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  1. Nice capture of the tire smoke at 5:49. I've never seen that camera angle or smoke before.
  2. Take as much info and supporting information and research who you are seeing before you go. I had a condition that AOPA "guaranteed" would require review by OKC and the AME approved and signed me off on the spot. He sent the info to OKC and that was it. I (thankfully) never heard anything else even though the doctor said I may have to submit some more information. Find a good AME and have your ducks in a might turn out for you...I know there are different opinions on this subject. Some will say only give them exactly what is requested. I get that for sure but this worked for me and kept me from being grounded for 3-6 months which is how long AOPA said to expect the delay to be.
  3. almost 40 hours flying a mooney in 5 days of flying that took place in 1 weeks time (only 2 "rest" days or whatever they were doing)...impressive for sure.
  4. I'm pretty sure I can make it
  5. This photo can never make it to a wife/husband/significant other that isn’t involved in the plane!!
  6. Congrats and thanks for saving a Mooney from the scrap pile. Look forward to some progress updates and seeing you at a fly in one of these days in the future!
  7. Can't believe this is going on the 1 weekend I have to be out of town for a family commitment...
  8. Fun spending other people's money. In addition to the great ideas above, here's what I would look for: 1) by far the most important...water...and a toilet (full bathroom is awesome) for the last minute pit stops before departure or upon arrival. After having a hangar for 5 years w/o direct water (it was at the end of the hangar row), I'm amazed at how much more usable it makes the hangar--we do a lot of hangar get together and parties so this is key 2) I have the manual stacker doors and they are ok. They roll fairly easily but I'd much rather have power bifold doors with a remote control left in the plane and the car(s). A friend has this and I'd definitely spring for this personally. I would make the door as large as possible 3) 50x60 or 60x50. No specific experience but I think I'd go with wider unless it drives up the cost of the door dramatically. 4) I have 4 panels that let light in...not really skylights (like MooneyFlyFast above)...ironically the leak that I do have has nothing to do with these panels 5) I'd put plenty of power (at least 1-220) around the walls and overhead lights as pernitted by code or the airport authority...I've heard of a lot of weird rules on this one 6) seal the concrete floor with whatever solution you choose as soon as the concrete is dry enough. 7) flat screen tv's for sporting events, couches, satellite TV, frigerator Good luck!
  9. Richard, I have a J and live in Griffin 6a2. I'd love to meet at Pine Mtn but if the weather is clear I will be in LA. Happy to meet you at some other time if you want. -Kris
  10. Yep me too, especially as I have to fly in the forward most hole due to my height challenges lol
  11. Lol we better have people observing then. Or just let everyone fly like they choose so we see a range of performance.
  12. I’ve never made 200 hours in a year unfortunately plus the link you shared doesn’t apply to my J. I’d be surprised if many of our birds are flown over 200 hours/year so this is probably done at annual—and at every 3rd or 4th annual for the hangar queens.