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  1. Kris_Adams


    I agree with you John. I love having my CGR-30 P/C on the left of the radio stack. I'm sure you will really like what your getting installed. Additionally I really like the alert panels (not sure what they call them) that flash amber or red lights when something unusual is reported.
  2. Kris_Adams

    Awesome Mooney spouse

    Thanks for catching it and for the fix!!
  3. Kris_Adams

    Awesome Mooney spouse

    Yes a supportive spouse is amazing! Love the framed pic btw. What a great gift. (Note the mooney necklace with N number!)
  4. Kris_Adams

    Any Guess How Long?

    I hope it remains free. I subscribe to Garmin Pilot already but I still like how easy it is to file via no matter what PC/phone/tablet I have access to. Start to finish 30 seconds to file. Love it even if the UI is a little clunky to learn.
  5. Kris_Adams

    Dynon Certified thread

    I am excited about this announcement as well. Time to make some cardboard cutouts of my own!
  6. Kris_Adams

    Fuel bladders installation

    Your going to be so happy! Look forward to your updates
  7. Kris_Adams

    Promotional give away

    and my profile pic of course!
  8. Kris_Adams

    Promotional give away

    Something a little different. If neither of mine make it, I'd be interested in buying one as well. Of course I wish the doors were closed in the second pic. -Kris
  9. Re: the GTN 750, the avionics shop could have printed a "sticker" to put in the air frame log that was lost before it was actually put into the logbook. Probably no biggie and corrected by contacting whomever put in the radio. Low hours...this one is scary to me especially depending on how it was stored. I unfortunately had to pass on a 310 that seemed like a good deal but had virtually no hours since 2014. Major work on 1 or both engines would have killed the finances of the opportunity for me. W&B: I've never done this but it takes an A&P. Probably would cost you an AMU or so (totally a guess). The concern is a plane generally just gains a little weight here and there over the years...all of the "weight change negligible". You might have 20-30 pounds less useful load than you hope for. -Kris ...all just private pilot thoughts...not a mechanic
  10. I will be ready in March of '19!
  11. 94 300z 2+2, non-turbo, automatic-perfect for my 16y/o (now 17). I wouldn't call it a restoration but a good bit of work done to get it ready for him. Of course now it has neon and an a loud subwoofer...ugggghh
  12. Kris_Adams

    Gear not retracting

    So I check during preflight as well as right before I take the was during about a 2 minute window that this happened...lesson learned
  13. Kris_Adams

    AirVenture followup - vintage bladders

    Pretty sure it was the LIve webcam covering the Vintage section on Friday afternoon (I believe). I've looked a bit but I don't see that it is archived.
  14. Kris_Adams

    Don't be like this guy

    I guess he should not have cut it quite so close. Probably frustrating to get there and have this happen I'm sure.