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  1. Sometimes I wish my passengers would fall asleep lol. While flying as a kid I slept all the time. Now my passengers hardly ever sleep. Maybe its lack of confidence in me lol.
  2. That’s what...never mind my sidewinder too!
  3. Haven't heard that it is unhealthy but I have heard that a lot of Bravo owners can't get their Bravo to fly smoothly LOP. No personal experience but I've heard it many times. -K
  4. Yeah me either...Always wondered if I was the only one lol. Of course I've never left the US. I guess if I fly to the bahamas I might consider throwing one in.
  5. great discussion on Beechtalk about whether an STC or PMA is required. Per the article the GE 4509 carries neither STC nor PMA and has been used for decades. Lots of good points. Clearly this isn't a major alteration so an STC isn't required. Sounds like most people feel it falls into the gray area under part 43 and you or your mechanic has to make the call. I'm in the no big deal camp but the regs get confusing and contradictory very quickly to me. -K
  6. Thanks Anthony! @fuellevel We've re-calibrated the ei/tanks several times but it still seems that the EI/Cies combinations shows about 12 gallons used when my EI totalizer shows 10 gallons burned. As the tanks burn more the EI/Cies appear to get closer to what the EI totalizer (and fuel pumps say). I think I may need spend a little more time adjusting the K factor a bit. Not perfect but much closer than I ever was before the new senders. I actually trust what the senders say as I'm pretty sure I normally have a gallon or two more. Will write back after I do some more testing. Thanks for checking. Super cool that a vendor/supplier is following up here! -Kris
  7. Me too! In griffin, ga they offer a SIC that I believe includes 4 or 5 hours flying. Would be a ton of fun!
  8. This is a super good point. This also came into play years ago when my father's plane was damaged by a shop (gross damage not just a little knick or bump). Maybe this isn't really Liability like Parker's talking about but the insurance company stepped in and took over. It was awesome.
  9. First plane owned was an AA1B. I'd still like to have one with a TD conversion and an O-320...I know...just buy an older RV.
  10. That's what I was thinking too. The mains folded right up along with the nose. I hear the manual gear fans planning their rebuttal lol.
  11. Don't know if it's normal but mine jumps around a bit too-not quite as big of a jump as yours @ 25s.
  12. Can't wait to see them. I had hector do mine many years ago and they still look great.
  13. Hey Don, ebay is still a little bit of the wild west. I'm always relieved when I order something off ebay and it works. Hope things work out with Paypal. Thanks for letting us know about this. -KA
  14. I have this same setup with an STEC 30 altitude hold. The STEC piece was $7800 installed but that was in 2008. FWIW, it has performed flawlessly since. -KA