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  1. very cool as well. Extra kudo's for putting that song to an aviation video!
  2. Imron paint job cost?

    Yep, this is where I'm taking mine one of these days! Can't wait to see yours @Bob_Belville
  3. Neat video. thanks for sharing! I loved how recognizable the shadow was.
  4. Bladder conversion

    I paid $14k for the 64 gallon setup. Had it done directly at O&N in PA. Think it was in October 2014 but would have to look at the logs to verify. Fwiw, they used to charge around $10.5k installed for the 64 solution but raised their price before I got up there to get it done...bummer for me!
  5. Happy Pi Day Everyone!

    My better half made me chicken pot pie and a chocolate pie!!...and I (most of us) have a Mooney so Life is pretty good right now
  6. Bad day for Mooney’s on Spruce Creek

    I'm not meaning this to slight anyone that has had a gear up (there but for the grace of God go I...) but I have a hard enough time getting slowed down with the gear down. I wonder if I come into the pattern "hotter" than most...gear and 1/2 flaps on downwind, full flaps on base (everything done on base)..."merely" flying on final. I'm not saying I'm immune to distractions or anything else...a gear down could happen to me. -Kris
  7. My new M20M panel

    Very nicely done!
  8. There is something you don't see everyday

    Would be interested in seeing video starting, taxiing, and departure. I bet it would look a lot better with the new paint scheme.
  9. Recommended Mods Prior to Painting a J

    No doubt! I look at the work Byron does and don't even know where to start. He plane is pretty much my fav in the fleet.
  10. Bladder conversion

    Agree! Bladders are one of the favorite things I've done to 79H
  11. "Specialty" shops

    So when I owned a Grumman I was told to always take it to a Grumman shop or I'm unsafe (lol) When I bought a Mooney, I was told to only take it to Mooney shops or it would fall apart (lol) I looked at 310s and was told to only take it to a 310 shop or I could die (lol) My brother is looking at a 177 and the first thing I read was to take it to a Cardinal shop or he will go broke (lol) I guess a Cessna 150/172 and a Cherokee 140 are the only planes for the "common" A&P. Just laughing...not a serious post! -Kris
  12. 77 M20J Temps

    CHT's I'm guessing? Do you have a multi-probe JPI/EI? What actual #'s are you seeing? What altitude, power settings, leaning, etc? 201s generally run under 380 most all the time and I've heard of guys that have a hard time getting to 300 or so. Welcome to Mooney ownership btw!!!
  13. Another one bites the dust

    Never flown a TTX but would like to one day. I hate to see production of anything shutdown.
  14. Tie down rings

    Same here. Left the old rings in, now I leave my LASAR tie downs in all the time even though it's always hangared.
  15. G5 indicated airspeed vs Stock indicator

    when posting your speed, use the faster one of course lol