel to give more room for the g3x. I didn't get a pic of it but it looks like you could do it to both sides of the panel if you want. The Guardian ipad mount fits without changing the right side of the panel so we are good to go as is.
  6. Mine is still being installed but I'm seeing the same thing as Don.
  7. With 1800 hours, I'd probably send it to Jewel unless you have another trusted engine shop. While you might not have been considering a major now, I think you'd be throwing good money after bad with anything less-especially if you are thinking about selling. There are a ton of things to consider. You could always have the engine shop tear it down and then give you the options, IRAN with new/replacement case vs MOH. Good luck and sorry you're having unexpected issues. -KA
  8. I'll verify that's the plan. Thanks for the reminder Bob!
  9. Oddly enough, with today's instruments, I'd prefer to have both sides lay flat to give more room. I looked at it (non mechanic eyes) and it didn't look like something you can do without swapping panel brackets and pieces out. I'll be back at the airport tomorrow and will look snap a pick if possible
  10. Think we did the mixture cable 2 years ago. I'll check on the others. Thanks! What is there to gain with losing the ram air? I know it only gives me 0.3 or 0.4" but I'm wondering if there is a bunch of weight to be saved or something else I'm overlooking. Planning to have the plane painted in the spring so now is the time if I'm going to do it.
  11. I'm not trying to start a JPI vs EI feud here but based on my personal EI experience, I would go with JPI if I were doing it again. I really liked the CGR form factor, but I had quite a few issues including the units, EI probes (probably went through 10) and even had to send both units back to EI for some sort of upgrade only they could do (down for 5 weeks). Even after that I still had a few nagging issues. I really tried to give EI a chance to remedy the issue but given the wonderful things I heard about their support, I'm still underwhelmed. I have a few other data points that are consistent with mine though I'm sure there will be people to stand up and say they (CGRs in particular) are great. Tough choice certainly but I'd do something else if I could go back.